swasan! you r my life!! episode -5


Hi guys I’m back.and thank u for ur lovable commments and here is episode-5 of my ff


Tears were rolling down from everyone’s eyes

Adarsh:(to dp) papa sanskar.can’t do such cheap things plz stop him papa
Pari:yes papa.adarsh ji is right sansk….

Before she could complete dp showed a hand to stop and gave angry glare to them so bended there heads

Just then lucky came and saw tears in sanskar’s eye’s

Lucky:(shocked) bhai y r u crying. Wat happen bhai
sanskar:(no response)
Lucky:bhai wat happen plz don’t cry
(Shook his shoulder)
Sanskar:(no response and tears was rolling from his eye’s)
Lucky:can anyone tell me wat happen ha
Y bhai is crying

Uttara:(came forward) (tears)wo lucky bhai(say’s everthing)
Lucky:(tears and anger) so u all believed her ha (to dp) how can u think papa ki my.bhai can do such things.(pointing to kavitha)becuz of thz cheap girl u r taking blaming my bhai…
Mehta:(anger) just shut up k my daughter is not cheap and (pointing to.sanskar) thz ur so called bhai did cheap things with.my.daughter and u r blaming my kaviha haa
Lucky:(anger) u just shut not a word against my bhai or else….
Dp:laksh stop i said and (closed his eyes in pain) he want leave our house soo …..let….him….go
Sanskar:(again broked and tears were rolling.down)
Lucky:is it so then even i don’t want to be in ur house If bhai is leaving the house then even i.will leave (to sanskar) come bhai let’s go from here
All:(kept quite)
Sanskar:(tears) lucky u r not coming with.me k
lucky:no bhai i will.come
Sanskar:(tears) u r not coming with me
Lucky:no i will come.and.i will not leave u alone
Sanskar:(anger and tears) lucky u r not coming means not coming with me got it
Lucky:but bhai…
Sanskar:come with me
(He took him outside the room)

Sanskar:(clam tone) lucky listen to me u r not coming with me k our family needs u bade papa,badi ma,mom,dad and all needs u be with them k

Lucky:they dnt trusted u bhai then how can u …leave u will never change and moreover wat about u bhai
Sanskar:(tears and smiles) about me huh!
U don’t worry lucky
Lucky:but bhai…
Sanskar:lucky still now i have never asked anything from u but today I’m asking u a promise lucky promise me tat u will not leave our family alone and come with me k u will take care of our family and if u deny then i will not talk to u
Lucky:nooo one can argue with u bhai i promise to u bhai tat i will do.wat u want but u promise me tat u will not hide anything from me
Sanskar:(smiles) kk promise

Both hugged eachother
lucky:(released the hug) but bhai one day tat kavitha will pay for it i just hate tat cheap girl
Sanskar:(determind) but i hate all girls lucky from now onwards becuz all r same


lucky:.(tears were flowing from his eyes while saying thz)
Swara:(tears too) lucky(kept hand on his shoulder) I’m sorry (hold her ears)
Lucky:(remove her hands and smiles) it k swara
Swara:i thought him soo bad lucky but u r right he has golden heart
Lucky:swara plz take care of my bro
Swara:(smiles) dont worry laksh now i know everything i will take care of him(assures)
Lucky:k swara bye have to go now (smiles) and again take care of my bhai
Swara:laksh I’m wife of sanskar maheswari swara sanskar maheswari so even i always keep my words k(say’s with proud)

Lucky: k baba now bye(smiles)
Swara:k bye (smiles)

Lucky left from there

Swara went inside now she was thinking only about sanskar how naughty, caring,loving he was before and how he cared for her in morning, how he held her waist to save her from falling down thinking all thz a unknown smile came to her lips. Then remembered about how he was blamed in.past for the sin which he.dnt.did at all a tear drop escaped from her eyes feeling his pain

While she was thinking all thz she heard a horn sound which made her come to reality

Swara:he came

Saying thz she ran top and as usual slep infront of sanskar room on the floor

Sanskar entered

Sanskar:(to dolly) where is swara
Dolly:swara beti is sleeping
Sanskar:wat!! But so soon and did.she had her dinner
Dolly:yes sanskar baba she had her dinner don’t worry and today she was feeling tiered soo she slep early
Sanskar:hmmmm k

Sanskar climbed the stairs and went towards his room but stopped seeing swara sleeping on the floor or say pretending to sleep her body was shivering he was lost seeing her angelic face and felt bad seeing her shivering

