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The episode start with our lovely and heavenly couple sleeping in eachother embrace peacefully as such sanskar is sleeping on top of swara holding her tightly as if his whole life depends on her just the a sun rays falls on him disturbing his sleep and he opens his eyes see’s the most important person of his life his swara his love sleeping peacefully holding him tightly with a angelic smile. He smiles and pecks her lips and forehead just then there was a ring on his mobile he goes to his side of bed and takes the phone

Moblie conversation

Sanskar:(bossy tone) hello johan
Johan:good morning SM sir sorry to disturb u but its really important
Sanskar:(bossy tone) hmmm say
Johan:sir plz can u switch on the t.v and put the news

Saying thz he was about to switch on the t.v but realises tat swara is sleeping so he took his laptop switched t.v in tat


Repoter:The businessmen DEV KHAANA inccurs huge loss in his business all his shareholder of the company refused to invest money in Dev.co ..they also said tat don’t want to be a part of Dev.co, but y?
Repoter:DEV KHAANA business was based illegal products so the shareholder refused to invest in his company anymore

Repoter:DEV KHAANA ‘S whole property is siezed only a house and a car is left

Smirks evily seeing thz

Sanskar:good job johan
Johan:its my pleasure sir

Call disconnected

Sanskar:you shouldn’t had misbehave with my sis u shouldn’t had (smirks)

He got up and went to washroom to freshup aftersometime he Comes out wearing a white t-shirt, black coat,and a blue jeans he was looking like Greek god.sooo handsome,dashing and cute and his wet hairs and water drops falling from it was just perfect(awwww choo cheewt)

His eyes falls on his beautiful wife who was still sleeping and he admires her beauty his thoughts was broken by a knock on the door
He opens the door and finds sujatha and shomi.standing with a tensed.face

Sanskar:wat happen ma, mom…any problem
Sujatha:(fears) chore vo …..sw…ara….vo.vo
Sanskar:(irked) mom say it clearly
Shomi:actually sanskar beta ..we knocking swara’s room door but she is not at all opening it soo we r tensed
Sanskar:but swara…is..(realised tat swara hidded from everyone and came here) don’t worry ma she may be sleeping still so she is not opening the door(asures her)
shomi:paar beta….
Sanskar:maa …hmm k leave i will check her now its okay na
Shomi and sujatha: okay(smiles)

Both the ladies leaves from there

Sanskar turns and see”s swara is still sleeping ..he goes towards her staring her lovingly and comes top of her as such there was only a inch gap left b/w there faces. He leans a little and whisphere in her ears

Sanskar:(whisphere ) Good morning jaan
No response
Sanskar:(whisphere) jaan get up
No response but he notices smile on swara face and understood tat ki she is just pretending to be in sleep

He thinks something and shakes his head the water drop from his hair was falling on swara’s face …..she smiles but doesn’t opens her eyes

Sanskar: Impossible girl

Something poped to his mind and he smiles naughtly
He leans towards her face and rubs his wet hair on her soft skin all over her face romantically and senseously giving ticklish sensation to her

Sanskar:jaan get up
No reponse

He rubs his wet hairs all over her neck leaving his hot breath

Swara:(giggles) sanskar hehehehe wat r doing hehehe plz leave me
No respones

Swara:(giggles) okay ..hehehe okay hehehe i will get up ..hehehe but plz leave

Sanskar smiles and gets up from her

Sanskar:now get up
Swara:(sleepy) sanskuuu cutieee I’m feeling sleepy plzz let me sleep naaa
Sanskar:(widens his eyes) swara more how much will u sleep? Haa get up fast
Swara:(pouts) u r bad go
Sanskar:hmmm i think today is someone’s marriage naa

Hearning thz swara immideatly jumped off

Swara:(panics) ooh my god how can forget tat today is our marriage offooo …….sanskar can’t u wake me haa

