swasan! you r my life!! epispde -10



Sanskar was feeling very restless he was placing here and there”don’t go today” was the only thing which was running in his mind which swara said him with a pleading eyes

Sanskar:(himself) oh god why I’m so restless thinking about swara y I’m feeling tat someting bad gonna happen ..(clam tone)i think i should go and check swara

Saying thz he immideatly grabbed the car keys and went out of cabin all staff was amazed to see his behaviour he was looking very worried but he dnt care about anyone staright away took his car and drived to his manshion

Johan came and knocked the door of sanskar’s cabin but there was no response so he asked a staff
Johan:hey is SM SIR there in.cabin
Employee:no johan SM SIR just now went he was looking worried
Johan:hmm k u go (himself) i think sir left to house i will go and give thz file there itself
He also left

Here sanskar reached the manshion and knocked the door but there was no response he was knocking continuesly but there was response again and again
So he got hyper
Sanskar:(anger) silly girl
and banged the door and saw tat ki the door was already open
He immidealty rushed inside and was shocked to see scenerio the hall was fully messed the things were here and there and was also broken seeing thz he got more worried

Sanskar:.(shocked) y the things is messed (worried and called swara) swara swara swara

He was searching whole manshion by shouting her name.continuesly but he couldn’t find her any where now he got more and more worried and also thought to call her

Sanskar:.(worried) where is thz girl yaar …..haan i will call her

Dailled her number and found tat ring tone was coming from manshion only

Sanskar:swara’s phone ring tone
turned and saw tat ki her mobile was on sofa he immideatly took her mobile

Sanskar:her mobile is here only but where is she and y thz.house is messed.(worried) oh.god where is swara (a tear escaped from his eyes)
He sat on sofa and cluthed his head with his hand’s

Out of manshion
Johan reached the manshion saw a man heading to a manshion and whished him

Johan:(smiles) lasksh sir good morning
Laskh smiles and shakes the hand and hugs him
Laksh:(smiles) oh good morning to u too johan
Johan:sir u here
Laksh:haan i came to.meet bhai so 1st thought to meet swara she will be at home only na and then to bhai and waise wat r u doing here
Johan:sir tat SM SIR left the office i thought he will be at manshion only soo came to give thz files
Laksh:oooh well nice i can meet him here only (to johan.) K come let’s go

Both headed towards the manshion and found tat the door was.opened

Lucky:(confused) y thz door is open
Johan:don’t know sir let’s go and see
Lucky :nodes

Both entered the manshion.and was.shocked to see scenerio the hall was full messed up and there sanskar is sitting on.sofa cluthing his head
They immideatly ran to him

Lucky:(placed hand on sanskar’s should) bhai(sanskar looked at him) bhai wat happen and wats all thz.and where is swara?

The word swara poped to sanskar’s mind he immideatly got up
Sanskar:(worried) lucky u came …lucky see na thz swara she is no where i sreached whole manshion
Lucky:bhai bhai clam down clam down say.exactly wat happened.
sanskar:(worried) lucky i was feeling very restless from morning so i.came here to check swara but when i reached here the door was already opened and the hall was.messed i called her name but..
.but….but…..(a tear escaped from his eyes)
Lucky:k bhai clam down i think she went to her mom’s house
Sanskar:no lucky no i think she dnt went there she doesn’t go no anywhere without my consent
Lucky:bhai phir bhi…k once u call at her house and ask na
Sanskar:hmmm k i.will call ragini

Ring ring ring ring

Mobile converstion
Sanskar:hello ragini
Ragini:haan jiju
Sanskar:ragini is swara came there
Ragini:no jiju swara is not here (worried) any problem jiju
Sanskar:(tells everything)
Ragini:(tears) wat.!!!!she is not at manshion wait jiju….. Jiju i will come their
Sanskar:k ragini
Call disconnected

Lucky:wat happen bhai swara….
Sanskar:no lucky swara wahan par bhi nahi hai(worried)

Here it was.a lonely place a girl was tied with the rope ib the uncounsiouses state just then someone sprinkled.water on her face and she slowly opened her eyes and saw her sournding it was a unfamiliar dark room just then she saw at the person who sprinkled water on her face and was shocked

Swara:(shocked) SAHIL(yup guys the person was sahil only)
Sahil:yes babie me ur lover
Swara:(anger) just shut up …u ..how come i came here
Sahil:babie u fainted in my arms so.i brought u here
Swara:(anger) u blo*dy y u brought me here
sahil:chill babie chill and u know u shouldn’t use thoz words for u r would be husband(touched her face)
swara:(jerks and anger) u moron don’t dare to touch me and wat husband whoz husband haan
Sahil:ooh i forget to tell u na i brought u here so tat we can get marry
Swara:(anger) uuuuuuuu blood moron bustard I’m already married and my husband is SANSKAR MAHESWARI got tat
Sahil:(clutched her hair) u r mine got tat and we r going get marry in few minutes and u r sanskar maheswari will not be able to do anything
Swara:(smiles) u don’t know my sanskar he always keeps his words and he told me tat i will be with him for the life time …and i know he will keep his words u got tat
sahil:ooooh let’s seee and babiee the pandit will come in few minutes so get ready fast
Saying thz he handover a dress to her

Swara:(anger) i will not wear thz dress
Sahil:k don’t wear waise bhi u look beautifull in every dresses
Saying thz he touches her face while she gives discusting look to him
Soo he left from there

Swara:(cries) sanskar where r u plz come.plz come (cries)

