swasan! you r my life!! episode -22



Swasan room

Swasan were staring eachother passionately, lovingly
Sanskar leaned towards swara touches his forehead with her’s and rubs it ….takes the mang tika and kisses on her sindoor while she closes her eyes feeling his touch .then move towards her ears and removes her earings and bites her.earlobe while gasp in pain and pleasure …..she blushes hard and clutches her saree tightly seeing thz he smiles naughtly and moves towards her nose careses it with his nose and removes the nose pin …kisses her nose tip
He move towards her neck and careses with his lips and nose romantically and sensously while his one hand careses her cheeks …..removing her necklace while she was breathing heavily
His other hand was caressing her back sensously and opnes her blouse dori

Swara:(blushes) Sanskar u k…..
Sanskar:(huskly) sssh keep quite

He slids her one shoulder sleeves and started biting and sucking it he does the same with other while she mourn.in pleasure

Her hands moves towards his kurti and she begans to remove its button while he was doing same with.her
finally both r naked kissing eachother and giving love bites
Her soft yet delicate skin was touching his body making crazy he kissed her hard she was pressing him more and more on her finally both made love with eachother

Sanskar:I love u jaan
Swara:i love tooo

Both dozed off in each other embrace peacefully


It was a inneed a pleseant and beautifull for our lovely and heavenly couple unaware of upcoming storm in there life .they r sleeping peacfully in eachother embrace as such sanskar was sleeping on swara as he always does holding her tightly just then sun rays falls on swara disturbing her sleep ….she opens her eyes and see’s her life her love her cute hubby sleeping like a child holding her tightly she smiles and slowly frees herself from his grip and gently places his head on.the pillow …….smiles seeing his cute face ……pecks his lips and forehead
Wraps herself in the bedsheet and leaves to washroom
After sometime she comes out in sky blue jumsuit just with mangalsutar and a light sindoor on her wet hairs she was looking beautiful and gogeous

She move towards mirror and takes the sindoor box and applies in her hairline

And goes down to the hall…takes blessings from everyone

Sujatha:swara jiye sanskar kathai rehgaya arthi shoro honai wali hai
Swara:mom he is sleeping
Sujatha:kya abhi tak…
Ap:sujatha let him sleep (teases) i think he is veryyy tierd hai na swara
Swara:(blushes) badi ma plzzzz
Shomi:(smiles) k k let’s start arthi

All noded

They does arthi swaragini sings the arthi song and takes blessings from everyone

And swara was about to leave to her room i mean swasan room
But sujatha stops her

Sujatha:swara..rukh chori
Swara:haan mom
Sujatha:voo sanskar uta dena we have to leave for kolkata na
Swara:(keeps her hand on forehead) ohhh i totally forget about thz hhhh okay mom i will wake up him

Saying thz she leaves from their

Sujatha:jaldi..aana the flight is at 10
Swara:okay mom(while walking)

She enters the room and finds sanskar still sleeping peacefully she smiles and goes towards him …..sleeps beside him and keeps her one hand on his cheeks

Swara:(lovingly) sanskar get up
Sanskar:hmmm jaan

Saying thz he hugs her tightly and sleeps on her shoulder …….she smiles and caress his back lovingly

Swara:sanskar mela bacha my cutuiee my kiddo get up
Sanskar: No mummy

Swara widens her eyes and mouth and start beating

Swara:wat mummy haan …wait i will teach u idiot…(beating him by hand)

Sanskar:(laughs) hahahaha swara see ur face my sweet angry jaan hahaha(pulls her cheeks)

She getsup and pouts

Sanskar smiles and getsup too ….back huggs her nuzzeling his face in her wet hair

Sanskar:jaan …..
Swara:don’t talk to me …do i look u like mummy huh!
Sanskar:then do i look u like any bacha, kiddo,cutiee huh! (Raise his eyebrow)
Swara:(angry face)

Hugs her tightly

Sanskar: okay jaan sorry ….
Swara:(smiles) Tats like my sansku cutiee(pulls his cheeks)
Sanskar:aaaaa swara not again I’m not cute got tat
Swara:no u r cute…….and haan getup fast we have to leave for kolkata
Sanskar:(smiles) okay madam

Swara getsup and pulls sanskar from the bed ….pushes him inside the washroom before pushing kisses his collor bone
Swara blushes while sanskar smiles

After sometime all were ready and boards the plain soon they reached to kolkata

Swasan takes blessings from maheswaris and gadodia’s ……….bids bye and leaves to SM Manshion


A dark room is shown a man is sitting on a chair somking

Man:(anger) u will pay for it MR SM u snatched my every thing now its ur turn

The man dails a number

Moblie conversation

Man:hello listen (tells something tat is muted)
Man 2:k sir u work will be done
Man:(smiles evily) great
Call disconnected

Man:now u will come to know Mr SM who am i …….dhamaka!! (Laughs sarcastically)
If u r the great business tycoon SM who will win everything then I’m also DEV KHAANA who doesn’t know to lose (smiles evily)

(Yeh guys the man is non other than Dev khaana)


Swasan reached to SM Manshion
All servants greeted them

Swara:(smiles) hi dolly aunty ….hi suresh how r u
Dolly:hi beti I’m fine
Suresh:good morning swara bhabhi mai thoo full fine hoon