Sanskar rolls his eyes

Swara:oooh I’m solly u waked me but me only didn’t got up offfffffff i have lots of work to do i should look gorgeous in my marriage

Saying thz she jumped off from the bed

Swara:(smiles) soooo my cute hubby (pulls his cheeks) byee
Sanskar:ahhhh swara I’m not cute and don’t pull my cheeks (rubs his cheeks)

Swara smiles and kisses his cheeks and runs from there while sanskar smiles on her antics

***********Day passed**************

Now it was time for marriage
The mandap was decorated with red, white,pink,and golden flowers it was looking awesome

All guest arrived

Our grooms r seated on mandap yeh there were looking veryyyyy handsome

Laksh was dressed in golden and red sherwani looking dashing

Sanskar was dressed in peach with golden sherwani aweeee he was looking as usuall dashing,handsome and cute

Our groom were eagerly waiting for our brides to come respectively just then our beautifull angels came climbing down the stairs they were spellbounded to see there beautifull sweathearts and jaan

Ragini was dressed in red with golden combination saree she was looking awesome

Our swara was dressed in peach with golden combination saree with a beautiful kamar band tied around her waist, matching earings and necklace with a gorgeous pink lips she was just perfect no words to discribe her beauty my beauty queen

Soon they also sat beside there respective partners. The pandit chanted some mantras

They were asked to take 7 rounds and they did soo
Made wear mangalsutar to there respective lady love and filled there maang with sindoor

And were declared as husband and wife a tear drop escaped from swargini’s eyes

Soon all the rituals were done they r still in rajasthan only

Swasan room

It was beautifull decorated with red roses it was just awesome swara was sitting on the middle of the bed

Sanskar came inside and closed the door
Walked towards her she was breathing heavyly by his closeness and closed her eyes …….sanskar sat infront of her

Sanskar:(smiles) jaan
Swara:sanskar see my mehendi and find ur name in it

Sanskar was suprised by her reaction but smiles

Swara:and haa ma said tat ki if u find out my name then u will rule on me if u lost then i will rule on u
Sanskar:oooh acha
swara:(smiles) yes

Saying thz she shows her hand to him
He immideatly finds out his name on her plams but keeps quite

Sanskar:offfo jaan I’m unable to find out ..i’m out u r win k …say where it is
Swara:(laughs) hahahaha I’m win then i will rule on u hahaha see her it is u r name
(She shows his name ) hahaha soooo sad

He stairs her lovingly feeling his gaze on her swara turns her face to him looks into his deep brown eyes

Swara:sanskar u lied u found it na
Sanskar:nooo swara i….
Swara:don’t lie it is return on ur eyes
sanskar:(smiles) hmmm yes i found my name i dnt told u becoz i don’t want me to rule on i want u to.rule on me my love

Swara tears and hugged : i love u sanskar i love u veryyyy much
Sanskar: i love u tooo jaan

He brokes the hug and holded her by waist pulls her and was staring her lovingly swara blushes and downs her head due to shy ……….He smiles and lifts her chin up and stairs her rosy lips passionately feeling his gaze swara closes her eyes giving him a positive sign ……..He smiles and place his rough lips on her soft yet rosy lips and kissed her passionately ,lovingly,and with lots of promise and care his one hand was caressing her back romantically and the other was holding her by waist ……..
Her on hand was holding his kurti tightly while the other was caressing his hairs deepening the kiss more and more there touges palyed with eachother converting the essence of there mouth atlast due to lack of oxygen they broked the kiss and was looking at eachother lovingly

Precap:full on teaser part

So guys how was thz episode and guys u must comment even slient readers
Do u know guys i wrote thz episode 3rd time only for u all guys becoz 2times it was deleted soo plz do comment and I’m unable reply u for tat Im sorry yaar and most importantly I’m ending thz ff in 25th or 24th episode now plz don’t bash me for thz and don’t be sad becoz i will write another ff on swasan which will be more beautifull than thz hmmm now bye guys take care

Credit to: tanu

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