swasan! you r my life!! episode -4


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Lucky:(super shocked)

Swara:joker(suprised and happy)
Lucky:moti(super suprised and happy too)

Lucky:yeh moti u….
Swara:(fake anger) I’m not moti k so plz stop calling me tat joker
Lucky:u r moti and don’t dare to call me joker

Swara:uuuu(pointing finger)
Lucky:uuuuuuu…(pointing finger)

Both stared in anger for sometime and bursted into laugh

Swara:(laugh) hahahaha
Lucky:(laugh) hahahahaha

Sanskar:(confused and irritiated and also feeling lil jealous seeing swara openly laughing with lucky)

Sanskar:do u know eachother

Lucky:(happy) yes bhai i know her she is swara my best friend

Sanskar:(listening to best friend was burning jealous)

Lucky:(continued) moreover she is sis of my lady love ragini(smiles seeing swara)

Sanskar:(relived) ohhh u mean the who u love is swara’s sis ragini na
Lucky:yes bhai

Lucky:waise swara how r u moti
Swara:laksh don’t call be tat joker
Lucky:(smiles)bhai great choice huh!(winks at him)
Sanskar:(glares him)
Lucky:(to swara) so swara bhabhi nice samosa ha
Lucky:wat swara bhabhi
Swara:lucky don’t call me bhabhi k
Lucky:y shouldn’t i ha u r my bhabhi right
Swara:(fake anger) lucky….
Lucky:(smiles) k k swara

Sanskar admires them and smiles just then his phone rings and he picks it soon the is disconnected

Sanskar:lucky I’m sorry yar i have some work so have to go
lucky:chill bhai its k u go and do ur work k
Sanskar:but u…
Lucky:i will be here only with swara k
Sanskar:(smiles) k then bye
Lucky:(smiles) k bye bhai(truned to swara) won’t u wish bye to ur hubby ha
Swara:(noded and awakard and hesitatetly) bye
Sanskar:(hesitiated) bye

Soon sanskar lefy from there

Lucky:(to swara) so swara let’s go and sit outside in varanda I’m getting bore in thz house
Swara:(remmbers sanky words for not to go out and fumbles) wo…laksh…..sanskar
Lucky:(understand) swara don’t worry bhai will not say anything(assures)
Swara: hmmmmm k
Lucky:so come let’s go

Both left to varanda it is a beautifull garden which is surronded with beautifull flowers and there is a table and four chairs both lucky and swara came there and sat on there respective chair

Lucky:(funny tone) waise swara u dnt me inform urs and bhai’s marriage ha very bad
Swara:(serious tone) thz u should ask with ur so called bhai who forcely married me
Lucky:but u shouldn’t have told him like tat no one wants to be with him and all.na

Swara:(shocked) lucky did u know everything at 1st only
Lucky:yes swara i know and tat accident was not done by bhai instead it was done by me i was drunken tat day when u came to bhai’s office and u both had a fight na after tat bhai called me

Flash back start

At mobile conversation

Sanskar:hello lucky
Lucky:haan hello bhai
Sanskar:lucky did u consumed alcohol yesterday night
Lucky:(fumbles) wo…wo..bhai…
Sanskar:(clame tone) yes or no
Lucky:yes bhai(guilty)
Sanskar:(anger) wat!!!? Do u know wat happened u did accident becoz of ur stupidity the person life could have be in danger na. (Stirct tone)from now onwards u will not consume alcohol k mark my words and u knew a girl came to my office(& say’s wat and all she said and her behaviour and also slap)(anger) she will pay for it surely lucky she will pay for it
Lucky:bhai I’m really sorry but plz leave tat girl bhai there is no fault her bhai
Sanskar:lucky u know very well tat ki.i just hate thz girls …&.no i will take revenge with her
Sanskar:lucky don’t argue.with me k and keep in ur mind wat i told to u k
Lucky:k bhai(helplessly)
Sanskar:hmmm good
Call disconnected

