swasan! you r my life!! episode -6


Hi guys thz is tanu and thank u very much for ur lovely commment and here
Episode-6 of my ff


It was almost night swara was waiting for sanskar

Swara:(happy) oh god I’m sooooo happy i can’t wait to confesses my feelings to sanskar yar plz send him fast god i want to tell him tat ki how much i love him i want to hug him i want to kiss him(blushes for her thoughts) (hitted her playfully) oh god swara u r really gone mad for him

She blabaring.something and all and was moving here and there waiting for sanskar it was already 2AM still he dnt came now she was worried

Swara:(worried) oh god 2AM (kept her hand on head) sanskar dnt came still now usually he used to come at 10pm or 11pm but today y he is so late his not picking the call also is anything happened to him. (Tear escaped from her eyes)No no swara nothing will happen to him he will be fine think positive

Just then she heard a bell on the door

Swara:(wiped her tears and smiles) thank god he came

She went towards the exist door and opened it and was shocked to see the scenerio

Swara:(shocked and panics) sanskar sanskar wat happen to him johan
(Johan was holding sanskar from shoulder)
johan:(fumbles) wo…wo..swara mam…sir consumed alcohol
Swara:(shocked) wat alcohol? But he doesn’t drink na
Johan:i will explain u mam but 1st let me take sir inside mam
Swara:oh haan .. come
Johan:don’t worry mam sir is fine
Swara:hmmmmm haan k

Johan took him in and place him sofa

Swara:now can u tell me wat happen
Johan:mam.(fumbles) it…is….about…sir…past…so…plz
Swara:(confused) wat past? (Clam tone) see johan he is my husband so i have full right to know about him so plz tell
Johan:(fumbles) but mam…sir….do not want anyone to know about his past
Swara:oh so scared of ur sir but not of me don’t u remember office incident
Johan:(he kept his hand on cheeks)(in mind) johan just tell it to mam she is sir’s wife only nothing will happen haan if u don’t tell her everything will happen don’t u remember she slapped.SM SIR only then think wat she can do with u

His thoughts were interpreated by swara

Swara:wat happen johan(smirks)
johan:(come’s to sense) k mam i will say
Swara:then go a head na
Johan:actually mam even i don’t know everything but how much i know i will say it to u
Swara:k say
Johan:mam there was girl name kavitha in sir’s life i don’t know wat happen to her i think she left sir and today after 2years sir saw her in the business party anger was fully visible in his eyes usually sir consume alcohol when he is in anger and today also he did the same

Swara understood everthing
Swara:hmmmm k (anger) johan one more thing if u don’t know wat actually happened in past then better keep ur mouth mum k kavitha dnt leave my sanskar instead my sanskar left her k. Sanskar dnt loved any girl he is only mine k
He is onlu mine

Johan:(gupled in fear) yes mam I’m sorry
Swara:(realized wat she said and bited her tounge) johan I’m sorry yar i was unable to control my anger. K now u can leave. And thanks for bringing sanskar here
Johan:(smiles) its my duty mam
swara:hmmmm k bye
Johan:bye mam

Johan left from there

Sanskar was blabaring something becuz he was not in sense

Swara kept sankar one hand on her shoulder and holded him by waist they walked to there room in thz position

Soon both reached to the room

Sanskar was not walking properly becuz he was not in sense

Swasan room
Swara:sanskar araam se
Saying thz she took his hand from her shoulder and was about to place him on the bed
But sanskar pulled her by wrist
Such tat her hand fell on his shoulder

Sanskar:(husky voice) swara….
Thz gave butterflies in swara’s stomach
She was staring at him
Sanskar:swara u know i was just hating the girls becuz of my past i was thinking tat all girls r same but i was wrong swara u r different from everyone u have some spark tat attracted me towards u.
(He holded her by waist and started craseing her cheeks romantically)

Swara was just staring him she was very happy tat he was complementing her
(& guys sanskar is not in sense k)

Sanskar:(romantically caressing her cheeks) swara u r beautifull ur cheeks r like any wheat (saying thz he kissed on her cheeks)(See’s her eyes) ur eyes r like light (saying thz he kissed on her eyes) (piont towards her nose) ur nose u know ur anger will always be in.ur nose but i like it (saying thz he kissed on her nose tip)

Swara was blushing hard and enjoying everything

Sanskar:(his eyes fall on her lips and in husky voice) ur lips looks so delicious(saying thz he was leaning towards her lips)(now swara was blushing more)

