swasan! you r my life!! episode -8


After teasing sanskar swara went to kitchen

Swara:(smiles) hi dolly aunty, hi suresh
Dolly&suresh:(smiles) hi mam/beti
Dolly:waise today u look very happy haan wat’s the matter hmmm
Swara:wo dolly aunty(tells everything how she irritiated sanskar)
Dolly &suresh burst into laugh
Suresh:hahahaha swara mam really u r very funny
Swara:hahahaha suresh i know tat(with proud)
Something stucked to suresh mind and he said
Suresh:(kept his hand on head) ooooooh swara mam i forget to tell u a thing
Swara:wat is tat
Suresh:swara mam before u were teaching childrens of the ophrange its name is lil rose opharange only na
swara:haan suresh it name is tat only
Suresh:swara mam then u may be knowing tat ki a business man is attempting tat it is his place and he also asked the ophrange people to clear the house within 2day’s
Swara:wat!!!(tears) how can someone say them to.clear the ophrange where will they live now oh god i should go there and see(to dolly and suresh) i have go bye

Saying thz she left from there

Swasan room
Sanskar who was sitting on the bed doing some work saw swara entering the room in very tensed state

Sanskar:now wat happen to her she is looking very tensed(to swara) swara swara
Swara:(came to sense) haan….kya…sanskar
sanskar:wat happen u r looking tensed
Swara came towards him and sat beside him
swara:(pleading tone)sanskar i want to go ophrange plz once i have to meet them plz take me there
Sanskar:lil rose ophrange? Na were u used to teach
swara:haan sanskar there only i want to meet them plz take me there
sanskar:hmmm k get ready we will go there
Swara(happy and excited)really u will take me there thank u thank u very much sanskar thank u
Saying thz she kissed his cheeks tight leaving him shock expression
Swara: wait i will ready wait wait I’m already ready. Am i looking beautiful sanskar(blinking her eyes) sanskar was still in shocked and turns towards swara and noded his head
Swara:Aweeee u r soo cute(pull his cheeks) now come lets go
Sanskar:(come to sense) impossible girl (to swara) k come

Both left to ophrange
Later they reached to there ophrange

As they entered the ophrange a lady whoz apperance was like a sister or say she is sister only came their was shocked,suprised& happy to see swara

Sister:(shocked,suprised,happy) swara!!!
Swara also gets happy and runs and hugs her tightly
Swara:(releasing the hug) hi sister,how r u
Sister:i’m fine swara and wat about u how r u
Swara :I’m super duper fine sister
Sister:yaya i know tat. Last week ragini came she told me about ur marriage and all haan wats going on haan
Swara:(blushes) sisterrrrr
Sister:kkk where is ur husband
Swara:there he is(pointing towards sanskar)
Sister:oh then call him inside na
Swara:(smiles) k(to sanskar) sanskar sanskar……..sanskar
Sanskar:(wat expression.)
Swara:come here
Sanskar noded his head and went
Swara:sister see he is only my husband sanskar maheswari
Sanskar:(smiles) hello sister(takes blessing)
Sister:may god bless u and keep u both together forever(smiles)
Listening thz swasan feels very happy
Swara:acha sister i wanna talk to u
Sister:haan say swara
Just then there was a call on her mobile so she made some excuse and went from there
Sister:ooooh swara i will be back in a minute have to attain thz call its very imp
Swara:(smiles) k sister but come soon
Sister left from there

Swasan turned and was shocked and suprised to see the scenerio there a group of childrens was standing

Note:thz is some childrens name arun,adi,rhuhi,faiz,charlie,mansi

Swara:(happy) buchusssss
all chidrens:(happy) hi and good evening swara di
Swara:(kneeld and hugs them) good evening my bachusss u know i missed u a lot
All childrens:we miss u too swara di (childish anger) but we will not talk to u we r katti with u(turns)
Swara:awwwe my bachusss r angry with me haan but y
Faiz:(a cute boy) be’coz u dnt came to meet us na
Swara:oooooh I’m sorry(holding her ears) acha k u know i brought chocolates for u all
Charlie:(a sweet boy) watttttt chocolate(watery mouth)
Swara:haan but i think now u all will not take it be’coz u all r angry with me na
Mansi:(sweet girl) wat swara di who is angry no one is angry with u hain na guys
All childrens:yes swara di no one is angry
Swara:(smiles) hmmmm then take thz chocolate
All chidrens takes the chocolates happily and started eating
Sanskar smiles seeing there bond

