swasan! you r my life!! episode -23 (LAST EPISODE)


***********LAST EPISODE************


Swara was in i.c.u sanlak,and johan were outside seated all maheswari’s and gadodio were also present all were weeping

Sanskar was looking like a lifeless body. He was tierd of crying tears marks was clearly visible on face
Laksh was literally crying to see his bro condition becoz he never saw him like thz not even when all family members were against him

Something poped to sanskar’s mind he immedeatly got up and walked out of hospital while laksh and johan got tensed and followed him


But sanskar leaves from there he was furious anger was clearly visible on his face

Laksh:johan come let’s go (tensed)
Johan:yes sir

Both johan and laksh was following sanskar
Just then sanskar stopped his car infront of SM Manshion
And he went inside the Manshion

Laksh:(confused) y bhai came here ….let’s go and see

Laksh and johan both entered the manshion

Johan stayed in hall itself ..while laksh followed sanskar

Sanskar entered swasan’s room and went towards a frame
Laksh was shocked now he came to know y sanskar came here and he knows wat will be the next

Sanskar took the frame kept a side ….behind the frame there was a locker he opened it and took the GUN

Laksh: bhai wat r u doing???

But sanskar leaves from there ignoring his question he was very furious
And leaves from there taking his car

Laksh got more tensed ..he and johan again follows him

Sanskar reaches to a house ..goes inside the house

He takes a chair and sits in the bossy way

Laksh and johan also came
Now laksh clearly know wat his bhai will do next

Sanskar:(shouts) DEV KHAANA

Dev and his father raj comes there hearing the shout
They were scared to see sanskar he eyes was red, he was veryyyyy much angry
He was seeing them like anytime he will kill them

Raj:i said u not to do anything but u did ……….he is very dangerous he can do anything (fears and whiphere)

Dev:(gupls in fear) but dad should we do now
Raj:do as he as say don’t get angry

Sanskar:Dev khaan hhhhaaa come sit

Dev and raj was about to sit on sofa but sanskar stops them

Sanskar:did i said u to sit on couch ….sit here (pointing floor)

Dev:(anger) dad da…..
Raj:shutup and sit we can’t do anything to him

Laksh was also present there he was tensed becoz he knew the next step of sanskar but he couldn’t stop him becoz he very well knew tat sanskar wil not stop

Sanskar:so raj khaana ur son had commited a crime soooo wat u say let’s punish ur son for his deeds haan….

Saying thz he took a gun from his coat pocket
Dev and raj were totally shocked

Raj:SM Sir plz forgive him ..i made him understand but he dnt listen me but sir plz i will ask forgivness behalf of him plz leave him sir don’t kill plz sir…now u r fine na sir he won’t reapt plz i beg u

Sanskar:(shouts in anger) i would have left him if i was hurt but becoz of ur blo*dy baarc son my life is suffering there so he had to pay for it got tat..

Dev:(fears) plz leave me.I’m sorry plzzz dad save meee plz

Sanskar pulled the trigger and was about to shoot but just then police arrived

Seeing police raj and dev runs to him

Dev:.inspector….inspector sir plz save me he is trying to kill me

Sanskar gotup from the chair and walks towards the inspector ……stands infront of him

Sanskar:soooo inspector (see’s his batch) sharma is soo daring tat he will go against SM haaa(angry tone)

Inspector: sir we came to arrest them
Sanskar: ooooh arrest (angry) u arrest or burn them but after i killing him got tat
Laksh:bhai he is right leave all thz make them arrest police will handle …..okay bhai if swara comes to know tat murdered someone will she be happy tell me….atleast for swara sake plz leave all thz

Sanskar was listening all thz without uttering a word just then johan came and

Johan:SM Sir …swara mam’s condition is very critical …

Sanskar immideatly drop the gun and ran from there in tears his breathing heavily

Laksh took the gun and pointed towards dev in full rage he got scared


Befor could complete laksh gave a tight slap by gun he falls down …laksh beats him black and blue..kicks him..beats him

Laksh:u blo*dy u broked my bhai into pieces becoz of u he is in tears today (while beating him)

Dev:aah aaaaahhhhhhhh plz leave me

Laksh gives a final kick and makes him stand by holding his collor ….blood was flowing from all over his body

Laksh:(to raj) i saved ur son from my bhai if wouldn’t come in b/w ur son would u have been lieing in thz floor lifelessly i saved him becoz i dnt want my bhai hand to become dirty by his blood don’t think it is a end

