SwaSan! You r my Life!! episode -2

Hi guys thz is tanu and here is episode-2 of my ff hope u all like it


IT was another pleasant morning the birds were chriping and the sunlight is falling on our hero SANSKAR MAHESWARI who is sleeping with moist eyes as he was wheeping the whole night

Soon his sleep was distrubed and got up and placed the photo frame which he was holding the whole night under the pillow

Just then suresh came with the cup of tea

Suresh:sanskar sir tea
Sanskar:keep it

He kept the tea cup on the table and was standing sanskar looked at him questionly

Sanskar:(???) Wat?(raising his eyebrows)
Suresh:nothing sir
Sanskar:then plz leave
Suresh:k sir

He left the room.
Sanskar freshed up and was dressed in white shirt, sky blue blazer, and sky blue pant he was looking dashing, stunning and cute

He came to hall and was moving towards the exist door just then suresh called him

Suresh:sanskar sir break fast
Sanskar:(glared at him)
Suresh:(bended his head down)

Sanskar left from there

Suresh:(to dolly) dolly aunt again today sanskar sir dnt had his breakfast if he do like then wat will happen to his health(worried)
dolly:suresh u known na he will not listen to anyone .we can just pray to god.to give him a good soulmate who will care him more than herself
Suresh:yes dolly aunt

Screen shit to gadodia house

Ragini came to swaragini’s room to wake swara but was shocked to see swara getting ready so early

Ragini:(shocked) swara wat is thz r u alright or I’m seeing any dream
swara:(confused) wat?
Ragini:swara the great kumbarakan got up so early and tat too getting ready huh! Wat the matter
Swara:ragini my sis today i want to teach a lesson for someone so got up early k don’t think much
ragini:ooohoo but for whom?
swara:tat i will say afterwards and all the best for ur interview(hugged her)
Ragini:k(smiles and hug back)

Just then they hear shekar voice from hall

Shekar:shona!!! Ladu !! See sahil and astha came to meet u both
Swaragini:haan papa we r coming

Came to hall

Sahil and astha:hi swaragini
swaragini:hi guys
Ragini:waise sahil how is ur leg now swara told tat u had a accident yesterday
swara:haan sahil how is it
Sahil:now its k but paining yar
Sahil:(staring swara) waise swara u r looking beautiful today
Swara:thanks for the compliment

Sahil continuesly staring swara

Ragini:hmm astha when u both will return from delhi
Astha:huuuuu sahil bhai will return soo but me lil late
Swara:waise when u r leaving
Sahil:12 pm
swara:k guys bye i have some work had to go
ragini:swara even i will come with u. U drop me k.
Swara:k come fast
Ragini:haan haan. K bye guys sorry.for not coming to station u know na we r lil busy
Sahil and astha:its k

Swaragini.:bye papa
Shekar:bye my princisses
And haan ur mom will come after one week k from dida’s home
Swaragini:k papa

Swaragini left from there

Swara droped ragini and left to her destination

She reached to her destination it was.a huge company she was standing outside of it

Swara:(seeing the building) karma company ya thz is only the company of MR SM i will see him


Sanskar is sitting in his cabin doing his work just then he heard a shouting voice of a girl

Girl:(to security) leave me i said i want to meet ur MR SM

The security was not leaving her

Just then johan came to sanskar

Sanskar:johan wat is thz? And who is she?
Johan:SM sir the girl wants to meet u she is not listening us
sanskar:hmmm k get her to the side room
Johan:k sir

Sanskar dnt saw the girl he was just heared her voice

Girl:leave me i said

Just then johan came

Johan:leave her

All securities left her

Johan:(to girl) can i know ur name mam
Girl:swara gadodia
(Yes she is swara)
Johan:u come with me sir is waiting for u

Johan and swara.left to the room

Swara:MR SM(sanskar was facing his back)
Sanskar:(turned and clam tone) who r u ms and y u r here
Swara:so u don’t know me how will u know a middle class girl huh! Now u will forget thz also tat u have done any accident yesterday night
Sanskar:(confused) wat? Accident
swara:(disgusting look) so u forget huh! U r rich person does everthing and will forget na wat for u ha if anyone dies or not
Sanskar:(anger) u don’t dare to raise ur voice here i know ur type of girls 1st they come and say some nonsense to.take money from us……
Swara:(anger) uuu keep ur money with u only k and for u money is everthing na but not for us k for if middle class people get lil bit happiness it is enough but for like ur rich they will get money but not happiness got it
Sanskar:(anger) just get lost from here i know u came here for money (to johan) johan throw money on her face and (to swara) u watever is ur name after taking thz money don’t show ur face to.me k i know about like ur type girls ur r all such characterless tat u will do any thing for money

Listening to thz swara gave a tight slap to sanskar and johan gupled in fear

Swara:u MR SM wat u think of urself ha yesterday u did a accident and dnt bother to take him to hospital dnt even bother to stop ur car and say sorry ha. Now I’m sure tat no one will want to be with a person like u not even single minute(anger)

She turned to leave but sanskar hold het wrist

Sanskar:(boiling in anger) u will pay for it and wat u said tat no one will want to be a person like me and no even single minute then listen Ms in 12hours u will be with me and not for single minute but for the life time got it

Swara jerked her hand and left from there

Sanskar:(anger and bossy tone) johan
Johan:(gupled in fear) sir(in mind) now she is gone sir will not leave her
Sanskar: (bossy tone) i want all infromation about her from pin to pin in 2hours on my table got it
Johan:k sir
Sanskar:now leave