Just then arun (a naughty boy) eyes falls on sanskar who is seeing them with a smile
Arun:(to adi)arrey adi who is tat man(pointing to sanskar)
Adi:(naughty boy too)(confused) i don’t know
Arun:adi is he the fellow who want us leave our ophrange
Adi:no no arun he is not tat man but don’t know who is he
Arun:let’s ask him only(to sanskar) hey u come her(pointing finger on sanskar)

Sanskar was confused and looked here and there
Arun:arrey u only yaar come here

Sanskar:(strange look) meee.!!!
Adi:arrey yaar obvio u will only be na is there anyone behind u or after u
Sanskar:(nodes in no)
Arun:then come here
Sanskar nodes and goes towards them and kneels
Sanskar raised his eyebrows as wat?
Arun:wat is ur name and wat u r donig here
sanskar:(smiles) my name is sanskar maheswarai
Ruhi:(a cute lil girl) wooooo sanskal i love thz name velly much
Sanskar:(smiles) oh thank u lil angel(pulls her cheeks)
Arun:enough wat nice name huh! Sansssskkkarr (all looked at him angryly and he gupled)
Arun:i mean…guy..sanskar is very good name but it doesn’t match him(pointing sanskar)
Faiz:but how(confused)
Arun:wats the meaning is sanskar say
Arun:haaan exactly! Now say guys do he have manners(pointing sanskar) k u only say do u have manners answer my question do u have manners
Swara giggles where as sanskar see’s in wat? Expression
Rhuhi:alley yaal ansel to bhai na do you have mannels if u have then give it to bhai hain na bhai
Swara also laugh sanskar gets mesmerised seeing her laugh
Arun:(glared at rhuhi) rhuhi keep quite
Rhuhi nodes
Arun:guys he don’t have any manners see when swara di came wat we did.we wished her na
Arun:did he wished swara di
Arun:then how come he have manners say
Adi:yes guys arun is right his name may be sanskar but he is fully asanskari be’coz he dnt wished our swara di
Swara:giggles where as sanskar gives here death glare
all:childrens:yes u r right he is.asanskari
(Shouts)asanskari asanskari asanskari…..
Sanskar:(clam tone with smile) stop it champs stop calling tat
Arun:no we will not
Sanskar:hmmmmm wat should i have to do tat u will stop calling me tat
Mansi:hmmm k then u will wish swara di then we will stop calling u asanskari
Sanskar:hmmmm k(to swara) good evening swara(turns towards children they were looking at him in anger
Sanskar:wat? I wish her na
Arun:is this the way to wish
Sanskar:then how should i wish
Adi:mansi show him
Mansi:(sweetly) good morning swara diii say sweetly k
Sanskar:hmmm k (sweetly) good morning swaraaaa
Swara:(shy and smiles)
Sanskar turns towards childrens again they were looking at him angrly
Sanskar:now wat?
adi:u r disrespecting our swara di by calling her swara
Arun:haan disrespect call her swara DI k add DI also now start
Swara who was laughing and giggeling still now stopped at once a listening tat and began to cough
Sanskar looked at her and understood the reason of cough
All children’s:swara di wat happen to u
Swara:nothing bachuss
Arun:hhhhhh swara di fine(to.sanskar) start na
Sanskar:(smirks seeing swara) okay i will wish her as u said
Saying thz he got up and
Sanskar:(whisphered to swara) u were laughing at me na now see(smirks)
sanskar:good morninggggg
swara:stop stop arun let it be y to wish and all
Sanskar:no swara i disrespected u na then should wish u hain arun
arun:haan swara di he should wish u we all know u r feeing pity on him but he should wish and tat is final
sanskar:&smirks) good eveningggggg swaraaaaaaaa
Swara:stop stop it I’m not ur di got it not ur di
Arun:par swara di…
Swara:no arun she shouldn’t call me di and tat is final
Sanskar:ooooh no so now i shouldn’t wish her (smirks seeing thz swara gives him angry look just then something stucks to her mind and she smiles naughtyly)
Swara:no no u will wish
Sanskar:(shocked)(in mind) is she gone mad how can i call her DI
Adi:swara di but….
Swara:bachuss he will wish me but there will be some changes instead of di he should tell my love k(winks at sanskar)
Sanskar:wat the hell look
Arun:k swara di if u want him to say like tat then he will do (to sanskar) do as di told wait wait (to mansi) mansi 1st show him how to do k if not again he will do any mistake god knows how he passed in LKG
sanskar:wat expression
mansi:k (sweetly) good evening swara my love k now start
sanskar:no never
Arun:u should wish (childish anger and goes towards sanskar &points the finger) or else u dnt saw my anger if u saw na then u will do susu in ur pant
Sanskar glares at laughing swara
Adi:(chidish smirk) now say
sanskar:no i will not wish her
Arun:(anger)hey u wheat flour no one dare to.say no to me got it
Adi:but arun y u called him wheat flour(childish confused)
Arun:aarrey adi seee his face na how white he is so i called him.like tat
Adi:then i will call him milky bar (happy)
Sanskar :”kill u look”(in mind) wheat flour and milky.bar do i look like tat! Huh!
Swars giggles
Arun:adi nuce name yaar
adi:oh thank u
rhuhi:no no bhai cholk piece will be nice it is also white na
Sanskar :seriously look
Faiz:arrey yaar don’t keep thz stupid names yaar
Sanskar:(murmuring) ooooooh god kohi tho hai mera raksha karnewala in bhooto se
Arun:hey faiz
faiz:1st listen me i have bestest name rasgolla it will suite to him
All:haan its nice it will suit him
Sanskar:(murmured)jise mene apna rakshak samaja wohi mera bakshak nikla
Swara:(giggles) hahahaha bachussss (see to sanskar) u know i love rasgolla verrrry much
Faiz:even i like rasgolla very much.swara di
Arun:hmmm k rasgolla is final then(to sanskar) MR RASGOLLA now tell u will wish swara di or not
Sanskar:(in mind) arrey yaar sanskar karde wish nahi tho yeh saab tere izzat ko pani mai mila denge
Sanskar:kkk kiddos i wish her (to swara) good evening swara my love
Swara:(smiles winningly and blushes too)
Sanskar:now u all r happy if u r happy then(smiles) friends
All:we r super happy and friends(shakes hand(
swara:looks lovingly at him

