SwaSan! You r my Life!! episode -3


Hi guys thz is tanu and here is episode-3 of my ff


sanskar:MARRY ME!
Sanskar:yes marry me swara
Swara:(anger) no never in my life
Sanskar:so u don’t want to marry me huh!
But wat about ur dad he is fighting with life now if u won’t pay the money in hospital then how can u save ur father ha can u tell me swara do u have the 2lakh ha
Swara:(in mind & tears) swara how will u arrange money u can’t ask with ur relatives also if u won’t pay the bill then how can u save ur papa don’t be selfish swara marry him and save ur papa’s life he can only help u(wipes tears) k i will marry u but plz pay the hospital and save my papa
Sanskar:(smirks evily) hmmmm good and don’t worry swara i will always keep my words but before tat let our marriage get complete na (to johan) johan
Johan:yes sir here is pandit
sanskar:good(to swara) so swara come lets start our marriage ritual
Swara:(tears and nodded)

They sat on mandap and took 7vowes and sanskar desinged swara’s neck with mangalsutr and appiled sindoor a tear drop.escaped from her eyes

Pandit:abb app pati patni hoye
Swara was sitting like lifeless body and tears were continously from her eyes
Sanskar:(holded her hand) swara come let’s go

She noded . Soon both reached to SM manshion

Sanskar:(bossy tone) suresh suresh

Suresh and dolly came to hall and was shocked to see the scenerio

Sanskar:(bossy tone) suresh
Suresh:(came to sense) haan haan yes sir
Dolly:sanskar baba who is thz girl
Sanskar:she is my wife swara sanskar maheswari i came to leave her here. I have some wil be back after sometime still tat look after her
Dolly and suresh:(shocked)(noded simply)

Was about to leave but
Swara:but my papa(tears)
Sanskar:(truned) swara i said na sanskar maheswari keeps his words

Before she could complete he left

Swara falls on knees and cries
Dolly and suresh comes to her
Dolly:no beti don’t cry (consoles)
Swara:(hugged, her tightly and cried)
Dolly:(wiped her tears) don’t cry i think u r tierd come i.show u the room.rest for some time u will.feel better
Swara just noded

They reached to sanskar’s room

Dolly placed swara on bed
Dolly:beti sleep for sometime
swara: (tears) no how can i sleep when my papa’s life is in danger
Dolly:beti i don’t know wat happen but u don’t worry if sanskar baba tells anything he does tat if he told u tat he will save ur papa’s life then don’t worry he will surely save him
Swara just noded

Dolly left

Suresh:dolly aunty wat is thz sanskar sir and marriage i’m still unable to belive(suprised)
Dolly:me too but i think god needs thz only


Sanskar:(bossy tone) johan did paid the money in the hospital
Johan:(fear) yes sir
Sanskar:(bossy tone) how is his condition now
Johan:(fears) doctord said tat ki he is fine sir…….(fumbles) sir….sorry. .. i dnt know tat he is heart patient
sanskar:(anger and bossy tone) dnt i told u to collect pin to pin information then how can u be so careless ha becuz of u he could have died also
Johan:(bending his head) I’m sorry sir
sanskar:(bossy tone) k thz time I’m leaving but not next time
Johan:k sir and thank u
Sanskar:(bossy tone) now u can go
Johan:k sir

Johan left soon sanskar also left to his house SM MANSHION

He entered the manshion and ditectly went toward his room

Sanskar’s room

Swara was sitting on bed and was fearing wat will happen next as it is the 1st night

Just then sanskar entered the room swara gupled in fear .sanskar who saw swara in his became furious

Sanskar:(anger) swara

Came towards her and holded her hand

Sanskar:how dare u to enter my room ha i know we r married and we both r husband and wife infront of thz world but from me u r a toy got it i married u to teach u a lesson for slapping me and i said u na tat in 12hours u wil be with me not for a single minute but for the life time see i.did it(smirks evily)

Saying thz he holded her hand and throwed out of his room she falled on the floor
Sanskar:u should sleep here only everday got it and don’t dare to enter my room

Saying thz he closed the door in THUD!