Sliently went to his room and after sometime came out of the room holding blanket in his hand
And covered swara with the blanket
while adjusting the blanket on her suddenly she pulled his hand and he falled on her he saw him in shock but she was closing her so he thought tat she is in sleep and tried to.free his hand but swara holded it mote tightly and pulled.him more such tat ki there was only one inch left to meet there lips. Sanskar stared her lips and was about to place his lips on her but reality stucked to his mind so he came to sense and got up with a jerk and silently went to his room

Sanskar left
swara:(got up and smiled naughtyly) oh so my hubby is soo inocent tat he dnt advantage of my sleep haa eventhough I’m his wife hmmmm(smiles) (determind) but don’t worry MR Hubby soon u will.laugh like before and i will surely do it(smiles)

Here in sanskar room

Sanskar:(to himself) ohhh sanskar wats happening to u. U were about to kiss her and y I’m soo attarcted to her yaar (unknown smile comes to his face)

Soon both dozed off thinking about eachother


Sanskar as ususual had his tea and freshedu up and got ready and came down to hall

He was going towards exist door but again suresh stopped him

Suresh:sanskar sir ur break fast
Sanskar:(glared at him)
Suresh:(bended his head)
Swara:(sees thz and think some thing and smiles)

Sanskar was about go but swara came in,b/w

Sanskar:(raised his eyebrows) watt!!!
Swara:have ur breakfast and go
sanskar:i don’t want it
Swara:if u have ur breakfast then i will do as wat u will say to me even if it is hard task for me
Sanskar:(suprised) just move from here i don’t want to eat
Swara:ohhhh so u r scared of me haa and ur scared of my challenge huh!
Sanskar:scared and tat too me never ever in my life
Swara:then accept my challenge(smirks)
Sanskar:is it so then i will accept
Swara:then come have ur break fast

He was having his breakfast while swara was smiling winningly seeing dolly and suresh they also smiles(yes dolly and suresh knowns everything)

Sanskar completed his breakfast

Sanskar:hmmmm so swara i have completed my challenge now its ur trun
Swara:kkk say wat should i do
Sanskar:hmmm today u alone will clean thz whole manshion
Swara:(mouth widen)(fumbles) woo…woooo …whole manshion
sanskar:scared haan
Swara:no not at all i will surely clean u see(fears inside)
Sanskar:then dolly auty and suresh today u r in leave u both can go now
Dolly:but sanskar….

Sanskar:(strict tone) it’s final

Dolly and suresh:(nodded and left from there)

After some time sanskar also left

Now swara was all alone and sat on sofa with tuddd!!
Look at whole manshion with tensed face

Swara:(to herself) oh my god swara how can u clean thz whole manshion it is not ur house it is soo big how can i clean yaar isse khete hai apne pair par koladi marna (determind) no no swara u should clean and u will clean and show him wat u r

Saying thz she stared cleaning the manshion


Now it was almost night sanskar returned home and saw tat whole manshion was shininig
Sanskar:swara swara swara(shouts)
But there was no reply
After much of his shouting her name when he dnt got reply .he was worried and was searching her in whole manshion

He went towards kitchen shouting her name and was shocked to see swara lieing on the floor

Sanskar:(shocked and worried)(took her head on his lap and patted her cheeks) swara swara swara wat happen get up(a unknown tear escaped from his eyes seeing her condition)

He tried hard to wake her but dnt got any response so he carried her in arms and went toward his.room
He entered his room and placed swara on the bed
and immideatly called doctor

After some doctor came

Doctor:hello MR SM
Sanskar:haan doctor come in

(Both entered to sanskar’s room)

Sanskar:doctor she is my wife
Doctor checked her

Sanskar:(worried) doctor is anything wrong she is fine na
Doctor:(assures)don’t worry MR SM she.is absolutely fine but need.some rest i think she did lot of work today so felt unconcious don’t worry i gave the medicine she wake uo.soon
Sanskar:(relived) k thanks doctor
Doc:its my pleasure MR SM and now i should leave
Sanskar:haan k doctor

Doctor left from there

Sanskar sat beside swara holded her hands and was staring at her

Just then he remembers the doctors word tat she has done lot of work today

Sanskar:(cursed himself) how can u do thz to.her u r one responsible for her thz condition becoz u only she cleaned the whole manshion and now she got fever

His thoughts was disturbed by swara

Swara:(holding her head) aaah oh god my head is paining
Sanskar:(worried) swara r u k
Swara:was suprised to hear his voice and looked all around and found tat she was in sanskar’s room

Swara:u….(immideatly got up from the bed and was about go but sanskar held her wrist)

