swasan! you r my life!! epispde -17

Hi guys thz is tanu and here is my next episode


The flight boarded at rajasthan


All reached to a huge haveli it was beautifully decorated same like a palace in old stories

Ragini:OMG it is sooooo beautiful.(widen her eyes and mouth)
Lucky:haan haan darling its beautiful but not than u

Ragini blushes and hit his stomach by elbow and signals him.to keep quite

Uttara:(teases) oooooohhhh bhaiiiiii
Lucky:wat huh! Shut up k
Ragini:laksh u r tooo much dare not to scold my nanad k
Uttara:(proud smiles) now say ….
Lucky:hhhhhaaaaaa bhai I’m very much exhusted
Sanskar:haaa by getting beating from ur would be wife na
Lucky:(glares) bhaiiiiiii
Sanskar:now stop k
Lucky:hmm waise where is ur wife haa
Sanskar:she may be here only

He looks around doesn’t find swara so he ask ragini

Sanskar:ragini did u see swara
Ragini:no jiju
Uttara:haan bhai bhabhi is sleeping inside the car
Sanskar:wat she dnt get down from car still now
Uttara:noo bhai

(Guys still they r out of haveli only standing near the car which they parked)

Ragini:ooooh god thz swara naa (to sanakar) jiju i will wake her
Sanskar:hmmm k

Ragini opened the car door and went inside where as laksh,uttara,sanskar r standing at the door

Ragini:(shakes her) swara utoo swara …
Swara:(sleepy tone) sanskar plz let me sleep naa don’t disturb me plshhhh

Raglak,uttara looks at sanskar were laksh and uttara r controlling there laugh by pressing there lips while ragsan glares at them

Ragini:(again shakes her) swara swara utoooo swaraaaaa
Swara:(sleepy tone) sanskarrrrrrr

Saying thz she pulls ragini and sleeps hugging her tightly thinking her sanskar

Ragini:Aaahhhh swara(angry and shakes her again) swaraaaaa

Here swara was busy in caressing her cheeks with ragini’s cheeks

Swara:(sleepy tone) hmmmm sanskar y ur skin is sooo soft it was not like thz naaa
My sansku cutieeeee

Saying thz she leans to kiss still closing.her eyes…..

Ragini gets startled by her act and immideatly pushes her and came out of the car

Here laksh and uttara who were controlling there laugh burst into laugh
Sanskar glares at them uttara stop’s laughing but our lucky was unable to.stop his was laughing holding his stomach continuesly

Due to thz our sleeping beauty swara’s sleep got distrubed so she opens her eyes by rubbing it

Swara:(rubbing her eyes) who is tat donkey lauging like a monkey

Hearing thz laksh stop laughing ragini and uttara began to laugh at him

Swara:(open her eyes completely) wat happen y r u laughing
Laksh:all credit goes to u
Swara:shut up monkey don’t poke ur nose in b/w everytime
Laksh:haa same to u

Uttara and ragini was laughing still he gets irritiated

Laksh:(irritiated) and u both stop laughing

Swara:(confused) wats going on yaar raguuuu
Ragini:(fake anger) swara u keep quite do u know wat u did just a min ago u (says everything)
swara:(embarassed) ooooooo I’m soooo sorryyyyyy
Ragini:kkkk enough now come out

Swara:noooo ragu I’m very much exhausted I’m feeling sleepy yaar hhaaaa(yawns)

Saying thz she again falls on car seat

Lucky:bhai ur wife is kumbarakan always sleeping in flight also she was doing the same hhhhaaa uffffff

Swara:oye hhha uffff donkey stop k
lucky:motiiii uuuu…..
Sanskar:luckyyyy (to swara) swara don’t u want to go inside the haveli
Swara:saaanskarrrr i want haaaaahhmmm(yawns) but I’m unable to get upp I’m tiered ….

Lucky:then be here only k….

Sanskar smiles and take swara in bridal style alll mm and gm family was seeing them was verryyyyy happy all smiles where as all servants widens there eyes

Swara:sanskarrrr wat….
Sanskar:sssh u r getting tiered sooo I’m helping u ..k

Swara:blushes and hides her face in his chest and was circling in his shrit

Swara:but all r seeing us only sanskar
Sanskar:i don’t care

All entered haveli they were greeted by servants and all


Swasan room

Sanskar made her sleep on the bed and was about to go but swara holds his wrist
And sanskar turns to her in???

Swara:where r u going haa plz come and sleep with me na
Sanskar smiles and kisses her forhead she kisses his cheeks
He sleep’s beside her holding her tightly by her waist where as she sleeps on his cheast
He smiles and caresss her hair
Soon both dozed offf


There was a knock on there room door which disturbed our swara’s sleeping

Knock knock knock

Swara:hhhhhhaaaaammmmmmm whoz thz yaar

She was about to get but finds that her hubby is holding her tightly with a cute smile she smiles and pecks his lips and free herself from his grip
And gets up from the bed to open the door…….

