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Hey guys thz is tanu and here is my next episode


Sanskar:i want “DIVORCE”
Swara:(shocked) WATTTTT!!!!
Sanskar:yes swara i want divorce
Swara:sanakar wat r u saying (tears) don’t u love me
Sanskar:(turns and a tears drop escapes from his eyes) NO! I don’t love u and(turns to her) see swara give me divorce u will be free u can live ur life happily so plz give divorce and leave from here
Swara:(anger) wat u think of urself MR SM ha when u want u can marry and when u want u can leave huh! No no i will not give u divorce i will not u got tat
Sanskar:(turns and in tears) swara listen to u can live ur life happily(clam tone)(
swara:(tears) happy huh! Happy how can i live happily when my life is not with me YOU R MY LIFE SANSKAR how can i live happy without u
Tat was it for sanskar he broke down in tears and he buried his head on her neck hugged her tightly and was crying miserbly

Swara:(suprised)(in mind) oh god swara how can u speak rudely to him u should have understand tat something was bothering to him na so tat only he asked divorce

Swara:(craessing his hairs)(lovingly) sanskar sanskar
He realized the position and released the hugg and was avoiding eye contact swara see’s thz and cups his face
Swara:(cups his face) sanskar look into my eyes say wat is bothering u plz.if u dnt love me y u care me soo much plz say
Sanskar:(looked into her eyes) swara if u come to known my past u will also leave like everyone did so better give me divorce swara:(understood and hugs him) i trust u sanskar i know about ur past (release the hug and cups his face) u dnt did anything there is no ur fault i trust u sanskar u can’t do tat i know and (angain hugs) i love u sanskar i love u very much
Sanskar:(tears and hugs her tightly) yes swara I LOVE U TOO i love u swara
Swara:(releas the hug and happy) really
Sanskar:(smiles and caresses her cheeks) yes swara i love u
Both hugs eachother tightly
Just then raglak come’s their

both release the hug ,sanskar smiles, swara blushes

Ragini:swara how r u feeing now
Swara:(happy tone) super duper fine ragu
Ragini:(teases) haaan haan i know tat by hugging jiju na
Swara:blushes, sanskar smiles
Ragini:now stop blushing k
ragini:k baba k i will bring haldi ka dood for u(turmeric milk) k
Swara:thank uuu
Ragini left
Laksh:(tease) so swara finally bhai confessed u na
Sanskar:(confused) bhai confessed kehnai ka matlab kya hai tera ….wait…wait..u only…
Lucky:yes bhai i only told swara about the past to change ur hate story into love story
Sanskar:(hugs him) really lucky u always supported me no matter how much big the problem is
Lucky:offfo bhai i dnt did anything and thz tears doesn’t suit u be like a MR SM a great business man
Swara:yes sanskar laksh is right be like my sansku cuitee
Laksh:wat!! Sansku cutiee
sanskar glares at swara but she ignores
Swara:yes laksh nice na u know i kept many names for sansku see sanaku cutiee sweety naughty kiddo….
Sanskar:swara stop
Here laksh was rolling and laughing
Lucky:(laughs) hahahahaha bhai cutiee hahahaha sweety hahahaha naughty hahahaha kidooo (pulles his cheeks) cuitee kidoooooo
Swara:oh hello stop k don’t tease my hubby k i have many names for u also will i say ha
Lucky:hahahaha wat swara
Sanskar:haan swara tell his names which u kept
Swara:k see laksh joker,monkey,donkey,buffolow,stupid,idiot….
Laksh who was laughing stopped
Laksh:stop it swara…
Sanskar:no no swara u say
Laksh:no no stop there mai isse zaida tareef meri nahi sunsakta bhagwan kai liye stop (to sanskar) and bhai bye becoz i can’t live btween mad people she is really gone mad
sanskar:yes lucky u r right i think we should admit her in mental asylum
Swara:(glares them angryly but thinks something and smiles)
Swara:haan yar i think u both r right u should admit me in mental asylum but there is problem they will not accept mena
Lucky:haha swara i will…
Swara:oh laksh 1st listen to me in mental asylum they admits mad person not mad for a person and I’m mad but for sanskar na
Sanskar was drinking water listening to thz he spits the water on laksh
Sankar:oh sorry lucky
Lucky:not only she even u r gone mad offfo bye I’m going now
Saying thz he left
Sanskar comes to swara
sanskar:swara can’t u keep ur mouth shut
She pull him such tat he falls on her they have a passionate eyelock she wraps her hands around his neck
Swara:so wat ha i told truth only na I’m mad for u sansku cutiee
Sanskar:offo swara don’t call me cutiee I’m not……

Before he could complete she placed her soft yet rosy lips on his rough lips he was shocked at 1st but later responded to it
They kissed eachother passionately,lovingly 1st but later it changed to hungry and wild kiss his one hand was holding her waist and another was craessing her back, her one hand was craessing his hairs pressing him more on her and another hand was clucthing his shirt tight they were kissing and kissing eacother soon they patted back due to lack of oxygen and was staring eachother
Just they heared ragini’s voice

Ragini:swara here is ur milk
Soon they both made themself presentable lips stick was spread around sanskar lips
Swara:(see tat and blushes) sanskar ur lips
Sanskar:(confused) wat ?
Swara:offo come here
Saying thz she wiped his lips with her hand
Just then ragini comes they compses themself
Ragini:(smiles) take thz drink(handovers a glass of milk)
swara:thank u raguuu
Ragini:(smiles) k swara come let’s go to home u know ma is missing u very much
Swara:wo ragu…actually…wo…
Sanskar:yes ragini u take her to home
Swara:(glares at him angryly)
ragini:(smiles) then swara come let’s go get ready
Swara:(fake smile and nodes)
Soon she get ready and come’s down where sanskar and ragini was waiting her
Sanskar:(smiles) bye swara…bye ragini.
Ragini:(smiles) bye jiju
swara:(fake smile) bye (angryly murmuring) unromantic hubby
Sanskar hears thz and smiles
Sanskar:(smiles) haan haan swara i heared tat
swara glares angryly and leaves while he smiles
Both swaragini left to gadodia house
Soon they reached gadodia house