Flashblack ends

Swara:so u was knowing everthing but dnt care about the girl na(anger(
Lucky:swara listen…
Swara:(sarcastically) wat is left to listen laksh u proved tat u also same like ur brother .i just hate ur brother from the core of my heart he is the biggest heartless person, he don’t deserve any one’s care he is a blo*dy heartless fellow
I just…..
Lucky:(anger)just stop it not a word swara not a word angainst my bro whom do u calling heartless fellow to my bro ha no one have a heart like him his heart is golden and pure with innocent got it
Swara:laksh how can u….
Lucky:u wont believe me na then ask ur heart itself did he did anything tat u were unable to bear,did ever forced u for thz husband and wife relation,did he ever touched u, dint he cared u atleast once ask urself ask ur heart tat isn’t he is good man
And one more thing swara my bhai had went through many pain’s in his.life tat won’t understand even having everthing with him he lost everything (a tear drop escaped from her eyes which swara noticed)

Swara:(thinking about lucky’s words &asking her heart)did he ever forced me ,
did he ever touched me eventhough I’m his wife.No he never did thz things ,dnt he cared me (she remmbers morning when she slipped and was about to fall how he held her and cared for her) yes offcourse he cares for me

Lucky was about to leave but swara stopped him(realised tat she overeacted)

Swara:lucky!!! I’m sorry yar(holded her ears)
Lucky:(truned and smiles) its k swara it happens
Swara:(curiosly) can i know his past can u tell me plz
Lucky:whoz past
Swara:u r bro’s
lucky:i think he has good name(raised his eyebrow)
Swara:i mean san…s..kar(1st time she called his name)
Lucky:(smiles) hmmm good
Swara:now enough plz tell me
Lucky:k so let’s start its start.with 2years back i,sanskar bhai,ma i mean for me.ma and for bhai badi ma,sujtha chachi and for bhai mom,papa and for bhai bade papa,ram chuchu for me and for bhai dad,adarsh bhai,pari bhabhi,uttara we all used to live together happyly our family was fully completed family in which everyone used to love eachother we were very happy (he was very happy saying the above lines but soon his face changed to sad expression) but something unsuall happened tat broked our family into pieces
.2YEARS Back

A big manshion is shown there in name plate it was written as MAHESWARI MANSHION
A boy was dressed in white t-shirt ,blue coat, and blue jeans was looking dashing
,handsome,awwe my cute baby (hehehe guys I’m unable to control my self) come climbing down the stair’s

Just a servent name ramu kaka came there

Ramu kaka:SANSKAR baba tea

Yes guys he is my sansku hahaha don’t get angry

Sanskar:offo kaka how many times should i tell u tat i will take my tea by myself ha but u (takes the tea and makes him sit) ramu kaka u need not do anything see ur age yar 1st take care of urself
Ramu kaka:but baba i like to do thz and i moreover i want to.be with u all ur family gave me happiness
Sanskar:ramu kaka u said u to go be here only but don’t do any work k take care of uself
Ramu kaka:(tears) k beta
Sanskar:now stop thz tears k and say where is thz suresh

A voice came from back
Voice:I’m here sanskar bhaiya
Sanskar:haa suresh nice to see u man after a long time and how r u doing in ur studies ha(keeps hand oh his shoulder)
Suresh:I’m doing well sanskar bhaiya u know (he keeps on talking.and.sanskar listenes to him)

Ap,sujtha,dp and rp (see’s thz and smiles)

Adarsh:hey sanskar good morning (keeps his hand on his shoulder)
Sanskar:(smiles) good morning bhai
and good morning bhabhi
Pari:(smiles) morning…waise sanskar wat u want for ur break fast ha
Sanskar:offcourse allo paratha
pari:(smiles) k then today’s breakfast is allo paratha
Adarsh:always preapare ur devar’s choice only
sanskar:(teases) oh something is burning bhabhi
Pari:(smiles) yes sanskar even i can feel it
adarsh:oh hello I’m not jealous k
Sanskar:did we said like tat huh see u itself ageered tat u were jealous

