swasan! you r my life!! episode -18



The episode start with swasan coming to hall where all r present waiting for them

Sujatha:(smiles) chori tu tho bahuth hi sundar lagrahi hai iss rajasthani libas mai
Swara:(smiles) mom even u r looking awesome…dad tho appke dewanai bangaye hai (dad became mad of u) hai na dad (winks)
Sujatha:(blushes and smiles) yeh i know tat
Ram:yeh i became mad listening her non-stop bakwas radio not for her beauty

Sujath stams her foot and goes from there angryly

Sanskar was in is own world with his laptop all were doing masti but his focus was only on his work

All elders got busy in work where youngers swasan,raglak,uttara,adarsh,pari was doing masti execpt our sanskar

Ragini:(confused) waise swara u don’t know to wear saari na the come u wear thz i thought u will call me for help
Ragini:(understood and teases) waise i must say jiju is vert talented tieing saari and all haaaaan
Swara:(blushes) raginiiii
Pari:(understood too & teases) haan ragini u r right my devar is very much talent person see how he care for his wife aaj subha bhi he carried swara in his arms as she was exhusted ……….(scarcastically) nahi tho ajj kal kai pathi don’t even look at there wife at all becoz unn lagtha hai ki if they talk us we will ask them for shopping

Ragini:yes pari bhabhi u r right (looking at laksh) thz boys think themselve as hero
Laksh:arrey maine kya kiya yaar
Ragini:(glares) shut up

Laksh:(whisphere to adarsh) bhai thz is all becoz sanskar bhai see now how angry they r at us
Adarsh:yes lucky u r right (looking at pari) aaj tho mai gaya kaam se
Laksh:(confused) bhaii in thz how come work (kaam) came huh!
Adarsh:(patted his cheeks) don’t worry u itself will come to know after ur marriage

Swara: ragini about whom u talking which boy think himself as hero haa
Ragini:laksh …
Swara:(laughs) hahahaha laksh u think urself hero haaaaaaa very funny u r not any hero u r monkey donkey joker kkk
(Making sad face) bechari meri beautiful sis ko yeh bandar mil gaya sooo sad


Lucky:(furious) swara ki bacchi…..
Ragini:laksh swara don’t any bacchi
Swara:hhaahaa u r right

Lucky:don’t change the topic k….do i look like bandar for u haan for thz handsome face u r calling bandar…haaan
Swara:hahaha laksh nice joke haan handsome and u
Laksh:wat u r saying tat I’m not handsome huh! (To adarsh and pari) bhai, bhabhi don’t i look handsome hmm
Adarsh and pari:we wil be back in a min

Adarsh and pari left

Laksh:uttara …wat u say I’m handsome only naa
Uttara:yes bhai u r beautifullll (chuckels)
Laksh:haan yes i know (realize) wat haa uttaraaaaaaaa

Uttara chuckles and leaves from their

Laksh:(pout face) ( looks at sanskar who was still lost in his world of work
Came towards him and sat beside him)

Where swara was admiring her sanskars seriousness towards his work she was lost in himm

Laksh:(pout face) bhai
Sanskar:(still looking at laptop) hmmmmm
Laksh:(pout face) bhaii
Sanskar:(still looking at laptop) hmmmmm
Laksh:(screams) bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Sanskar:oh god shut ur mouth ….(looking at lucky who was making pout face) hmmm say
Laksh: bhaii ur wife is saying tat I’m not handsome (complaing like small child)

Sanskar looks at laksh again and turns his gaze on swaragini who were giggeling

Sanskar:hey lucky boy u know very well tat maheswari son’s r meant for handsome hunk then ofcourse u r handsome..(looking at swara) i think tat person has mental issue who said u r not handsome (laughs and gives hi-fi to laksh

Laksh:haan bhai u r right(smirks)
swara:glares them angryly
Ragini:(mocking) haan bhai u r right …..kai bacchai don’t u remmber swara’s anger haan if not then see recap
Laksh:(gupled in fear) …(fumbles) waa…a..t
Sanskar:wat ragini?
Ragini:actually jiju once swara was angry on laksh becoz he took her comics book and burned it ..so to take revenge swara appiled fevicol on his bike when he sat in his bike he was not able to getup only in this process his pant tored