Finally he placed his rough lips on her smooth lips 1st it was soft and smooth kiss but later it became a passionate and hungry.wala kiss he sucked it hard.and was kiss her hand.swara was also responding the kiss with equal passion and love while kissing swara’s leg hitted the bed and.both lost there balance and fall on bed such tat ki sanskar was on the top of swara but our swasan was still kissing eachother and was lost in eachother
But soon patted away due to lack of oxygen and was staring eachother there was a cute eyelock here swara was blushing more and more tat is it for sanskar he lost all his patience and control over him and.leaned towards swara’s neck and was kissing and biting
Here swara was blushing and.was mourning in pleasure he was kissing her more and more while swara was enjoying his teasing on her

But but but suddenly sanskar began to cough (offo so sad now thz cough also is kabab mai hadi! For our swasan)

He got up from her and was began to cough badly

Swara:(got up and worried).sanskar sanskar wat happen

He was coughing more badly
Swara immideatly gave a glass of water for him to drink
He took the glass from swara and drank it

Swara:(patted his back and worried) sanskar r u okay
Sanskar:(stopped coughing) haan yes

Suddenly he remember his past and throwed the glass on flower and was boiling with anger

Swara:(shocked) sanskar wat happen
Sanskar:(anger) tat girl tat girl spreated me from my family i just hate her i just her

And started throwing all the things here and there

Swara:(tear escaped from her eyes seeing him like and began to clam him) sanskar listen listen to me

But he was not listening her

Sanskar:all left me.they dnt even cared about me. They dnt trusted me they trusted tat blo*dy girl. Now I’m lonely no one r there for me i don’t want to.live

Swara:(worried) no.sanskar no I’m there for u don’t say like tat plz(tears)

Ignored her words

Sanskar:i don’t want to.live I’m very lonely i want to die i want to.die
(And took the knife which was kept on fruit basket)

Swara:(shocked and tears) sanskar don’t do tat see I’m there na for u

But he ignored her words

And was about to stab.himself but instead he got a tight slap from swara and the knife was in swara’s hand(hehehe guys u all were worried for slap see y she gave slap to him i scared u hehehehehe)

swara:(anger) u idiot, duffer i’m was saying na tat I’m there with u can’t u listen r u deaf haa going to stab urself .if u reapet thz again not only u will get slap but u will also.get everthing punches and all(tears) now come sleep

Sanskar kept quite and noded

Swara holded his wrist and brought him to the bed and made him sleep on it and was about to.go but sanskar holds her wrist

Swara:(turns) wat?
Sanskar:plz don’t go anywhere come here sleep with me i’m very lonely i want u(pleading tone)
Swara:(tears) I’m not going any where i will be with u always sanskar

Saying she slept beside him he hugged her in such tat he bruised his head on her cheast and she also hugged him tightly
By her one hand she was craessing his hairs and other on shoulder

Sanskar:(whispered) I LOVE U SWARA
swara:(smiled brightly there was no limitation of her happiness but became sad becuz he said it but not in sense)


Soon both dozed off


It was a beautifull morning the birds were chirping and cool breeze was singing song.our couples was sleeping peacefully in eachother embrace with a bright smile
The sun light disturbed our cute sanskar’s sleep(oooh guys he looks sooooo cute while sleeping hehehehehehe feeling like to kiss him yar) kk now he opened his.eyes. his.head was paining badly when he opened his eyes he was shocked to see scenerio his on hand on swara’s waist and he soo close to swara her angelic smile was making him crazy but reality hitted him and got up by jerk thz made swara also to.wake up and looked at sanskar

Sanskar:swara….woo……..wooo..aaahahhaa(holding his head)
Swara:(got up and worried) wat happen sanskar
Sanskar:my head is paining.very badly

Swara understood ki thz is becuz of alcohol

Swara:be seated i will come in a minute
Sanskar:but swara….

Before he could complete she left

After some time she came holding a glass in her hand

Swara:drink ths(forward the glass)
Sanskar:wat is thz?
swara:lemon juice u drink thz u.will feel better
Sanskar:hmmmmm k

Took the juice.and drank it

swara:(smiles) no need of any thanks sanskar

And left to washroom to freshup
Both got ready.

Swara brought sanskar’s break fast to the room itself

Swara:sanskar have ur breakfast
Sanskar:i would have come down itself y u brought it here
Swara:offo sanskar i brought it plz have ur breakfast plz

Sanskar was eating his breakfast something.stucked to his mind and he asked swara

Sanskar:swara wat happen yesterday
Swara:wat happen nothing
Sanskar:yesterday i was drunken na after tat wat happened
swara:ooooh tat 1st u finish ur breakfast then i will say
Sanskar:swara i said tell me now
Swara:sanskar while eating no talking k 1st u eat then i will say

Sanskar completed his breakfast

Sanskar:now say
Swara:sanskar yesterdat u was in drunken state johan brought u to home and placed u on the bed.tats all
Swara:sanskar (tears) …..i….also…..slapped u… .

