swasan! you r my life!! episode -7

Hi guys thz is tanu and haan thank u veryyyy much for ur comments and love.


After dropping swaragini at gadodia house and having sweet talks with sumi. Sanskar left from there to SM MANSHION

Sanskar was in his room thinking about swara a unknown smile and bright came to his face.
just then he remembers swara saying that she slapped him last night so he got up with a jerk

Sanskar:(confused)whe she slapped me i forget to ask the reason from her

Thinking about slap he became restless and was placing from here and there

“Do i did any wrong to her which made her to slap me oh god i should ask her “was the thing was running in my mind so i took my mobile which was on the table and dailled her number but something came to my mind”no no i will not call her. Her mom came back after so many day’s so may be she will be busy with her” but only think which was making me restless is slap i want to know the reason of slap .just then something hitted to my mind”oh haan yaar how can i forget tat ki i have a hidden camera i my room which i forget to remove.thank oooh let’s see why she slapped me
Saying thz i took the hidden camera which i hidded in my room and removed the chip fron it and connected it to the laptop

.I played it and was shocked to see the scenerio. It was showing tat ki i was complementing swara beauty and saw myself kissing her madly i was literally shocked seeing tat so i paused the video where i was coughing. “Oh god sanskar how can u do tat yaar,wat she may be thinking about u. 1min 1min is thz a reason why she slapped me hmm let’s see” saying i again played it and saw tat i was coughing badly so swara gave me a glass of water and how i throwed the glass on the floor and how anger was boiling in my eyes and i also saw wat and all i told and how she consoled me and when i was about to stab myself how she stopped me and gave a tight slap and she told me tat
“I’M THERE WITH U SANSKAR” i pused the video tears was rolling from my eyes seeing tat i wiped my tears immideatly

“So thz is the reason y she slapped a unknow smile came to my face remembering swara’s words “I’m there with u” soon i jerked my thoughts and again played the video and it continued with how she made me sleep on the bed and how i asked her to sleep beside me and then the hug and finally my coffession to her oh my god i told her tat ki i love her thz was the biggest shock “i said i love her but y .do i really love her” was thing tat was running in my mind suddenly i jerked my thoughts and said” no no sanskar no u r not born for thz love stuff it’s just tat u were drunken and was not in sense na so u blabered something but i reality u don’t love her” ….but do swara love me and she conffessed also in tat video ki she loves me and she was in full sense then do she really love thz questions was running in my mind finally i jerked all my thoughts and said “If she loves me then wat huh! Me tho don’t love her na and(in determination) i will never love anyone becuz I’m not born for tat(but guys sanskar ke maan mein ladoo rahai hain which is unknow to himself listening to swara’s hahahahaha)

here swaragini done with there shopping and were returing to SM MANSHION

They reached and outside
Swara:ragini come na
Ragini:swara phir kabhi yaar u know na ma is alone at home so have to go
Swara:(pouts) okay
Ragini:(teases) swara don’t make ur face like thz if jiju see u like thz na he will surely kiss u here itself
Swara:(blushes and smiles) ragini tu bhi na
Ragini:haan haan wat tu bhi na hmm
ragini:k k baba i will not tease u and now bye

Afer biding bye to ragini swara enter the manshion and starightly went to there room i mean swasan’s room

Swasan room
Swara entered the room and saw sanskar sitting on the couch and was doing some work on his lappy in a very serious way

Swara:(smiles) hi sanskar
Sanskar:(angry tone) hi and how was ur shopping
Swara:(happy and excited to say) it was supper dupper u know i purchased so.many things and haan i purchased some clothes for u also(makes.faces) u know u always wear thz stupid and boring colour’s clothes so i brought colourfull.shirts and coat like red,blue,yellow,green,peach and also pink u know u will look cute in pink colour

Sanskar was giving “wat the hell look”:(in mind) do i look like school boy to her tat she is saying cute in pink colour