Laughs and gived hi-fi to pari
Adarsh:oh hello pari i missed u all thz 3days and uu see(fake anger)
Pari:woo adarsh ji so….
Sanskar:is it so bhai but u were saying tat u were happy tat pari bhabhi went to her mom’s home now u can enjoy thz 3days and can come late at night and all (gigles)

Adarsh gives death glare to him :i will not leave u sanskar
And was chasing him but stopped hearing the anger filled voice

Pari:(anger) adarsh jiiiiii
Adarsh:(stopped running and turned)
(Gives I’m gone expression)
Sanskar:(laughs) hahahaha lol bhai hahaha
Adarsh:(gives death glare) i will see u later
Sanskar:(laughs) hahahaha lol bhai 1st save urself k

And goes towards elders and take’s there blessing’s

Sanskar:badi ma,bade papa,dad,mom all good morning
All:(smiles) good morning beta
Sanskar:badi ma where is lucky
Ap:where wii he be as usual sleeping only
sanskar:(smiles naughtyly) is it so let me see him

And left to laksh room

Sanskar see’s laksh still sleeping and goes towards him tries to wake him

Sanskar:lucky get.(shaking his shoulder)
Lucky:bhai plz don’t irritiate me morning morning let me sleep.k
Sanskar:see lucky I’m saying u last time get up
Lucky:a biggggggg noooooo
Sanskar:(raised his eyebrows) hmmmmm is it so

He went to washroom and brought a bucket full water and poured on lucky

Lucky:(jerks and got up) aaaahaaa bhai arrggg
Sanskar:i warned u to wake up but u dnt listened me na do i.did.thz
Lucky:uuuuuu….just leave it…..no one can argue with u
Sanskar:(raised.his eyebrows) yes…tat i know … now get up soo and go.freshen up and come.im.waiting for u
(Saying thz he pushed lucky inside the washroom)

After sometime lucky was ready and both came to hall

Just then uttara came
Uttara:good morning sanskar bhai and lucky bhai
Sanlak:(smiles) good morning lil sis

And was about to leave but uttara holded sanskar wrist

Sanskar:(truned) wat?
Uttara: (excited) bhai u promised to give me moblie today na
sanskar:oooooofffo(kept hand on his head) i’m sorry uttara i totally forget about it sorry my lil sis
uttara:(pout) go bhai i will not talk to u. U r very bad u promised.na but see .i will not talk to u(truned her face)
Lucky:oh hello don’t dare to say my bhai bad k
Uttara:lucky bhai I’m not talking to u I’m talking to my bro k so plz don’t poke ur nose
Lucky:uttara ki bachi…
Sanskar:offo lucky stop it(to uttara) and uttara here is ur new mobile (handed a mobile to.her)
Uttara:(exicted and took it) ooooh bhai thank u thank u veryyyyy much
Sanskar:how can forget ha u know na sanskar maheswari.always keeps his words
Uttara:(hugs him) i love u bhai ur best brother i love u i love u soo much(kissed on his cheeks)
Sanskar:(released the hug) haan haan even i love u too my lil sis
Lucky:bhai enough let’s go we r getting late(to uttara) matlabi
Uttara:(make faces)

Sanskar:haan lucky come let’s go

Just then dp calls them

Dp:sanskar …laksh
Sanlak:(turned) yes bade papa/ papa
Dp:u know na today night we have to attain function at mehta uncle’s house
sanlak:haan yes
Dp:so don’t be late
Sanlak:(smiles) k badepapa/papa

Sanlak left from there

On the way

Lucky:(irritiate)bhai i just hate to attain tat function
Sanskar:lucky not again plz
Lucky: bhai becuz of u only I’m going there or else u know na ……….
Sanskar:i know i known u don’t like to go there becuz there kavitha will be
Lucky:correction bhai chipkali kavitha