Johan left from there

Sanskar sat on the chair lost in toughts suddenly he remmbered something and called lucky

Mobile conversation

Lucky:hello bhai wat going on
Sanskar:lucky did u consumed alcohol yesterday
Lucky:(fumbles) bhai..vo..vo
Sanskar:yes or no
Lucky:yes bhai
Sanskar:(anger) do u know wat happen (say’s something)
Lucky:bhai i’m sorry i will not do thz again but bhai plz don’t do anything with tat girl there is no fault of her she just….
Sanskar:lucky u know very well tat i hate girls and moreover she slapped me a girl slapped sanskar maheswari she should pay for it
lucky:but bhai…..
Sanskar:(clam tone) wat i told to u tat u keep in ur mind k and now bye

Cutted the call

Lucky:bhai….. oh god i should save tat girl but how can i(his heart) leave lucky once think tat if tat girl come to ur bhai life then is she colour his life again if again he laugh then u will be happiest person of the earth and u very well know tat ur bhai won’t harm anyone and i think destiny also wants thz only) hmmmm k let’s leave it on destiny

Here after some time johan entered sanskar cabin

Knock knock knock

Sanskar:come in johan
(He entered the cabin and sanskar looked at him)
Sanskar:did u brought details of tat girl
Johan:yes sir . Her name is swara gadodia she is from middle class family (he told.pin to pin details about swara)
Sanskar:hmmmm good now listen.(says something) got it
Johan:yes sir ur work will be done .now i should leave
Johan left

Sanskar:u will pay for it swara gadodia(evily smirks)

Here at gadodia house

Swara was alone no one was there at home just then ragini came she was crying

Swara:(saw her and tensed) ragini wat happen y u r crying
Ragini:(hugged her and brust into tears) swara i dnt got job u know na i sacrificed everthing for thz job it is my life but…but i dnt got
Swara:(consoles) its k ladu we will try for another
ragini:if i fail in another interview then i swear i will die
But she left

Swara sat on a chair
Swara:(herself) ragini is so talented and she sacrified everthing to get thz job but how can not got the job it is unbeliveable

Just then her phone rings she picked it

Swara:hello whoz thz
Voice:hello MS SWARA do u remmber me
swara:(anger) MR SM
Sanskar:hmmm u have very good memory ha waise i listened tat ur sis dnt got job ha
Swara:(anger) oh so thz is done by u ha
Sanskar:haa well intelligent
Swara:(anger) uuuu wat u want
Sanskar:come and meet me and agree with me which i will say to u
Swara:no never u blo*dy
Sanskar:just shut up k. So u will not come ha
swara:yes u listened right
Sanskar:let’s see(smirks evily)

Call get disconnected

Just then swara phone rings again

Voice:madam vo(say something)
Call get disconnect

Swara falls on knees and tears was flowing from her eyes
Ragini came and saw thz and ran to her

Ragini:(cup her face) swara wat happen y r u crying
Swara:(tears and choked voice) ragini….papa….papa …ka accident
Ragini:(shocked) wat (tears) how..where…where is he now swara
Swara: (tears) city hospital
Ragini:(tears) then come let’s go papa need us
swara:(wiped her tears) yes ragini u r right come let’s go

Swaragini left to city hospital
City hospital
Swara:(to receptionist) can u say where is shekar gadodia
Receptionist:mam he is in OT ………

Before she could complete they left

Ragini:(to doctor) dr is shekar gadodia is in same OT(pointing towards oT)
Dr:yes (confused) but u..
Swara:we both r his daughter myself swara gadodia and she is my sis ragini gadodia
Dr:oh ms gadodia ur father had got heart attack
Ragini:but we were informed as accident na
Dr:actually due to some shock he got heart attack his condition is very critical we have to do opertion as soon as possible or else anything can happen so plz arrange the money and pay it we have to make fast we have very less time
Swara:but doctor how much should we pay
Dr:minimum 2lakh
Swaragini:wat 2lakh
Dr:yes ms gadodia and now plz excuse me i have attain a patient

Dr left

Ragini:(sat on chair and tears) swara how will we pay 2lakh
Swara:(tears too)

Just then her phone rings
she picked

Voice:hello MS SWARA
Swara:(tears and anger) MR SM i know u only have done thz i will not spare u
Sanskar:yes u r right ..but clam down Ms swara u should think about how will u pay 2lakh bill of hosipital ha. I will give u offer come and.meet me and agree with me wat i will say to u and save ur dad or else u know wat will happen u know very well tat u don’t have half amt also of it
To pay the bill

Swara:(think) yes he is right i don’t money wat should i do now if i won’t pay the money then papa life….(tears) no swara don’t be selfish do want he want atleast u can save ur papa agree with him
(To sanskar) k i will agree with were should i come to.meet u
Sanskar:(smirks evily) hmmm good girl
Come to xyz place k

Call disconnected

Swara:(went to raging who was seated in chair) ragini don’t worry papa will be save k ..i have some work i wil be back
ragini:but swara 2lakh. .
Swara:ragini i said na don’t worry everthing wil be alright k
Swara:k now i will leave

Swara left from there to xyz place

Xyz place it was a dark room swara entered
Swara:(shouts) MR SM
sanskar:dont raise ur voice swara
Swara:(turned) now i came na so plz save my father
Sanskar:oooh don’t worry swara i will pay the hospital bil but before tat i said something to u don’t u remmber i said u tat ki u should agree with me wat i will say to u
Swara:yes i remmber wat u want say
Sanskar:MARRY ME

Screen freezes on swara shocked face

So guys how was thz episode plz do comment guys

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