Swara:(hugs sumi) hi ma
Sumi:(smile) how r u beta
Swara:I’m super duper fine ma
They talked for sometime
swara:(shocked) wat ma ragu’s engagement tat too 2days baad
Sumi:yes beta laksh’s family came today and said ki they wanted to do enagement after 2days
Swara:(smiles) ooooooh (to ragini) oh hooo ragu mehendi laga ke rakha na doly sajake rakna and all haa (teases)
Ragini:(blushes) swaraaaaaaa
Swara:k baba kkkkkkk (something stucked her mind) ragini do u know laksh is sanskar’s brother
Ragini:(smiles) yes swara i know laksh told me everything i wish sanskar jiju unite with the family u know they r very good and nice people swara but i don’t y they…
Swara:(smiles) hmmm leave all tat …ragu
Both talks sometime
It was already night
Swara:ooh ragu i think i should go now sanskar may be waiting for me
ragini:haan swara u go but before tat take thz(handovers a packet)
Swara:(takes and confused) wat is thz?
Ragini:open and see
She opens the packet and saw a beautiful saree
Swara:(happy tone) oh my god it is sooo beautiful is it for me
Ragini:(smiles) yes baba it is for u only now wears thz and go to ur manshion I’m sure jiju will be flat seeing u
Swara:(blushes) k

Soon. She got ready she was looking ravishing in the red saree with silver(guys same saree which she wored on suhagraat in serial) she was looking breathtaking with the silver jewels and sindroo in her hairline mangalsutr around her neck was giving more glow to her face

Ragini:oh my god swara u r looking awesome
Swara:(smiles) thank u

Soon she reached to SM MANSHION

She came and saw tat the door was already open she gets scared and immideately rushes inside but it was dark there was no lights

Swara:(scared and shouts) sanskarrrr sanskarrrr

She sreaches him everywhere soon she reached to there room

Swasan room
When she entered the room the rose petals falls on her she was happy but confused just then her eyes falls on room it was decorated with red rose and white flower they candels were lighted it was just looking awesome

Swara:(happy tone) sanskarrr
Just then she saw her man her love her life sitting on his knees with a rose in his hand he was just looking dashing,handsome in tat white shirt,sky blue blazer and pant

Swara:(smiles) sanskar
Sanskar: swara thank u for coming in my life thank u for colouring it.again i know i forced u to marry me but i think it was my life’s best decision. I know I’m not any flim hero but I’m more than tat(yes u right my vk)i don’t know any dailouges yaar i want to starightly say u tat I LOVE U SWARA YOU R MY LIFE just thz word i can say i don’t know more than thz plz accept me
Swara:(smiles in tears) oooh sansku cutiee get up 1st i know ur knees would be paining and i could not come to ur hieght becoz I’m wearing saree na plz get up i want to hug u
Sanskar smiles and gets up both hugs eachother
Swara:i love u sanskar
Sanskar:i love u too swara
he breaks the hugs and cups her face and craesses her cheeks with his nose
Sanskar:so wat u was saying I’m unromantic haa
Swara:(blushes) sanskarrrr….
Sanskar:(places his finger on her lips)ssssh
There was a romantic eyelock soo he started leaning to her lips and placed his rough lips on.her rosy lips and kissed it showing his love,passion and all she also responded to it with equal.passion and love soon both patted away due to lack of oxygen
sanskar:(husky tone) so u want to see my romantic side huh!
Swara:blushes and hides her face oh his chest
Sanskar now losed all his patience and carried swara in his arms and placed her on the bed and came above her while she was blushing hardly and was breathing more and more
Soon he ducked himself in her neck kissed her and bited leaving her mourning his name in pleasure soon he unhooked her saree pallu she felt shy and turned herself now her back was facing him .he smiles seeing her shy soon he unhooks her saree blouse and was craessing her back romantically with his lips and turned her towards him her eyes was down due to.shy he lifted her chin and looked into her eyes for permission
Swara:I’m all urs sanskar
Now he can’t control himself he removed her pallu while she was playing with his shirt button unbuttoning it soon they were naked sanskar kissed her everywhere bitted and kissed more and more she was mourning pleasure soon.she rolled now she was top of sanskar kissing him madly soon sanskar rolled again he was top of swara and kissing her finally they made love with eachother a drop of tear escaped from swara eyes showing how happy she is after getting her love

Swara:i love sanskar
sanskar:i love u too swara
Soon both dozed off

So guys how was thz episode hope u all liked it i will end thz ff after 3 or 4 episode plz do commentguys

Credit to: tanu

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  15. Hair Eva wish you a great and happy birthday to you I am a silent reader of all the ff of your’ s &meher,neha,anu,dolly,mugda Dies,etc ….l mention few because I ha have to go my home. I don’t no why my each and every comment not appear in tu my phone is not capable of this that y I am using my cousin phone and comment today.I feel guilty because I am not able comment because o f my so called phone I really love your s chatting in tu but what to do?my phone is not supporting me OK leave it all once again happy b’day Eva plz meher and Riya Di don’t tease our little star she is grow uu now. OK …..OK…my mamma is calling me so I have to go now..bai tc.

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