Just then sister come’s
sister:(to sanskar) i think they troubled u know na
Sanskar:(smiles)oh not at all sister infact they r very cute
All chidren’s:(smiles) k friend then come let’s play
sanskar:k kiddos(smiles(
They left

Swara: (serious tone) k sister i want to talk to u about the ophrange sister did some business man told u all to.leave thz ophrange
Sister:&fumbles) woo…wo..swara
swara:sister u can’t lie so plz tell
Sister:yes swara he gave us 2day’s time to.leave thz ophrange
swara:(anger) but how can anyone do tat where u all live?
Sister:we r helpless swara(sad)
Sanskar who was playing with children’s come there to take the ball and hear’s everthing

Sanskar:&seriously) sister whoz tat man
Swara and sister:turnz and was shocked
Sanskar:i heared everything can u plz tell me the name of tat man
Sister:his name is MR KARAN SHING
Sanskar was shocked,suprised,smirks evily hearing the name
Sanskar:(smirks evily) oh he is mr karan shing (to sister) i will be back in a minute
Swara:but sanskar where r u…
Sanskar:(serious look) i will be back swara
Swara and sister:(confused)

Here sanskar come’s out of the ophrange and dails a number

Mobile conversation
Sanskar:(smirks evily) hello MR SHING
Shing:(tensed) MR SM U
sanskar:yes me
Shing:(tensed( MR SM can i know the reason for ur call
Sanskar:(smirks)hmmm intelligent yes have a reason i want something but not from u but from ur son
Shing:karan wat u want from him
Sanskar:well i want the ophrange place of ur son
Shing:(shocked & tensed) wat but…
Sanskar:(sacary tone): i’dont have the habbit to repeat the words and u know thz very well.MR SHING
Shing:(gupled in fear) k k MR SM the property will be urs
Sanskar:hmmmm good and i.want.u and ur son at ophrange in 5mins with the papers got it
shing:(fears) k MR SM
The call disconnected