Sanskar:(worried) lucky i feel she is in problem lucky…where she can be oh god
Johan:SM SIR u have camera in manshion na…..
lucky:yes bhai let’s see in.camera
Sanskar:yes how can i forget tat come

They takes the camera and removes chip from tat and connects it to laptop
and was shocked to see the scenerio

They saw everthing sahil forcing swara to come with him,swara slap sahil and her confession, sahil slap swara and she fainted and took her with him

Sanskar falls on his knees with thud and finally he was crying
I love sanskar, sanskar is my husband and only he have the right to touch me was only the words which was running in his mind
Just.laksh place his hands on his shoulder
sanskar:(guilty) i shouldn’t have leave her alone lucky she told me not to go today but still i went leaving her alone i went luckyy (crying and banging the floor)

Laksh too was having tears in his eyes seeing his brothers and his bestfriend condition

Johan:(shocked)SM SIR i know thz guy
Sanskar:(shocked, wiped his tears and got up) wat johan u know him
Johan:yes sir i know he is the same man whoz accident was done by ur car..
Sanskar:so he his the man for whom swara came to my office tat day(suprise) and scolded me
Johan:yes sir
Sanskar:(serious tone and anger) wat is his name
Johan:wooo sir someting..s…(trying to remember)

Just then a voice came from behind

All turns
Ragini:(tears) i…i…saw ….everything jiju
sanskar:do u know him
Ragini:he WAS our friend jiju (anger) but not now how can he do thz to my swara how can he (tears) plz jiju plz find my swara plz
Sanskar:(tears) ragini….

Just a driver came their

Sanskar:(bossy tone) yes
Driver:sir our one car is missing
Sanskar:(anger) here MY LIFE is missing for.u….
Lucky:bhai bhai holdon bhai if the car is missing then I’m sure ki he would have taken swara by ur car only and u have fixed tracker(guys i don’t know the exact name solly hehehehe) in ur all car’s na…
Sanskar:yes lucky yeh tho maine socha hi nahi (to johan)(in bossy tone) johan u trace the car and i will go and sreach her
Johan:k sir
sanskar:and lucky u …..
Lucky:bhai u don’t worry i come there u go and save swara
Sanskar:i will save her lucky i will save her(anger) and will also show tat sahil who is sanskar maheswari(smirks)
Lucky smiles be’coz he knews tat ki his bhai always keeps his words
Sanskar left from their

Here ragini was totally confused be”coz she don’t know lucky is sanskar brother
Be’coz she don’t know the surname of laksh
Lucky:ragini come with.me..
ragini:but laksh u here(confused)
Lucky:ragini actually I’m sanskar bhai’s small bro
Ragini:but how…
Lucky:ragini i will.explain u later 1st come let’s go
Johan:yes sir I’m coming

Raglak,johan.also left from there

There was a mandap pandit was also sitting chatting some mantras, swara was also sitting beside her sahil was sitting with.an.evil smile
Sahil:(evil smile) soo babiee finally we r going to be one
Swara:(anger) not even in ur dreams
Sahil:so u still think tat sanskar will come haan
Swara:yes and i know he will surely come(smiles)

Sanskar was driving the car crazyly and was finding swara just then there was a call on his moblie

Mobile conversion
Sanskar:haan hello johan.
sanskar:(anger) k good
Sanskar:k come soon
Call disconnected

Sanskar started driving the car more harshly he was remembering.swara naughtiness,comfession,concern,laugh,smiles tears was flowing from her eyes

Sanskar:(tears) swara i will find u nothing will happen to u

Just then he stopped his car near a mandir and got down rushed inside

Here sahil was about to put sindoor in swara mang but a stick.hitted to his hand both swara and sahil saw towards the.direction and.found our hero was standing there with anger boiling eyes he was looking soo horrible sahil was shocked to see him while swara was happy

Swara:(smiles) sanskar

Sanskar came towards sahil holded his collor and punched him red blue he punched him kicked him

Sanskar:how dare u to.touch MY SWARA how dare u

He was giving him nicely he.was.not at all in his sense just then laksh,ragini,johan.came with police

Laksh:(to sanskar) bhai leave him tu jake swara ko dekh we.will.see him
Ragini:haan jiju u go swara need u

Sanskar:listening to swara sanskar came to.sense
Sanskar:haan swara haan

He went to swara and hugged her tightly like she is life to him
Here raglak, johan along with police took sahil only swasan was left

Sanskar:(releas the hug and cupped his face) swara u r fine swara
Swara:(smiles) sanskarrrr….
Saying thz she faints in his arms
sanskar:(patted her cheeks) swara swara swara
but no response
So he carried her in his arms and takes her to SM MANSHION

In swasan room
Sanskar:doctor how is she
Dr:she is fine MR SM fainted be’coz of weakness now she is alright don’t need to worry(smiles) now i have to leave
Sanskar:k and thank u dr
Dr:ur welcome MR SM
Soon dr left from there only swasan was there

Sanskar was sitting beside swara and was lost in thoughts just then swara opened her eyes and hugs sanskar tightly and smiles

Sanskar:releas the hug and cups her face)
Sanskar:swara u r fine na
Swara:(hugg him and smiles) yed.I’m fine sanskar….i love u sanskar and i know even u love me na (look at him in answer)

Something stuckes to sanskar’s mind.and immideatly releases the hug

Sanskar:swara i want “DIVORCE.”
Swara:(shocked) watttttt!!!

Will she accept to give him divorce
Stay stunned

So guys how was thz episode hope u all liked it and haan 2mro no episode be’coz I’m planning to write an OS ON.SWASAN
so guys plz comment yar

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