Swara:uttara uuuu
Uttara:sorry for disturbing bhabhi but Accatually mom gave thz dress to u as thz is rajasthan if we come here naa then we used to wear thz type of dresess only see even i dressed in rajasthani dress only so mom asked u also to wear thz dress

And gives a packet swara takes it

Swara:(smiles) k baba i will wear thz only

Uttara:(smiles) k thennn bhabhi come fast all r waiting for both of u and u know na today is ur haldi also sooo plz come fast

Swara:(smiles) okay okay kkkkk

Uttara smiles and leaves from their

Swara closes the door and goes to washroom to freshen up

After some time sanskar was sleeping his sleep gets disturb by his wife’s voice

Swara:aarggggggh shit yaarrrrr

Sanskar slowly opens his eyes and was mutiple mesmerised to see his beautifull wife who is struggeling to wear the rajasthani half sari
She was standing dressed in blouse and a rajasthani lehenga holding tat half saree wala duppata in her hand

Swara:ooffooo now wat should i do

Sanskar:(came to sense) wat happen jaan
Swara:(suprised) u r awake
Sanskar:yes but wat happen to u
Swara:(sadly) seee na sanskar I’m unanle to tie the sareee now wat should i do

Sanskar:y r u wearing thz i mean wear something in which u r comfortable na
Swara:nooo i will wear thz only be’coz mom asked me to wear thz only
Sanskar:swara i wil talk to mom uuuu……
Swara:sanskar I’m wearing thz only
If u want to help me then helo or else shut and sleep
Sanskar:hmmmmm k i will help u
Swara:(suprised) wat…but how
Sanskar:just wait and watch MS SM (winks)

He comes to her and takes the duptta and stair her lovinly yet passionately

Swara:(suprised) will u tie thz saree to me? Do u know how to tie saree?

Swara:(happy tone) wow! I’m sooo lucky(kisses his cheeks) u r mul……..

Before she could complete sanskar pulls her by waist and stair her lovingly

Sanskar:yes I know I’m multi talented and u know wat i want to show thz talents of me to u jaaan (smiles naughtyly)

Swara:(blushes) sanskar plzzzzz we should go fast all r waiting for us sooo plz leave me naaa….i have to wear thz saree also

Sanskar:hmmmhhhh jaan keep quite I’m helping u naa

Saying thz he touches her belly sensously yet romantically
Her cheeks became red due to blush and was breathing more and more

He take a end of tat dupatta and tucks in her lehenga touching and staring her lovingly and romantically

Slowly he make the round of dupatta around in hugging position soon it was completed she was closing her eyes feeling his touch and her heart beat was raising by his gaze on her

Slowly he leans towards her neck and pecked it romantically started kissing it and sucking the biten area to soothe the pain

She was just lost on him …
He smiles seeing her and take the pallu and pins it

She was still closing her eyes

He smiles seeing thz and looks at her’s rajasthani jewellry and takes the maang tika makes her wear it and kisses her forehead lovingly

After it he takes the earing and makes her wear it and kisses her earlobe

And takes the necklace
He puts her hairs on one shoulder and makes her wear it and kisses her milky bare back sensously and romantically

Again he comes front of her and takes the rajasthani nath (nose pin or ring) and makes her wear it and kisses her on tip of the nose lovingly

Makes her sit on the chair
And takes the kamar bandha and make her wear it by touching her bare belly romantically giving shiver to her spine she was blushing hard
And he kisses her belly ….senseously

Then he takes the Anklet and take her feet and keeps on his knees makes her wear the Anklet and kisses her feet

At thz swara immideatly opened her eyes and got up from the chair

Swara:sanskar wat did u do just now u shouldn’t have done u shouldn’t kiss my feet u r my husband

Sanskar also gets up and pulls swara by waist and caress her cheeks by his thumb

Sanskar: jaan i can do anything be’coz u r mine u doesn’t belongs to U got it u belongs to ME


Before she could complete he places his rough lips on her soft yer rosy lips and kisses it she widens her eyes by his sudden reaction but later she also reciprocrate to it with equall passion and love there tounges were playing with eachother it was a lovable kiss soon they patted back due to lack of oxygen

Both were staring eachother passionatelt just then there eyelock was broked by the voice of sujatha

Sujatha:swara ……sanskar…..jaldi aaoo beta …
Swara:haan mom we r coming (to sanskar) sanskar leave me have to go fast

Sanskar:(leaves her) hmmmm k but 1min wait

Swara:(confused) but …..

Before she speaks he fill her hailine with sindhoor

Sanskar:(raises his eyebrows) now perfect

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