She keep’s on blabering
That was it for sanskar
Sanskar:(irritiated) stop it swara stop (went close to her and holded her by shoulder tighty) i have already told u tat ki u r my wife infront of thz world but for me u r a toy just a toy then wat the need to purschase clothes for me huh! Listen carefully u r just a toy k so don’t behave like a wife

Sanskar pov start
I thought my word will afect her and she will be hurt and also will start hating me again but i was shocked to hear her reply to me
Sanskar pov ends

Swara:(in mind) oh so u want to hurt me by thz words but i know my innocent baby tat ki u will never tell thz words from ur heart. Now wait and watch wat i will do(smirks)

Swara:(teases and happy tone) oh really sanskar then done from today i will not behave like a wife with u becuz I’m not ur wife to.u na instead i will behave like a toy and u should also treat me like a toy k

Sanskar:(shocked,suprised,confused by her reply)( becuz bechara sanskar plan fail hogaya na to make her hate him)
(To swara) wattt!!!

Swara:haan now play with me I’m ur toy na come play(came towards him and.holded his both hands) come na sanskar play with me I’m ur toy na u know not playing with toy’s is very bad come play

Sanskar:(irritiated) stop it swaraaaaaaa
Swara:(pouts) see u don’t want me to behave like a wife and not like a toy also u r very bad sanskar (and giggles)
Sanskar:”wat the hell look”

Swara got up and went to the wardrobe to keep the clothes
Now there was a complete silence in the room

Sanskar:(in mind) i think i should.ask her about the last night…..about the kiss no no i will not if she thinks wrong about me hmmmmm watever let it be i will ask her

Sanskar:(adjusted his throat) Ahemm Ahemm swara
Swara:(turns) yes sanskar
Sanskar:swara(fumbles) did…..i….ki.s…
Swara:offo sanskar say it cleary na
Sanskar:(closed his eyes) swara did i kissed u last night

Sanskar was thinking tat ki she will protest and will get anger on him but opposite happen

Swara:(in mind) oooh thz is the thing hmmm (giggles)
Sanskar:(open’s his eyes).did i kissed u
Swara:(teases) haaan sanskar u kissed me and u know where all u kissed me 1st u kissed me on cheeks,thennnn on eyes
(By saying all thz she was seductively towards sanskar) thennn on nose ,
…,(sat beside him where as sanskar was shocked.and was sweating badly by her closeness) thennnnnn on lipss
(& was moving more closer to him and.was enjoying his expression)
.(here sanskar was sweating and was thinking about the video in which after lips he was kissing all over het neck and gupled)

Swara:(continued) thennnnnnnn thennn onnnnnm

Was moving closer to him his eyes was closed due to sweating and nervousness she smiles at him and tightly kisses on his cheeks leaving him in shock state

Sanskar:(his mouth and eyes widened out of shock and gives) “wat was tat ” look
Swara:(pulls his cheeks) Awwwe sansku cutiee u r soo cute
sanskar:(suprised and weried look) SANSKU!!!
swara:ya sansku nice na (pulls his cheeks again) sansku cutieee
Sanskar:(irritiated) stop it swara and stop calling me (making faces) sansku cutieee I’m not cute k I’m not
(Show’s his angry face to her thinking tat after seeing his angry atleast she will not call him cute but swara is swara na)

Swara:Awwwwe i will eat u now u r looking super duper cute in thz angry look

Sanskar :shocked and immideatly changes his look

Swara:(continued) (pulls his cheeks again bechara mera sansku) and will u sansku cutieee only k my cutieee cutieee….
Sanskar:(irritiated) swaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Swara:giggles and runs from there
swara:(before leaving) sansku cutieee

Sanskar unknowinly was also enjoyinng all thz

Sanskar:(smiles) i think she has gone mad
Hmmmmm mad girl

Swara.hears thz and come again and says

Swara:yes sansku cutiee I’m mad only mad for u my cutiee(smiles)

Saying thz she leaves from there

Sanskar’s mouth was wide opened and eyes were widened listening to her answer
He smiles and hits his head playfully

Screen freez on there smiling faces

So guys how was thz episode hop u all liked it and plz plz plz do comment guys

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