Saying thz he again started beating him while he was begging
Just then johan

Johan:laksh sir i think we must leave now

Laksh again gave a final kick

Laksh:yeh…..Inspector sharma u know wat u have do with them
Inspector:don’t worry sir i will make sure tat they will be behind the bars for lifetime
Laksh:tats better

Gives death glare to dev and leaves from there


Sanskar reached hospital rushed inside

Sanskar:ma…mom how is swara now she’s fine na (in tears)

Just then he saw doctor coming outside the i.c.u

Sanskar:doctor how is swara she is……
Doctor:MR SM we r sorry to say but we have very little chances to save her …
Sanskar:(shocked) wat…(hold his collor) i don’t know u have save her got tat she should be fine …do anything u want call doctors from aboard but she should be saved got …got tat..save her..(anger)
Doctor:sir plz…listen….
Sanskar:i don’t know u have save (still holding his collor while he was struggling)

Just then adarsh comes forward

Adarsh:sanskar leave ….
Sanskar:no he should save her
Adarsh:sanskar leave him…swara will be fine leave him

Frees doctor from sanskar’s grip

Adarsh:im sorry doctor
Doctor:it k Mr Adarsh i understand

Saying thz he leaves ….adarsh turns towards sanskar and hugs him while sanskar cries

Sanskar:(tears) bhai…she can’t leave she can’t ….
Adarsh:(patted his back) sanskar she will be fine ur love is not tat weak see she will be get up soon (consoles)

Uttara also comes to them in tears

Uttara: I’m sorry bhai….it.s..all happen becoz me I’m sorry sanskar bhai

Sanskar turns to her and cups her face

Sanskar:sssssh its not ur mistake got tat don’t be sorry

He hugs ..both cries
Laksh also comes …ragini see’s him and hugs him tightly and cries

Laksh:(cups her face) nothing will happen to her she will be fine ..she promised tat she will not leave my bhai ever got tat ..don’t cry (hugs her)

Later after 2hours

Doctor came out of i.c.u
Seeing doctor sanskar rushed to him

Sanskar:doctor she is fine na..nothing had happen to her right …she…
Doctor:relax MR SM …ur wife is save …but i should say it is a miracle it is ur love tat saved her nahi tho aise cases mai person doesn’t survive (smiles)

Sanskar immideatly hugs him there is no limit for his happiness

Sanskar:Thank doctor thank u very muchhhh u gave my life thank u
(Release the hug) can we meet her

Doctor:haan offcourse but she is little weak take care of her
Sanskar:haan okay thank u once again
Doctor:it my pleasure MR SM ….now excuse me

Saying thz doctor leaves

All maheswari’s and gadodia’s rushes to swara’s room
While sanskar was still standing there itself he was very happy …y not he got his life back…
Just then lucky tapped his shoulder

Laksh:bhai let’s go
Sanskar:(wipes his tears) haan come

Both leaves to swara’s room


Everyone was hugging,blessing, for swara who was smiling
Her forehead and right hand was covered with bandage
As she is weak she was unable to speak a word
Her eyes was searching for..he was nowhere she want to see him just then her eyes on him his sanskar who was standing at the door with a pale and tierd face his coat and shirt was covered with blood as he carried her in his arms
Tears was flowing from both the eyes they had a emtional eyelock

The family member see’s sanskar at the door …understood and leaves from there giving them privacy

Sanskar walkes towards swara without breaking the eyelock….come’s and sits beside her both were still lost in eachother eyes

Agar tum saath hooo BG PLAYS

They were.lost in eachother completely
Sanskar placed his one plam on her cheek

Swara:(tears) won’t u hug me

This was it for sanskar he immideatly took swara in bone curshing hug nuzzing his head into her neck and cried

Swara caressed his back and hairs

Swara:ssh sanskar plz don’t cry plz

He brokes the hug and touches his forehead with her’s as such there noses was touching

Sanskar:i love u swara
Swara:i love u too sanskar
Both were having tears in there eyes

Just then nurse knocks the door
Both turns

Nurse:sir plz can u leave ..have to do dressing for mam
Swara:u go sanskar ….go to home and freshup see how u made my cute hubby as crying baby…(pulls his cheeks & smiles)
Sanskar smiles and nodes

Sanskar leaves from there
after sometime returns and see’s all family members were present he also goes inside and smiles seeing swara she smiles back

Just then nurse again comes

Nurse:sir anyone can stay here and plz kindly all leave its already too late

All nodes and leaves from there

Only swasan was left

Sanskar comes towards swara made her eat medicines and makes her sleep properly while swara was stairing him lovingly ….sanskar was about to go but swara helds his hand ……..sanskar turns towards her ?ly