Sanskar gets a call and excuses himself goes from their
After sometime he comes

Sanskar:swara plz give my guptha and co. Files have to leave for office
Swara:(sad face) sanskar plz don’t go na today I’m feeling bore
Sanskar:Jaan i have to go its really important meeting plzz
Swara:hmmmm okay but haan we will eat lunch together i will bring it to ur office
Sanskar:(smiles) okay jaan

She leaves to take the files after sometime she comes with a file and handovers it to sanskar

Sanskar:okay bye jaan (pecks her lips and forehead)
Swara:(smiles) bye sansku cutieee
Sanskar: glares at her while she giggles

He was about enter his car but swara stops him

Swara:sanskar u go in tat car plzz
Sanskar:but y?
Swara:i love ur car very much i will come by thz car to ur office plz(puppy eyes)
Sanskar:(smiles) okay but its not mine its our car got tat
Swara:okay bye

Sanskar smiles.and was about to go but he feels like something bad gonna happen and turns only to see swara happy and smiling he smiles back

But he feels the same …..
But leaves to office

He reaches to office…attains the meeting
After sometime he was sitting in his cabin he was very restless just then there was a ring on his mobile and takes it

Mobile conversation

Sanskar:(bossy tone) hello johan
johan:thank god sir u r fine
Sanskar:(confused) wat will happen to me
Johan:actually sir tat dev khaana failed ur car breaks
Sanskar:(shocked) wat? Oh god swara is coming by tat car only
Johan:sir….then call mam and…..

Before he completes he disconnects the call and dails swara number but i was switched off

Sanskar:dammit can’t she on the mobile
(Sweating) swara

He immideatly leaves from there


Meanwhile here swara preapared the lunch and goes to get ready

After sometime she comes

Swara:suresh u packed everything na
Suresh:haan swara bhabhi i packed
Swara:thank u and bye dolly aunty…suresh
Dolly & suresh: bye

Swara leaves

Driver:swara beti come….
Swara:offo driver kaka u leave i will only drive. U know i like to drive veryy much
Driver:but sir…..
Swara: wat sir huh! I said na no means no i will only drive u take leave today and its my order
Driver:okay beti ……bye

She starts the car and leaves from there

On her way she realises tat she switch off the mobile in flight and forget to on it only

Swara:oh god my mobile (takes it and finds 60 missed call from sanskar) sanskar

She dails his number

Here sanskar is driving very harshly sweating

Sanskar:(tears) swara pick up the phone dammit

Just the phone rings …he was about cut but see’s the caller id and becomes happy

Sanskar:swara.(happy) (takes it) hello swara u r fine na nothing happen to u right
Swara:offfo sanskar I’m fine wat will happen to me haa

(Happy to hear her voice but again becomes tensed)

Sanskar:(tensed) Jaan where r u now
Swara:I’m on the way to ur office
Sanskar:wat!!! (More tensed and sweating) (fumbles) by….w…h..ich….c…a.r..u r cominh
Swara:(smiles) in ur i mean ours car
Sanskar:(more sweating) swara listen….

Before he could say

Swara:sanskar breaks…breaks…
Sanskar:(tears and sweating) swara listen to me….
Swara:(tensed) san..s..k..ar…brea..ks …r
Sanskar:hello swara hello ….jaan…hello

But the call disconnected

Sanskar was sweating ,tears was flowing from his eyes but some how he composed himself and drived as speed as he can

Here johan call laksh and says everything

Laksh:wat? Where is bhai
Johan:laksh sir i went to office he is not there …..i think sir left
Laksh:johan come to my office we will go search them
johan:okay sir
Call disconnected

Sanskar reaches a place and finds peoples were gathered …was talking about something ..
He got down from the car and was sweating hard …he was steping forward praying god tat it shouldn’t be swara

He clear the people and saw who is it

His heart skiped he was numb so see the scenerio then he realised tat it is swara his swara his jaan

He immedeatly rushed and took her face ..kept on his lap

Sanskar:(tears) swara swara swara (patted her cheeks) swara get up plz getup na jaan see ur sansku cutiee came u want to pull my cheeks na plz jaan getup..i will.agree with u tat I’m cute now….atleast getup plz (crying miserbly)

But swara was lieing on the floor like a lifeless body her head was on.sanskars lap..blood was flowing from her head, hand was fully covered with blood

Sanakar:(screams) swaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Laksh and johan who.was passing by heard.the scream and stopped the car and immideatly got down from the car ..clear the people only to see sanskar was crying miserbly holding swara who was like lifeless body …tears made a way in laksh eyes seeing his bhai and best friends condition

Laksh:(tears) bhaiii
sanskar:(looked up) lucky u came see na she is not opening her see….
laksh:ssshh we will take her to hospital she is fine okay plzz don’t cry
sanskar:(wipes his tears) haan haan hospital we will take her there

Saying thz he took swara in his arms and placed her in the car
Sanskar,laksh,johan along with swara dove off to the hospital

Screen freezes on there crying face

So guys how was thz episode hope u all liked i know now u will cry plz guys don’t think about the last part only k do u like my full episode if yes then plz do comments guys and slient readers I’m katti with u (hehehehehehe)

Credit to: tanu

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