Sanskar:where r u going sleep here u have high fever
Swara:u only warned me to not to enter ur room na
Sanskar:(felt hurt but compose) k k i said but from now onwards u will sleep in thz room only k and.wat the hell y u did.whole work haan y u cleaned whole manshion
swara:u only told me.to clean na
Sanskar:(anger) if i say anything also u.will do without caring.about u haa
Sanskar:(melted and smiles) acha k now leave tat take rest

And was about to go but thz time swara held his wrist

Sanskar:(confused) now wat!!!
Swara:even u take rest it is already night
Sanskar:hmmmm k(& was about to go but again held his wrist)
Swara:where r u sleeping
Sanskar:i will on couch
Swara:even u can.sleep on bed itself if u don’t mind waise bhi ur bed is too large in size
Sanskar:but how can….I
Swara:i believe u sanskar don’t worry u sleep

Sanskar felt tat he is most happiest person of world when he heard his name.from her melodious voice for the 1st time his heart skips and he was lost in her

Swara:(shakes him) sanskar sanskar
Sanskar:(came to sense) haan haan wat
Swara:u r sleeping r wat
Sanskar:(smiles) k

Now swara was flat seeing his cute smile but composed herself and soon both.dozed.off


It was a beautifull morning the birds was chirping and the sun rays fall on our couples soon both got up and freshed themselve

Sanskar dnt allowed swara to come down he strictly told her to not get up from her bed and swara was enjoying thz she was feeling very happy

After sometime sanskar came with.breakfast and feeded swara with his own hand’s and gave her medicine and left to office

It was.almost 3days over sanskar used to take care of swara in all thz days as if she is his precious diamond here swara was.falling for him madly seeing his care to her

One fine morning the sun rays fall on our couples usually sanskar used to get up 1st but today swara waked up 1st

Swara:(streches her hand and yawns) aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

While doing thz her eyes falls on sanskar who was sleeping beside her hugging a pillow he was looking like a baby

Swara: awwwwe so cheewt

Unknowingly moved towards him and kiss.him on his cheeks soon came to sense.and back-off

Swara:(blushes) oh god swara wat did u do just now u kissed him but wat to do he was looking soo sweet muhhhha baby(blabering something unknowinly)

Here sanskar was about.get swara seeing his movement eyes understood tat he will getup now so she immideatly ran.to the washroom

As usuall both got ready and like always sanskar feeded her food and gave medicine while swara was just staring him and blushing.remembering the morning incident

Soo sanskar left

Now swara was alone in the room she was feeling bore just then her eyes falls on sanskar’s pic which was on side table she tooked it and was staring it lovinly

Swara:ooooh swara wats happening to u he is making u crazy yaar(careses his pic) he sooo inocent, caring person yar I’m just falling for.him.day by day ooooh i just love him wait wait wat u just told tat ki u love him wat really do I’m in love ha
(She closes her eyes sanskar face come infront of her a smile came to her lips)(her heart said yes u love him and HE IS YOUR LIFE she immideately opened her eyes and jumed.in exictement

Swara:(happy and jumping on the bed) oh god I’m in love I’m in love yes i love u sanskar i love u very much

She was jumping likeva mad
she opened the wardrobe and took his.coat out and started dancing with it like a mad huming song

Swara:(humming the song.and dancing.with tat coat) itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai

She was continuesouly was singing the above line but something hitted her mind she immidealty took her moblie and dailled.some number

Mobile conversation

Voice:hello moti swara kaise yaad kiya haan
Swara:stop it lucky joker I’m not moti k
(Yes he is lucky)
lucky:k k but y called me
swara:(blushes) i want to.tell…u…tat…ki..
Lucky:offo swara wat tat ki and all plz complete ur sentence 1st
Swara:(closed her eyes in shy) I’m in love laksh
Lucky:wat? Swara u know ki i love ur sis not u then wat is all thz haan
swara:(anger) do i look u like tat i will love u haan i love ur bro and my hubby sanskar k
Lucky:i was just kidding yaar(listening full sentence was suprised) wat really,how,when oh my god
Swara:(smiles) yes i love sanskar
lucky:oh my god the girl who don’t give a damn glare to a boy fro whom al boys where afraid to propose is in love
Swara:(smiles) even i don’t know when i.falled for him.but now i love him very much i can’t leave without him HIS IS MY LIFE laksh
Laksh:(happy) I’m very happy swara tat my bhai finally got wat he deserve
Swara:(smiles) k k lucky bye i have some work
Lucky:(smiles) bye
Call disconected

Screen freezes on there smiling face

Precap:swara slaps sanskar

So guys was thz episode plz do comment guys and silent reader also plz.comments

Credit to: tanu

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