Swara:where r u going
Sanskar:don’t worry i will be sitting on the couch if u want anything call me okay (smiles)
Swara:sleep beside me plzzz (puppy face)
Sanskar:(smiles) okay

He sleeps beside her they were sleeping on the one hospital bed swara was sleeping on his chest holding him tightly by waist


It was a beautifull morning the cool breeze was blowing …the birds were chirping

Our lovely and heavenly couples were sleeping peacfully in eachother embrace sanskar was holding swara tightly by her waist ..his head was placed on her chest leaving his hot breath on her neck
The sun rays falls on swara and she opens her eyes see’s her cute hubby sleeping like a child holding tight she kisses her forehead feeling the touch sanskar’s sleep gets disturb he also opens eyes and see’s swara is already awake ….he smiles and getsup ….swara gives a peck on his lips while he smiles

Just then doctor comes there

Doctor:good morning
swasan:good morning doctor (smiles)
Doctor:how r u feeling now Mrs SM
Swara:(smiles) I’m fine doctor
sanskar:doctor discharge……
Doctor:haan i will check Mrs SM and will say about discharge
Sanskar:hmm okay

Doctor checks swara

Doctor:she is fine but little weak …
..and u can dicharge after a week

Sanskar:okay thank u doctor
Doctor:ur welcome Mr SM


After a week

SM Manshion Now was called as S&S Manshion

All mahewari’s and gadodia’s were waiting for our heavenly couple to come

Just then swasan reached ….sanskar was carrying swara in his arms
All smiles and welcomes them

All were sitting and were talking,laughing,giggling

Laksh comes with a oniment and gives it to sanskar
Sanskar takes it

Sanskar:wat is thz?
laksh:apply it on ur hand pain will be lessen
Sanskar:hand? Pain? Wat r u saying(confused)
Laksh:(teases) u carried thz moti swara na then it might be paining na
Swara:oooooh lucky monkey how many i should say u to not to fill my hubby’s ears can’t u understand haan
Lucky:oooo shut up i wasn’t filling any ears (fake tears) i was just concerned to my bhai’s hand as he carried u moti
Swara:(pouts) raguuuuuuu see thz lucky monkey
Ragini:laksh don’t u dare to tease my sister
Swara gives a winnig smile to him and hugs ragini while laksh pouts
Sanskar and others laughs

Ap:okay chalo chalo enough of masti come let’s have dinner

All nodes

After sometime they finished there dinner and headed to there respective rooms


Swasan room

Swara was standing infront of the mirrior cumbing her hairs she was dressed in pink hot loose t-shirt and a plazo type pant she was looking beautiful and gorgeous

Sanskar comes and backs hugs her placing his hand on her belly inside the t-shirt
Swara smiles

Sanskar:jaan u know when i saw u in tat floor lieing like a lifeless body my heart skipped ….i don’t wanted to lose u …i love u very much jaan
(Tightens his grip)

Swara turns and cups his face

Swara:how can i leave u sanskar how can i….my is not with me it is in ur hand becoz “YOU R MY LIFE”!!! I love u too

Sanskar smiles naughtly and pulls her closer to him by her waist

Sanskar:(huskly) prove me how much u love me (winks)
Swars:haa is it sooo
sanskar:yes (raises his eyebrows)

Swara smirks and pulls him close holding his collor ….closes her eyes and places her pink yet soft lips on his rough lips and sucks it ..kiss it…bites it…with lots of love,care, passion ..he too responds to it bites her lowerlips while she gaps in pain taking its opportunity he enters into her mouth and explore his toungs all over her mouth her one hand was caressing his hairs deepening the kiss she was pressing him more on her and by other she held her collor tightly
..while he was holding her waist by one hand and other was caressing her back romantically, and sensously
His hand reached to her shirt button he slowly opened it and carried her in arms
………gently places her on bed and comes top of her ……..removes her shirt completely while she also does the same
Both were naked completely ….her soft yet delicate skin was touching his body making him cary both kissed eachother and
Made love with eachother

Sanskar:love u jaan “YOU R MY LIFE” JAAN
Swara:i love u toooooo

After 1year they had a girl baby name sara and they leaved together and forever happily



So guys how was the episode i know all of u r thinking to bash me nicely becoz i dnt informed u before tat it will be last part but turst i myself realised today while writing
now u will say thz is last part i wil not comment and all
But plzzzzzzzzZ for my sake plzzzzzz do comments and thank u for giving me ur love and support ….
bye love u and take care

Hehehehehe we r not going anywhere
Thz is the name of my next SS

Swasan ! Bin Terai!!!
If possible i will give character sketch of it today itself

Credit to: tanu

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