Sanskar smiles and again.dails a number
Mobile conversation

Sanskar:hello johan
Johañ:haan SM sir
Sanskar:johan listen(says something)
Johan:(smiles) k SM sir i.will be thier in 5mins
Sanskar:hmmm good
Call disconnects

Shing:karan beta u know MR SM na
karan.:(tensed) yes dad forget him who is the reason for ur loss in bussiness
Shing:today he called me beta he want tat ophrange place
Karan:(shocked) wat!!
Shings:(he says everything)
Karan:but dad u know na how much hard work i have done to get tat place then how can i….
Shing:bet we can’t do anything u know very.well tat wat he did with me
karan:hmm k dad

Here sanskar comes inside the ophrange
swara:sanskar where…..
Sanskar:swara plz be quite(to sister) sister u don’t need to worry u all will not leave thz ophrange
sister:but beta….
Sanskar:(assures) sister I’m saying na just wait and watch(smirks)
Swara and sister :confused
Just then shing enters ophrange with his son
Sister:MR KARAN u (confused)
Sanskar:sister i will explain u (to swara) take childrens and sister inside
sanskar:(glares and serious tone) i said take them inside
Swara noded and took them inside

Just then johan come’s with lawrance (a lawyor of sanskar)
Johan&lawrance:good evening SM sir.&smiles)
sanskar:evening(to shing) so mr shing where r the papers
Shing:here it is
Sanskar:(bossy tone) johan
johan:yes sir (& takes the paper from him)
Lawrance:yes sir
Sanskar:(bossy tone) i want the work to be done in.5mins
Lawrance:sure sir (takes the paper from johan)
Lawrance started doing all formalities where as shing’s were very sad and upset
After 5mins

Lawrance:sir the work is done(gives the paper)
Sanskar:(bossy tone) well good lawrance
And(to johan) johan …..
Johan.:yes sir i brought and will give it to them
Sanskar:hmmm good

Saying thz sanskar leaves from there

Johan:MR Shing and MR karan take thz
Shing and karan:watz there in it
(Johan handovers them a bag)
Johan:2corers sir paid u 2corers for thz place
Karan:(shocked) wat 2corers for thz small place but y
Johan:(smiles) if i say to u then also u will not understand to sir so better leave it and enjoy ur life with thz money
Saying he left from and all also leaves fron their

Here sanskar comes inside
Swara:(see’s him) sanskar
Sanskar:(to sister)sister take thz paper and read it
Sister confused and takes the paper was shocked to read tat
Sister:(shocked) u purchased thz place
Sanskar smiles
swara takes the paper from sister reads it
Was super duper shocked tear were rolling down from her eyes
Swara:(tears) u….purchased…. . Thz ….place ….on
Sister:(smiles)on ur name swara thz place is urs
Swara:(tears) but sanskar wats the need of thz
Sanskar:swara u r my wife so i did thz to my wife
Swara:(in mind) once he says tat I’m not his wife I’m his toy now he says tat ki u r my wife oooooo sanskar when will u.say to me as ‘YOU.R MY LIFE” I’m waiting for tat day but for me YOU R MY LIFE sanskar i love u very much (smiles)
Sanskar:sister and kidoos now u no need to.leave thz ophrange u will be here only
All childrens:(happy) really
sanskar:(smiles) yes kidoos and now.give a hug.for me
they all hug sanskar
Swara and sister smilies seeing them
They enjoyed sometime together and left the ophrange with smiling faces of unaware of upcoming strom to them which will change there lives

So guys how was the episode hope u all liked it and i think u all r not liking my ff so only there r less commments i think i should stop.thz and guys ignore the below lines i was unable to erase them

Wat will the upcoming strom brings for them happiness or tears?

Adi:arrey obvio anybehind u and after u


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