swasan! you r my life!! episode -20



Sanskar was feeding breakfast to swara. Both were lost in eachother was looking at eachother lovingly

Just then adarsh and laksh came their and was shocked to see thz

Laksh:(shock) adarsh bhai u r seeing the same which I’m seeing na. Is it real (rubbing his eyes) or any dream

Adarsh pinched him

Laksh:ahhhhh bhai….y u pinched huh!
Adarsh:to make u realise tat it is not any dream it is real k
Laksh:ooooo but bhai i can’t belive now also becoz the great Sanskar maheswari feeding someone oh my god is it true offff
(Dramactic tone)
Adarsh:dramebaaz stop k she is his wife soooo (looked towards someone and gupled in fear)
laksh:but still…..(looks at adarsh whoz facial expression was showing fear seeing someone) wat happen bhai?
Adarsh:(poin towards someone)

Laksh saw towards the direction and found pari and ragini furious and anger he too guples in fear

Laksh:(whisphere to adarsh) bhaii y they r looking at us like we r any tomato and they will cut us in any time …..
Adarsh:(fears) u right lucky they will cut us in any time see they r looking like devil who will kill us in any time
Lucky:noo devil bhai they r chudail but y they r looking at us like thz do we did any mistake hmmmmm from morning i not even flirted with any girl then y thz hmmmmmmm oh my god adarsh bhai did u flirted with any girl how can u bhai kya app papa ka adarsh bhul gayeee…
Adarsh:stupid shut up i have not done anything ….it all becoz of sanskar
Lucky:wat? But how huh!(confused)
Adarsh:becoz he is feeding his wife sooo they r angry at us becoz we never did thz to them.na.
Lucky:oooohhhh (anger) thzzz sanskar bhaiiiiiiiii …..lets see him

Laksh walked towards swasan followed by adarsh

Both swasan were stairing eachother lovingly

Laksh:sanskar bhai
no response
Laksh:sanskar bhaiii
No response
Laksh:(screams) sanskar bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Sanskar jerks

Sanskar:(anger) lucky r u gone mad…wat happen huh!?
Lucky:its all becoz of u. U became villian of our love story hai na adarsh bhai
Adarsh:yes ….how can u be sooo mean sanskar….
Lucky:bhai u r…..
Sanskar:hey hello shut ur mouth otherwise i have my own sources to shut u……and r u gone how come I’m villian of ur love story
Lucky:don’t u know ….u r feeding ur wife …..carrying her to bedroom becoz of her soo called sleep infront of our wife and would be wife….

Listening thz swara immideatly jumped for the chair and was looking at laksh in horror..

Sanskar closed his ears becoz he know wat is coming next

Swara:(anger) uuuu monkey,donkey,jokerrrrr i will killl uu stupid….don’t know to romance with ur would be wife then y r u filling my hubby’s ear haaan .u monkey…

Adarsh siliently moves from their

Laksh:uuuuu non stop radio plz stop ur nonsense bakswasss and If im monkey donkey then u r devil,chudailon ki rani aur horror story ki kahani…
Swara:wat I’m …..I’m devill…chudai….
Laksh:yes I’m proud u urself accepted
Swara:(chidish cry) sanskarrrrrrr …..raguuuu……seee thz monkey….
Sanskar….scold him….he said sooo big word to ur wife and u r keeping quite ..

Here sanskar was unable to control his laugh..he pressing his lips to control it

Sanskar:haan haan (fake anger) luckyyy
Lucky:bhai not today bahut sehli maine thz swara kai taunts ko par ab nahi..
Swara:haaaa taunts it wasn’t any taunts it was reality …..and wat is ur problem my hubby will feed me or carry me or do anything with me or kis…..

Before she could complete sanskar placed her plams on her mouth to stop her

Laksh:u better closed thz motiii’s mouth or else….
ragini:or else wat huh! ? Don’t say me tat u can fight with swara u better know tat ki it is impossible beside u r no.1 darpuukh
Laksh:(pout face)

Swara take off sanskar’s hand from her mouth

Swara:(smiles winnigly) did u got ur answer haa …..and ragu u know wat i saw him flirting with some girls today.

Sanlak shock expression ….laksh gives i-will-kill- u to swara

Swara:(innocently) yesss
Ragini:(anger) laksh how could u…huh!

Stamps her foot and.leaves from their
While swara gives thz-was-my-revenge look to laksh

Laksh:arrey sweetheart listen….