Swara also slept after weeping and sobbing


Sanskar got ready and came out of his room saw swara sleeping on the floor he felt lil bad but thought something and got.angry

Sanskar:dolly aunty
Dolly:wat happen sanskar baba
Sankar:give me the water jug
Dolly:take(she handed water jug to sanskar)

Soo sanskar poured the full jug of water on swara by thz swara got up immedeately

Sanskar bending down

Sanskar:swara thz is not ur house tat u will get up late thz is ur sasural so from now onwards u will get up early and will prepare beark fast k. Now get up soon u r not any princisses
Swara:remembers her father calling her princisses and get teary eye

Sanskar:(to dolly) dolly aunty show her the room to fershup and give her some clothes dolly:k sanskar baba

Sanskar:(to swara) come fast for break fast i will be waiting fot u k
Swara:(just nodded)

Sanskar left from there

Swara freshed up and dressed in pink anarkali suit was looking gogeous

Sanskar was waiting for swara at table just then swara came and was fully mesmirised seeing her but composed himself

Sanskar:(to swara) come sit
Swara:(just nodded and sat)
Sanskar:have ur beark fast

Swara:took a bit but tears rolled from her eyes

Sanskar:so swara i have some rules to u
1stly u will do wat i wil tell u
2nd u will not go out without my concern
3rd don’t argue with me
K got it
Swara:(tears and bursted) i will do watever u want but plz take me to my papa i want to meet him plz i want to see my papa
sanskar:(a drop of tear escaped from his eyes which was surely not noticed by swara) k get ready soon
Swara:(happy) thank u thank u very much i’m ready let’s go

Soon both left to the hospital where shekar is admitted

Both entered the hospital
Swara saw ragini sitting on the chair
And ran to her and hugged

Ragini:(hug back) swara where were u the whole night u know how much i was tensed
swara:(released hugg) i’m fine see I’m fine but how is papa now
Ragini:(happy) swara papa is fine and u know one thing it was free operation for us
Swara:(understood tat it is done by sanskar) hmmm k but where is papa i want to meet him
Ragini:haan come

They entered to the ward

Swara saw shekar lieing on the bed happyliy ran and hugged him

Swara:(hugg) papa u r fine
Shekar:(release the hug) yes shona I’m absolutely fine u know na tat ur papa will not leave u both so soon
Swara:(happy) yes i know

Just then ragini noticed sindoor and mangalsutr which swara was wearing

Ragini:(shocked) swara yeh sindoor and mangalsutr
Swara(reminded yesterday nights incident and remained quite)
Shekar:(shocked) shona wat happen say something wat is thz sindoor.and.mangalsutr

Just then voice came from back side
Voice:i will say uncle
Shekar:who r u
Voice:I’m sanskar maheswari swara’s husband
Swara looked towards him and tears was flowing from her eyes
Shekar and ragini:(shocked).wattt!!
sanskar:yes uncle yesterday only we married i and swara loved eachother but yesterday halat aise hogaye ki mujhe aur swara ko shadhi karni padi there no fault of swara in thz plz don’t blame her
Shekar:(smiles) swara u dnt told us tat u love a guy ha(to sanskar) its k beta i know my daughter won’t take wrong decision if she is happy then I’m also happy for her
Ragini:swara congratulation but u should have told atleast to me na
Swara:ragini wo…
Ragini:its k swara I’m happy for u(hugged swara)

They had a good time with eachother

After some time

Sanskar:i think now we should leave
Ragini:swara plz be here only na
Shekar:yes beta

Swara saw towards sanskar he gave a glare saying no

Swara:wo papa wo…u know we have some problem as marriage happen…..
Shekar:its k beta i can understand u go but u should come to meet k
Swara:k papa(hugged him) bye papa.bye ragini
Shekar and ragini:bye swara and sanskar/jiju

Swasan were about to leave but something stucked to sanskar’s mind and he turned

Sanskar:(truned) waise ragini swara told me u dnt got job
Ragini:(sad) yes jiju
Sanskar:if u want u can join my company karma company
Ragini:(happy)wat karma company the 1no company yes sure i will join(sad) but jiji wat about ur boss if he also deny me
Sanskar:it will not happen becuz the boss only choosed and the boss is me
Ragini:wat u boss but boss is MR SM na the great big business tycoon
Sanskar:(smiles) my self SM or u can say sanskar maheswari
Ragini:wat oh my god SM the big business tycoon is front of me
Sanskar:before any business tycoon I’m ur jiju ragini so wat u say about the job ha
Ragini:(happy) i will surely join
Shekar:I’m blessed to have u as my son-in-law beta
Swara:(in mind)how can thz heartless
And cruel person behave so normally he is soo confusing yaar
Sanskar:swara come let’s go
Swara:(come to sense) haan

