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Swasan broke the kiss and was staring eachother lovingly they were totally lost in eachother . Sanskar tightens his grip on her waist and pulls her more close like there body was touching and their was not a inch space left. He leaned to kiss her neck just then swara heared door sound like someone was opening it so she immedeatly pushed sanskar a lilttle and patted back just then the door also opened
She looked at the person with a shock and embarasse expression

Swara:(shock & embarasse) u..ttaa..raa

Sanskar who was comfused by her sudden push look at the door and found uttara and understood y she pushed him

Uttara:(confused) bhabhi wat happen y r u looking at me in shock
Swara:(panics)! Wat shock? No no uttara i dnt looked at u like tat? (To sanskar) hai na sanskar say naaaaa is my…………………….
Uttara:bhabhi bhabhi offo its ok i just asked u……

Sanskar smiles seeing swara’s antics and come towards her .. places his hand on her back and craessing it romantically

Sanskar:swara clam down clam down

Swara gives him.a death. Sanskar chuckels and was caressing her back more romantically and sensously while she was breathing heavily

Uttara: waise bhabhi badi ma asked me to call u so i came..here…
Swara:&brearthing heavily) haan ……haan….haan….u…go….i.. will..come ….after getting fresh ….
.uttara:k bhabhi but come soon the sangeet and mehendi cermony will begin in few hours
Swara:haan okay uttara

Uttara leaves from their
and swara immideatly took off sanskar’s hand which was caressing her back

Swara:(anger) sanskarrr wat were u doing huh! Uttara was here only and tum ho ki……

Before she could comblete her sentence .sanskar again pulled her by waist

Sanskar:don’t u know wat i was doing ha…if not then let me reapt

Saying thz he was leaning kiss her again but swara frees herself from his grip and moves back

Swara:(anger) sanskarrrr 1stly u made me embarasse infront of uttara and now again u started haa. I should freshup there and tum ko tu romance ki padi hai …and wat………

She was keeping scolding him and sanskar was smiling seeing her cute angry face
And immeadtly pecked her lips .she stopped scolding him…..her eyes and mouth was widened by his sudden reaction while he was similing and leaves from their without speaking to her

She came to sense and smiles

Swara:(came to sense and smiles) oh god yeh sanskar bhiiiii(smiles) ……..hmm chalo acha huwa ki he left i can freshup soon…

Just then sanskar who was listening all thz came inside the room

Sanskar:(naughty smile) waise jaan let’s freshup together ……see even haldi is applied on me also tu even i should also take bath so let’s do it together (winks)

Swara:(shocked) sanskar wat….

He was coming towards her by a naughty smile on his face seeing thz swara immideatly ran inside the washroom and closed the door before he could enter and breathing heavily
While sanskar was laughing seeing her reaction

Sanskar:(laughs) hahahahaha swara u r scared of me haan hahaha

Swara:(from inside) (pout) noooo I’m not k so plz stop laughing
Sanskar:haha swara don’t make tat pout face or else i will broke thz door and afterwardsssss……..u better know wat will happen ….

She immideatly changes her face expression

Sanskar smiles and goes towards the wardrobe and takes his clothes and leaves from their to other to freshup

After sometime he took bath and comes to his room i mean swasan room

Sanskar:jaan…jaan jaan

No response so he checked the washroom and balcony but dnt found her anywhere

Sanskar:i think she is in hall. Hmmmmm

He leaves from their to the hall on his way he heared crying voice from uttara’s room
And slowly opened the door and susposious to see the scenerio uttara was crying keeping her head on her knees holding it tightly ..he immideatly closed the door and walked towards uttara ….he kept his hand on her head
Uttara felt it and lifted her head to look at the person and was shocked to see sanskar and immideatly wiped all her tears and gave a fake smile

Uttara:(fake smile) bhaiii u…
Sanskar:(clam tone) uttara y r u crying
Uttara:wat crying no bhai I’m was not crying…(fake smile) vo just something went inside my eyes soo ankho mai pain agaya tats it

Sat beside her on the bed

Sanskar:(clam tone) hmmmmmm uttara i know i was far from u all for 2years but u know wat I’m still same sanskar who can catch the lies easily sooo r u daring to lie ur bhai (raising his eyebrow)

Uttara:(fake smile and no eyecontact) bhai…i..told…na……
Sanskar:no no lies say y were u crying i want the thruth if not u know ur bhai very well ……

Tat was it for uttara she brust in crying and hugged sanskar was crying miserbly

Sanskar broked the hug and cups her face

Sanskar:(concerned) ssssh stop crying ..

And wiped her tears

Sanskar:now say who and wat is the reason behind these tears haan
Uttara:bhaii before 3days i was returning from college just then.a man came towards me his apperance was like a perfect business man came towards me

Flash back

Man:hi uttara ….
Uttara:(confused) sorry i don’t know who r u…..
Man:yeh u don’t know me but i know u and i came to say u something…..
Uttara:(confused) wat?
Man:see uttara i have everything I’m a well known business man i will give u watever u want…….

The next sentence shocked me bhai i was totally numb how can speak like tat to a girl

Man:….but i want u don’t worry baby not for whole life but only for a night …lets enjoy ….u know u r very hot and …..