Sanskar:(laughs) hahahahaha lucky
Lucky:seriously bhai i just hate her after knowing tat u straight away rejected to marry her she always stick with.like a magnet
Sanskar:oooh possessive haan
Lucky:not like tat i just hate her habit’s she is not.good.bhai
sanskar:(smiles) hmmmmmmmmm


Swara:(laughs) hahahaha lol laksh sanskar was soo naughty haan and very caring person.,he was soo good haan
Lucky:yes swara my bro was like thz only he used to enjoy thz.life (sad) but i think tat god dnt want my bhai to be happy


We all were ready to for function
all arrived to mehta’s house where the function.was held

Mehta:hi.durga parad ji we r very glad tat u.and ur.family.came.here

All greeted them nicely and.welcomed them

The elders where busy in there talks
And sanlak was standing at juice bar

Lucky:bhai it soo boring.yaar
just then lucky’s phone rings he picked it
There was lot of noices

Lucky:(keeps his hand on his ears) hello …hello ….hello …whoz …thz
(To sanskar) bhai a minute i will attain thz call and will back k

Laksh left from there
Just then kavitha came there she was dressed in silver frock which was above her knees she was looking like a chudail(hehe guys sorry(

Kavitha:hi sanskar how r u
sanskar:(smiles) I’m fine kavitha wat about u
Kavitha:I’m also fine hmmmm come let’s have juice
Sanskar:hmmm well k
Kavitha:wait i will get it(to waiter) 2 juice plz
Waiter:take mam

Kavitha:ohh thanks
She took the jucie in her hand but before turning she mixed something in it.and gave it to.sanskar

Both drank the juice
After sometime sanskar was.feeling dizzy
Kavitha:(smirks) (fake care) wat happen sanskar
Sanskar:I’m feeling dizzy (holding his head)
Kavitha:k k come with me

She took him with her on her way she signalled something to mehta.and both smirks(guys mehta is her dad)

She took him to room and throwed him on the bed.and went upon him

Sanskar:(li sense) kavitha wat r u doing
Kavitha:(smirks) sssh sanskar u rejected me na so u have fo pay for it
Sanskar:(lil sense and pushed and stands) leave me
Kavitha:(struggeling with him and anger) i.will not leave u
sanskar:(struggeling too) leave i said

Just then mehta reached with maheswari.family.there and opned the door and all were shocked

Kavitha fake cried.and went.to mehta.and hugged.him and smirks

Dp:(shouts) sanskar wat is thz
Sanskar:(lil sense but.can’t react)
so rp splashes water on him and he came to sense

Kavitha:(fake crying) papa…wo…sanskar …tried to rape me
sanskar:wat? Don’t lie kavitha how cheap u r
Mehta:bas enough 1st of all u tried to.rape my daughter.and putting blame on her (to.dp) thz is.only.the manners u teached to ur chidrens ha .wat for him.he is boy but my kavitha is girl wat face she should show for thz society.haan and u.always does justice then do juctice
Sanskar:wat rubbish ur speaking…..uu..
dp:i have taken a decision and it is tat ki we will do sanskar and kavitha ‘s marriage
Sanskar:(shocked) bade papa do u.really think tat ur sanskar can do anything like tat
Dp:but wat we saw also cannot change the reality na and its my final decision
Sujtha and ap:parr
rp:bhaise is right

Now sanskar was totally broken
Kavitha and mehta smirks

Sanskar :then u all also listen to my decision im not gonna marry her not in any cost got it i.dnt did any mistake then y should i marry her haan
Dp:is it so then u should leave our house
sanskar:(broken) badepapa
Dp:don’t call me tat
Sanskar:(wiped his tears) k then i will choice to leave ur house
Ap and.sujtha wanted to.stop him.but
Dp and rp dnt let them
Tears were rolling down from everone eyes

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Credit to: tanu

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