swasan! you r my life!! episode -9


After a lovely day both swasan returned to there manshion

Swasan room
Sanskar came from washroom after changing himself in a blue t-shirt and white track pant and saw swara sleeping or say she was pretending to sleep on the bed a his lips curved with smile thing about her

Sanskar:(smiles) wat is happening to me
brushes his hair and goes sleep beside her

Soon he dozed off seeing him sleeping swara.opened her eyes and smiles naughtyly

Swara:(naughty smile) oooh my cute innocent baby

Saying thz she moved closer to him and hugged.him tightly and slept on his cheast. Sanskar who was sleeping peacfully felt the grip on him and opened his eyes immideatly and was shocked to see swara hugging him and was.more shocked to hear wat she was murmuring in sleep (but kya kare bichara sanskar don’t know tat ki his wife is pretending all thz na)

Sanskar:(shocked) swara
swara:(fake murmuring in sleep) sanskarrrr……cutieee ….u ….r …cho…cute
Sanskar:oofo thz mad girl can’t she leave alone atleast in her sleep(shakes her and tried to remove her hand over him) swara..leave ….me…go..and sleep in ur side

Swara:(in sleepy tone) sanskuuuu u r cho chweet i love velly velly much my innocent baby
Sanskar:(shocked) innocent baby huh! Kya yehi din dekne ke liya rehgaya tha crazy girls from which angle do i look her like baby tat too innocent(make faces)(but smiles)
Swara:(smiles listening him.and was enjoying)

He tried to release the grip but all in vain swara tightened the grip more and more over finally he accepted his defeat slept

Sanskar:impossible girl sleeping like a kumbarankan….oooo I’m tiered
Swara:(smiles and tighten’s the girp more)

Soon both dozed off

It was a morning the birds was chiriping,and the cool breeze was dancing,here our couples r sleeping in eachother embrace such tat sanskar one hand was on her waist and on other swara was sleeping holding him tightly as he is her LIFE ……soon the sun rays falls on sanskar and he opened his eyes and saw swara sleeping peacefully on his shoulder and smiles seeing her angelic face just then swara also opened her eyes seeing and saw sanskar staring at her…….soon sanskar realized wat he was doing and saw there position and tried to get up in thz process his lips brushed with her lips and he was shocked and got up immideatly

Swara:(smiles and teases) oooh sansku if u was soo much craving to my kiss then u could have asked na ..u know kissing anyone while they r in sleep is very bad
Sanskar:(wat look hell look) wat? Swara uuuuuuuuuu
swara:(teases) haan haan i know u want another kiss na but I’m tried now and u also getting late so get ready and go to school ooo i mean office(winks)
Sanskar:(“waste to talk ” look)
And left to washroom

Just then something stucked to swara’s mind and she dails a number

Mobile conversation

Swara:hey hello lucky..joker
lucky:hi moti swara
(Both laughs)
Lucky:acha acha bol kyun phone kiya
Swara:lucky(say everthing how she was irritiating sanskar)
lucky:(laughs) hahahahahaha swara i wish i could be there to see bhai’s expression hahahaha but swara i know my bhai is very handsome but have some control.in urself yesterday u only hugged and slept and today also u want means u do the same but don’t cross ur limits k nahi tho mera bhai mooh dikane ka layak nahi rahega hahahahahaha
swara:ooooooh lucky just shut up k(fake anger)

Lucky:k k baba i was just kidding waise carry on ….and i was thinking to meet bhai
Swara:hmm when u r coming
lucky:don’t no yaar when i will get free then i will come and now bye …take care of bhai k
Swara:(smiles) haan baba i will take care of him and bye
Call disconnects

Sanskar come’s out of washroom he was dressed in white shirt, sky blue blazer and sky blue pant he was looking handsome,dashing,cuteeee
Swara was just staring at him

Swara:(composed herself) haan haan nothing (attitued) and y would i stare at u haan see how boring colours clothes u r wearing
Sanskar:did i said u tat ki u was staring at me no na (smirks) see u urself accepted tat
Swara:watever huh!

Saying thz she left to washroom and here sanskar got busy in some work
Soon swara also got ready she was dressed in red crop top and a black pencil pant she was looking like a beauty angel queen with light make up and goes to kitchen to prepare break fast

After sometime sanskar comes down to hall and was straightly walking towards the exist door just then

Suresh:sanskar sir breakfast
Sanskar:(glares at him)
Suresh:(bends his head)
Sanskar again started walking
Swara understood and smiles naughtyly and goes towards sanskar and blocks his way by placing her hand

Sanskar(raising his eyebrows)(wat? Expression)
Swara:sansku cutiee go have ur breakfast
Sanskar:(ignores and again started walking)
Swara:(angain blocks his way) sansku cutiee sweety go have ur breakfast
Sanskar:(in mind) sweety ? Offffo
(Ignores and started walking again)
Swara(again blocks his way):sansku cutiee sweety naughty go have ur breakfast
Sanskar:(irritiated) just shut up swara do i look u like cutiee,sweety,,naughty,…huh! And don’t try be a wife u r just a to……..(remembers the incident when said toy to her then how she repiled to him and stops)
Swara!:(smiles and teases) ooh say no sansku wat I’m to u say naaa
Sanskar:stop it swara and don’t dare to come behind me I’m going to office got tat
swara:if u don’t eat ur breakfast then i will come to ur office u got tat
sanskar:fine come to my office i think u wanted to be insulted infront of whole staff
Swara:(happy tone) oh really then come let’s go