Was about to touch her but she gave a tight slap in answer
And was about to leave but he hold her by wrist .he was boiling with anger …

Man:u will pay for it(lust eyes)

She jerks her hand and leaves from their

Flash back ends

Uttara:(tears and choked voice) bhai…bhai…today ..he…called me….he said tat ….ki….if….won’t come………to …..him ………he..he..he…will …upload …..my …..fake….dirty…images ……..on…..on…..internet

Saying thz she hugged sanskar and was crying miserbly
Here sanskar’s eye socket turned into red he was boiling with anger but controlled himself

Sanskar:(consoles) ssshhh don’t cry (cups her face) don’t cry and don’t worry k u will not go anywhere .(wipes her tears) now smile

Uttara:but bhai…..
Sanskar:u know ur bhai very well right if said something then he mean it
Uttara:just noded
Sanskar: i guess today is ur bhai’s sangeet
If it is then wat r u doing here go enjoy
Uttara just noded with a smile

Sanskar:(patted her cheeks) good soooo wash ur face and come fast
Uttara just noded

Sanskar was about to leave but turns

Sanskar:(serious tone) uttara wat is tat man name
Uttara:Dev khaana bhaiiii
Sanskar:hmmmm Dev khaana ..

Uttara runs to him and again hugs him

Uttara:(hugging) I’m missed u bhai i missed u very much
Sanskar:(smiles) i missed u too my lil angel sis …….aab chodo yeh sab go get ready….okay
Uttara:hmmm okay

Sanskar leaves from their

Here swaragini mehendi was on
A girl was applying mehendi in swara’s hand she ask her would be hubby name

Girl:wat is ur would be hubby name
swara:(smiles) SANSKARRR

Just then she see’s sanskar who was standing on the stairs of hall with serious expression speaking to someone on phone she smiles seeing him


Sanskar dailled a number

Mobile conversation

Sanskar:(bossy tone) hello johan
Johan:ohh hello sir ….
Sanskar:(bossy tone) johan listen (says something) his name is DEV KHAANA
Johan:yes sure sir u will get good news within 24hours
Sanskar:(bossy tone) hmmmm good

Call disconnected

Sanskar:(smiles evily) u will pay for it haaan but u will pay for it for SM


Swara who was not taking off her eyes from sanskar noticed tat some girls was gossiping about him

Girl 1:hey did u see himm he is still sooo handsome naa
Girl 2:haan yaar he same his serious look, not giving a damn look to girls heyyyyyyy
Girl 3:haan he his veryyy handsome but how do u know about him
Girl 1:he used to visit here i mean rajasthan before …..he is son of maheswari’s
Girl 3:oooh acha i think he is still single
Girl 2:yaa ofcourse he is single yaar
Girl 1:but don’t worry soon he will mingle with mee(blushes)

Swara who was listening was fuming in jealous ……..

Swara:(jealous and blabbering) (mocking) single mingle ……..stupid girls he is already mingled with me ……if it wasn’t my mehendi then surely i would have given nice slaps to them for keeping eye on my husband

Saying she looks at sanskar .he also see’s her and gives a bright cute smile
Swara smiles back but again get irritiate by the girls gossiping

Girl 1:did u seee he smiled seeing me I’m sure even he likes me yaar
Girl 2:yes yaar u r right i think he likes u
Girl 3:hmmmm yes u r right (sad face) but even I’m pretty na thennnnnn

This was it for swara she wanted to shout tat he is my Man My hubby My sanskar i will kill u if anyone keep eye on him

But she controlled herself becoz she want to show them tat he is her Man. A idiea poped on her mind

Swara:(smirks) just wait watch (acts holding her stomach) aaahhhhhhhhhh

Sanskar looks at her and rans to her

Sanskar:(worried) jaan wat happen

All girls:shock

Swara:(puppy face) sansku I’m hungry …..rats r running in my stomach
Sanskar:(anger and concerned) u.dnt had ur breakfast right
Swara:(in mind) ooh god really i dnt had my breakfast if he comes to know then he will scold me tat too infront of these girls nooooo nooooo
Sanskar:swara i asked u something so better answer me
Swara:(tensed) hmmm www ..(biting her lips) vooooo hmmm

She was continiously biting her lips seeing thz sanskar was unable control himself he want to capture her lips but by seeing around him people he controlled himself and cupped her face to stop her from biting her lips he totally forget his anger

Sanskar:(cups her face) jaan jaan its k …..but stop thz,

Signals her she immideatly stops doing tat

Sanskar:hmmm tats better ……so u r hugry right
Swara:(puppy eyes) yesss
Sanskar:hmmm okay i will be back

The girls were totally shocked becoz they dnt saw sanskar sooo close to any girl
Here swara was sad becoz sanskar left even knowing tat ki she was hungry
But just then seeing sanskar coming with a plate she smiles brightly

Sanskar:u dnt had ur breakfast na come i will feed u as u applied mehendi in.ur hand u can’t eat na
Swara:awweee sansku cutiee(pulls his cheeks) u r choooo cheewt
Sanskar:hahaha enough stop k……..(feeds her a byte) waise I love u jaan

Now the girls were super duper sai uper shock

Swara loudly so tat it is audible to tat girls

Swara:I love u my sansku ( kisses on his cheeks tightly)


Screen freezes on there smiling faces

Hey hi guys how r u ? Fine….missed me hmmmm but i missed u alll

Sooo how was the episode if nice then plz do comment even silent readers okay after all so many days I’m posting tu hak tho bantha hai my friends

Credit to: tanu

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