Sanskar:(laughs) hahahahaha lucky hahaha u hahaha (holding his stomach)
Lucky:bhaiiiiiii uuuuu …..leav it

Saying thz he left from their followed by ragini
Now swasan was alone

Sanskar was still laughing swara who was angry still now was amazed to see his laugh and was seeing him lovingly
Sanskar felt her gaze on him stopped his laugh and turned towards

Sanskar:(raised his eyebrow) wat?
Swara: u were looking sooo cute while laughing ….
Swara:(blushes) so i was thinking to eat u
Sanskar:(naughty smile) then eat naa

Saying thz he pulls her and she falls on his lap….he slid his hand under her saree and touches her belly romantically

Swara:(blushes) sanskar plz….

He started giving her wet kisses on her shoulder this was it for swara she looked at him they had a passionate eyelock soon they were lost in eachother and was about to kiss but just then Ap calls them

Ap:sanskar swara come beta have ur dinner

Swara quickly got.up from his lap
Ap comes their

Ap:(smiles) swara sanskar come….
Swara:haan badima we r coming

Soon they had there dinner and soon they slept

Next day

It was a beautifull morning with lots of love to my swasan

Sanskar was sleeping peacfully
And he put his hand to other side of the bed to hold his jaan but he dnt find her so he immedeatly got and saw tat swara was not beside him
He rubbed his eyes

Sanskar:wah! Today madam got up soo early not bad huh! Hmmm

Soon he was also ready in white shirt, peach colour coat and blue jeans he was just looking super duper se uper no words to describe my sanskar(sahil idiot u r not handsome at all i just hate )

He was searching swara just then he heared giggeling voice and turned to tat direction and saw tat ki a yellow like cloth was tied behind tat girls were giggeling and was laughing he looked confused just then his eyes falls on laksh who was covered with full haldi(turmeric) then he realized tat it is a haldi cermony

Sujatha:(see’s sanskar) aaja chore tu bhi haldi laga lai
Sanskar: mommm!
Ap:sujatha u know na tat sanskar doesn’t like thz haldi and all
Sujatha:jiji mai tho bas….
Sujatha:okay k (to sanskar) do watever u want


Here swara was going towards her room i mean swasan room
SHe opened the door of the room she kept a first step just then a strong arm pulls her and locks the door and pins her to the wall
Where as swara’s eyes was closed out of fear he looks at her lovingly
Swara slowly opened her eyes and saw tat the person was non other than his sanskar

Swara:(relief) oooh god sanskar u naa (beats him playfully) scared me…

Sanskar pulls her by waist closer to him

Swara:(blushes) sanskar leave me i should take bath now see thz haldi (confused) waise y u dnt apply haldi
Sanskar:hmmmm i dont like it
Swara:sansku cutiee for ur kind information it is our marriage not only mine k soo come apply haldi

Swara held his hand was about to move just then sanskar pulls her yet again and pins her to the wall

Swara:sanskarrrrr leave me
Sanskar:(husky tone ) jaan u want me to apply haldi so I’m doing tat only soo keep quite (winks)

Saying thz he pulled swara more closer and stared her lovingly
Soon he touched his cheeks with her cheek and rubbed it romantically
He does the same with other cheek also

Then he touches her forehead with his and rubs it yet again lovingly he does the same with eyes, nose

Soon he stared at her lips passionately she feels his gaze and pulls him by collor and places her soft yet rosy lips on his rough lips both were lost in eachother they kissed eachother passionately it was long kiss broked due to lack of oxygen

Soo guys how was the episode i know it is quite boring but plz if u read then plz leav ur valuable comments bye take care

Credit to: tanu

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    1. Thank u tooba I’m glad tat u liked it

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    Happy ramzan to all you 🙂

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      Dua mai yaad rakho and haan

      Hahaa yar our sanky is very cuteeeee and handsome

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