Swara:(tears) sanskar I’m sorry for tat even u can.slap me or beat but don’t be angry with me plz

Sanskar:(super shocked)

Swara:sanskar say something don’t be quite plz(tears)
Sanskar:(adjusting his thoart) aahmm swara…

Just then they heared a voice from down

A person:swara swara swara
swara:(heared the voice and became happy) ragini

Saying thz she ran to hall followed by sanskar
In hall
Swara:(tears and happy) ragini
ragini:(smiles) swara

Both hugged eachother

Ragini:swara how r u
Swara:I’m fine ragu
Ragini:swara u know wat ma came from dida’s house
swara:(excited and jumped) wat really oh my god

Sanskar was mesmirized to.her thz side

Sanskar:(smiles) hi ragini
Ragini:oooh hi jiju i mean sir (chuckeld)
Sanskar:hmmm sir haan
Ragini:no no no jiju
Sanskar:(smiles) good
Ragini:swara ma was missing u so i came here to take u to house
Swara:hmm ragu(looked towards sanskar)
Sanskar:haan ragini take her actually i was thinking to drop u both at ur house
Ragini:haaan jiju great idea(to swara) swara go fast get ready and come na
Swara:(smiles) k

Swara got ready and came down sanskar was totally mesmerised to see her she was dressed in blue anarkali suit with light make she was looking like a beauty queen

Swara:haan ragini I’m ready let’s go
Ragini:jiju jiju(shakes his shoulder) jiju jiju
Sanskar:(came to sense) haan….wat…kya
Ragini:(teases) jiju i know swara is looking beautifull but control urself haa(giggles)
Sanskar:mmm haan ragini.come lets gp

Soo swaragini left to gadodia house
they reached there

Ragini:jiju even u come na ma will be very happy to see u
Sanskar:ragini phir kabhi
Ragini:k so bye
Swara:(smiles) bye sanskar
Sanskar:(felt happy) bye swara

Sanskar left from there
swaragini entered to gadodia house sumi gets teary eyes seeing swara
Both hugged eachother
Sumi:(craessed her face) shona how r u beta
swara:(smiles) I’m fine ma
Sumi:u grown up soo much tat u married and dnt care to inform ur ma.ha(fake anger)
Swara:ma …..wo
ragini:ma leave all thz see she is happy na.and u.know jiju is sooo good,careing and moreover he is soo well manner ma.u know he only gave me job he is nice ma
Swara:(smiles and blushes) yes ma he is very nice ma
ragini:haan ma (just then ragini saw a person who heared there conversation and was happy) arrey jiju u

(Yes it is sanskar)

Swara:(turned and looked suprised)
Sanskar:woo ragini…..actually swara…left her mobile in car itself tho i came to give her the mobile
ragini:(to sumi) ma see he is only swara’s hubby and jiju
Sanskar:hoo hello aunty(took blessings)
Sumi:god give u all ur happiness(smiles)
Sanskar:(too smiles)(& turns to swara) swara ur mobile
Swara:haaan(takes the mobile)
Sanskar:k now i should leave

Was about to go but something stucked to his mind and turns

Sanskar:(turns) swara did u took ur medicine
Swara:haan swara sanskar i took(smiles)
Ragini:jiju I’m thinking to go for shopping can i take ur swara with me(giggles)
Sanskar:(smiles) haan u can take her(to swara) take thz swara
Swara:cerdit card
Sanskar:haan take it with u .u r going to shoping na
swara:haan …but…
Sanskar:(strict tone yet clam voice).i said take swara
swara:(smiles) k
Sumi feels very happy seeing sanskar care

Sanskar:(smiles) k bye aunty, bye ragini
Ragini:bye jiju
Sumi:sanskar beta not aunty u can call me ma
Sanskar:(a tear escaped from his eyes and happily said) haaan bye ma

Swara:(in mind) oh god I’m feeling jealous of ma and ragini he said bye to them but not for me idiot,duffer always i should only tell kya…

Her thoughts interpreated by
sanskar:bye swara
swara:(was in cloud nine) bye

Sanskar left from there

Ragini:(to sumi) now say ma how is my jiju hmm
Sumi:yayaya he is truly a very good person waise shona who all r there in ur sasural haan
Swara:just me, sanskar, and some servents ma
Sumi:wat but his family
Swara:ma i don’t care about anyone he is there with me it enough and we r happy also
Sumi:(smiles) hmmm k

Screen freezes on there smiling face

Precap:sanskar come’s to know tat he kissed swara

Wat will be his reaction?

So guys how was thz episode if nice plz.do comments.and i also request silent readers also to comment

Credit to: tanu

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