Sanskar:(suprised) i think u have ear problem i told u tat i will insult u infront of my staff i dnt told u ki i will shower flowers on u tat u r soo happy to come to.office
Swara:oh sansku i dont have any ear problem i know u want to insult infront of ur staff (happy tone) see it will be so nice na u will scold me infront of ur staff i will be quitely listening to u then ur employees complement about our relationship they will say tat “see sir wife she is soo sweet and love sir very much tat’s y she dnt told anything when sir was scolding her” aww it will be sooo nice
sanskar:(“wat the hell look”) and again started walking
Swara:sansku cutieee sweety naughty kiddo come have ur breakfast
Sanskar:(shocked) really kiddo ooofoo oh god (in mind) sanskar if she come’s behind u to office there if she invented more name to u then izzat kya rahega tera tere employees ke samne tho plz jake break fast karle)

Swara:sansku cutiee sweety nau….
Sanskar:impossible girl oooh i will eat my breakfast
Swara:(happy) really
Excitedly hugs him sanskar felt like a current passed through his body and was lost in her
Swara released the hug and holded his wrist
swara:(smiles) come
Sanskar:(came to sense) www haa

At dining table

Sanskar was eating his breakfast swara was doing the same

Dolly:sanskar baba wo taday i and suresh have to go to villiage can we go baba
sanskar:(look at her) hmmm k dolly aunty
Suresh:thank u sanskar sir
Sanskar:(bossy tone) but when will u come back
Dolly:2mrow only we wil come
sanskar:hmmm k

Soon both dolly and suresh left

After sometime sanskar was also about to leave but stopped him

Swara: where u r going
Sanskar:to office
Swara:(cute puppy eyes) plz don’t go today I’m not feeing good
Sanskar:(unbeliveable look) (but he wanted to melt in tat pure eyes but composed himself)
Sanskar:swara don’t irritate me i have to go

Saying thz he left from there

Later in sanskar’s cabin
He was placing here and there he was feeing very restless only thing which was coming to his mind is swara’s words”don’t go today” and her eyes which was pleading him
Just then there was knock

Sanskar:come in
Ragini:(smiles) good morning jiju ooops sir
Sanskar:(smiles) its k ragini
Ragini:jiju thz files….
Sanskar:ragini I’m not in mood i will see it later
Ragini:(teases) oooh thinking about swara haan
Ragini:k carry on
She left from there

Employee 1:(see’s ragini coming out of sanskar cabin) hey see 1st only johan was allowed to go in sir’s cabin (makes faces) now thz ragini can also go
Employee 2:hey i think there is something between sir and thz ragini so tat only he allows her to come in his cabin
Employee:hey have u gone nuts galti se bhi sir ne yeh sunn liya na then u r gone and rahi baat ragini ki she is a sister to him becuz she is sister of sir’s wife
Employee2:(shocked) wat? Wife

Employee:yes yaar i heared tat sir got married 1week later and ragini is his wife’s sister
Employee1:yaya i know now stop speaking if sir see’s then u know na wat he will do
Employee:(guples in fear) haan

Swara was feeing very bore just then there was a knock on door and she went and opened the door was happy to see tat person
Swara:(suprised and happy) u wat a suprise when u returned from ur trip huh!
person:(happy)yesterday swara and here i came to take u
Swara:(confused) buy y did ma told u to take me there
Person:no swara i want to take u from here forever i know he forced u to marry him na come let’s leave come..
Swara:1min haan it is true tat ki sanskar forced me to marry him but now i love him and he is my husband
Person:(shocked) no no it can’t happen i know he forced u to say thz hain na swara say he forced u na
Swara:no one forced me to say tat k i love sanskar and.i know he tooo love me
Person:swara how can u say tat see swara come with me let’s go.fromhere u know i love u very much and u love me too na swara come lets go (hold her wrist(
Swara:(shocked and jerks)(anger) wat love u i thought u as a friend u how could u think tat ki i love u listen i love only 1man and tat is sanakar maheswari got it
Person:(holded his cheeks and was fuming in anger and holded swara’s hair)

person:(anger) u slapped me u blo*dy girl(gave a tight slap to her)
And holded her hand forcely
Swara:(anger) leave my hand leave u bustard(pushes him) don’t dare to touch I LOVE ONLY SANSKAR AND ONLY HE HAVE THE RIGHT TO TOUCH ME got it
He again gave a tight slap due which she fainted and he hold her took her with him
Person:(smiles evily) you r only mine swara only mine

So guys wat will happen next is thz a begninig of any happiness or tears?

So guys how was the episode hope u all liked it and silent readers plz do comments or else i will end thz ff (hehehehe guys sorry)

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