Laksh also leaves from their

sanskar:swara wat is thz huh!
Swara:(innocently) wat
Sanskar: offff u r impossible
Swara:yeh i know tat (winks)

Just Ap and sujatha comes their

Ap:swara beta from now still marriage nither u and nor sanskar r allowed to meet eachother
Swasan:(shocked) watttttttt?

Before sanskar could speaks swara speaks out

Swara:nooooo badi ma, mom how can i be without sanskar tat tooo whole night noo
Sanskar:(shock of her reply and whisphere) swara…..

Swara realised wat she told and bites her tounge

Ap and sujatha smiles

Swara: voo voo actually i should give him vitamins tablet …..and sometimes he will get up in mid for water then who will give him hai na sanskar

Sanskar shock becoz he is the one who gives her water if she getup in.mid night

But smiles hearing her silly excuses

Sanskar:(in mind) wait and watch
(To swara) no swara its k i will manage i will not meet u still our marriage
Swara:(glares) but we r already married na then y the need of thz badi ma, mom

Ap:(smiles) beta thz is a ritual and we should follow thz
Swara:(sad face) hmmmm k badi ma

Sanskar chuckles swara glares at him leaves from thier

Sanskar also leaves to his room on his way he found uttara who was very tensed

No response
No response

He helds her shoulder

Uttara:came to sense and hugged sanskar was again crying miserbly

Uttara:bhaiii…he again….called…me I’m ..
Sanskar borkes the hug and cups her face

Sanskar:sssh don’t cry don’t u trust ur bhai
Uttara:just noded
Sanskar:then don’t cry (wipes her tears) its too late go to ur room sleep k
Uttara:just noded and leaves from

Sanskar tensed seeing her sis condition

He enters the room and freshs up and lay down on the bed thinking something


Swara was alone in other room she was not getting sleep she was turning here and there again……aftersometime she was fed up of thz and got up

Swara:(anger) how could he i will not talk to him (pout face) but I’m unable to sleep without him hmmmm i will go to his room

She was about to go but stops

Swara:y should i have to go he could also come here na but no he will not come idiot(anger) (again pouts) yes he will not come he is soo sturbon but i can’t sleep without him sooo i will go to his room

Saying thz she gets up and slowly walks towards swasan room and saw tat door was is already open so without making any noise she went inside and closed the door
And turns towards the bed and found sanskar who was lost in deep toughts

She walks towards him and slowly sleep beside him on his shoulder
But no response he was lost in.his.own thoughts

Swara:(confused) isse kya howa abb he is not at all looking me

She hugged him in sleeping position but still no response
So she went upon him and slept on his cheast but still no response
So she wents lil upwards and kissed his lips thz made sanskar to come our of his thoughts and he was shocked to see swara

Sanskar:(shock) swara u how come u here
Swara:i came here when u were lost somewhere in ur own world (pouts) about whom u r thinking
Sanskar:1st say y u came here
Swara:i was not getting sleep so i came here (tears) but i think u dnt like me coming here soo i will leave…

She was about to getup but sanskar holds her back and hugs her

Sanskar:i was lil..hmmm nothing leave tat ……….and.stop crying
Swara:no will go to my room soo leave me

Sanskar smiles seeing her cute angry face and rolls on her
Now he was top of swara and stairs her lovingly

Sanskar:sooo my jaan was not getting sleep without me huh!
Swara:(pouts face) leave me
Sanskar:u want me to leave u haa

Saying thz brushes his lips all over her face and was kissing near her lips making her breath heavily
she was unable to control now so she rolls on now she is top of sanskar
And stairs him lovingly and places her soft yet rosy lips on him and kisses hin passionately and he does same he was holding her by waist. She was kissing more wildly thz was it for sanskar he broke the kiss and again rolls on her and stared her passionately
And nuzzled his head in her neck and was kissing her passionately giving love bites all over her neck she was pressing him more on her mourning in pleasure
He started kissing her wildly all over her neck

Swara:when badi ma told tat ki we shouldn’t meet eachother still our marriage then y u dnt said anything
Sanskar:(looks at her) i was just teasing u jaan
Swara:then y u dnt came to meet me
Sanskar:i was lil busy and work stress
Swara:don’t u like to be with me
Sanskar:ssh swara wat r u saying haa YOU R MY LIFE how can i live without u (sleeps on her ) never said tat i love very much
Swara:(smiles and caresses his hairs) I love u tooooo verrryyyyyy much my sansku cutieee
Sanskar:smiles and cuddles on her and soon both dozed off

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Credit to: tanu

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