Soon he droped swara to SM MANSHION and left

After sometime swara went to kitchen

Suresh:mam do u want anything
Swara:no i was feeling bore so i came here dolly:waise beti how is ur father
swara:he is fine aunty waise wat is ur both name
Suresh:my self suresh mam and thz is dolly aunty we r servant of thz house
Swara:bas no one else r there?
Dolly:no beti
Swara:wat I’m asking see who will like to be with the person like him i guess so tat only no one r here (sarcastically)
Dolly:beti u r misunderstanding him
Swara:wat misunderstand huh do u know aunty wat he did with me(she says everthing) he is a heartless person i just hate him
Suresh:enough mam i know sir has done wrong with u but don’t judge or believe wat u see zaruri nahi hota ki jo diktha hai wahi sahi ho
Swara:wat ha ur sir…
dolly:suresh leave(to swara) swara beti i understand u but he is truely a kind hearted person and I’m sure tat one day u itself will come to know so let not talk about thz k
Swara:hmm k aunty
Suresh:I’m sorry swara mam…wo..
Swara:(smiles) it k suresh
Dolly:k swara beti have the sweet and say me how it is

Like thz swara used to spend her whole day everyday she used to get up fast and prepare break fast does wat sanskar tells her to do she used to sleep outside sanskar room on the floor evernight

One day

Swara was climbing down the step even sanskar was coming back of her there was water on the floor which was not noticed by swara she was about keep her foot on that floor but who saw the water on the floor shouted swara’s name

Sanskar:(shouts) swara
But she kept her foot on tat watery floor and was about to fall but 2strong hand held her waist tight and she felt butterflies by tat touch

Sanskar:(held her by waist) swara r u k
swara:(whoz eyes was closed opened immideately after listening to the voice)

She opened her eyes and was lost in his dark brown eyes both had a cute eyelock
But soon came to the sense

Swara:(sense) yes I’m k
Sanskar slowly made her stand
But again she was about to fall but our hero again held her
Sanskar:(worried) wat happen
Sanskar:wat show me

Saying the he made her sit on the sofa.and took her.leg in his hand but swara jerks
Swara:(jerks ) its k I’m fine
Sanskar:ignored and again took her leg in his hand.and twisted it
Sanskar:now get up
Swara:i have moch in my leg how can get up
Sanskar:i.said get up.nothing will happen

Swara got up from the sofa and.her leg.was absolutely fine
Swara:(happy) oh my leg its fine now

She saw towards sanskar
Swara:(in mind)oh god i always say tat i hate but he will do something ki chah kar bhi mai ussai hate nahi karsakthi

Her thoughts was distrubed by the ring tone of sanskar mobile but she was staring him
Before picking the phone sanskar glared on swara asking as.”wat!!!” Raising his eye brows

Swara:nothing(left to kitchen)

Sanskar picked the call
Mobile conversation
Sanskar:haan hello lucky boy(happy)
lucky:bhai open ur house door
Sanskar:(confused) wat! But y
Lucky:becoz I’m came to ur house cum manshion
Sanskar:(happy)wooo lucky
lucky:bhai 1st open the door plz
Sanskar:haan wait
Call disconnected

Sanskar:dolly aunty
Dolly:yes sanskar baba
sanskar:(happy) dolly aunty lucky had came plz..
Dolly:haan sanskar baba i know i will arrange everthing

Saything thz she left to kitchen and sanskar left to open the door

In kitchen

Swara:(confused) dolly Aunty who is lucky y he sounds so happy for his arrivel
Dolly:lucky is sanskar baba’s bro
swara:wat bro?
Dolly:haan beti and sanskar baba love’s him very much so he is happy by his arrivle

Just then she heared voice coming from the hall she peeped lil to see wat.going

Sanskar:(happy) oh lucky I’m soo happy to see u man (hugged him)
Lucky:(happy and hugged back) me too bhai is happy to see u
Sanskar:(release the hug)come have a seat

Both sat on sofa dolly came served them snacks
Swara heared everthing but still swara and lucky dnt saw eachother

Lucky:mmmmm yummmy dolly.aunty samosa is very tasty i just loved it. Thank u aunty for this samosa
dolly:(smiles) is it so then u shouldn’t thank me instead u should thank ur bhabhi she only prepaid thz
Lucky:bhabhi………haan bhabhi bhai where is bhabhi yar u dnt make me meet her ha
Sanskar:(smiles) wait i will call her (to swara) swara swara swara

sanskar:come here

Still both swara and laksh dnt saw eachother

She came to hall


Sanskar:swara meet him he is my bro laksh maheswari and lucky she is only ur bhabhi swara sanskar maheswari

Both swara and laksh now saw eachother and was.shocked to see each other

Laksh:(super shockeddd!!!)

Screen freezes on there shocked faces

So guys how was thz episode i think.quite long and boring na. Plz do comments should.i.continue.r not yaar

Credit to: tanu

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