swasan! you r my life!! episode -15



Sanskar:(smiles proudly)

Ragini who also saw the whole scenerio came forward

Ragini:(to sanskar) jiju go to her she angry with u
Sanskar:ooooh haan
Sanskar left from there
Raglak smiles

Ragini:(to kavitha who was crying) still u r here do u want more slaps from my sis ha!(angry)

She was about to go but laksh stops her

Ragini:(suprised) laksh
Laksh:ms kavitha jane se pehle sab sach thu batatai jao sabko ki tumne merai bhai kai saat aisa kehle kyun khela
Kavitha:(fumbles) vo. .mai……..
laksh:(anger) vo mai kya haa!
Kavitha:(fears) actually sanskar rejected to marry me na sooo..i..wanted to..teach him a lesson…so……i and… papa …made ….tat. plan…….I’m ..I’m …sorry ….plz ……mujhe maaf kardo (joining her hands)
Ragini:(anger) just get lost from here
Kavitha ran from there

Maheswari’s was in tears

Laksh:ab rokey koie faida nahi …there no use of crying now………be’coz of u all my bhai became a body without emotion in all thz 2years be’coz of u people only (shouts)
Ragini:(tears) laksh plz….. …
Laksh:but now I’m happy for my bhai be’coz he got wt he deserve and u……….leave it..

Screen shifts to swasan

Swara was sitting on chair with a angry and pout face
Just then sanskar comes and see’s her and smiles
Her back was facing him he goes towards her and sits beside her seeing him she turns to other side he smiles and goes to tat side and sits seeing him she got up
He smiles again and back hugs her she tries to free herself from him but he tightens his grip on her

Swara:(pout and angry face)
Sanskar:(smiles) swara swara………
Swara:no response
Sanskar:oooh soo my jaan is angry with me haan but y wat i did to her tat made her angry ?
Swara:(turns with anger) wat? Don’t u know wat did u do haan u shouted at me infront of everyone and dnt let me to beat tat chipkali idiot monkey kavitha
(Pouts and turns again)

Sanskar again back hugs her by putting his hand on her belly and keeps his chin on her shoulder
He kisses on her bare shoulder giving ticklish senstion to her she smiles but acts as she is angry on him now also

Sanskar:hmnnnmm so u will not talk to me hmmmmm(kisses her earlobe)
swara:(blushes but hids it and fake anger) yes i will not talk to u
sanskar:hnnmmmm okay

Saying thz he leaves her from his hold and goes from their leaving her in shocked and suprised state her eyes was widened and mouth was opened

Swara:(angry) idiot stupid dnt even care of me wat for him if i talk to him or not hhhhhhhhhhh arghhhhhhh

Left from their and she came to ragini who was standing with laksh

Swara:oooh hiiii raguuuu(hugs her)
Ragini:(hugs back) where were u haan..
Swara:i was here only yaar leave tat now
Laksh:kk ragini i will be back
Swara:oh hello where r u going haan
Laksh:hey u don’t talk me who knowz u will start slapping me also like u did just now to tat bechari kavitha. …….
Swara:u…..donkey stupid….i…
Ragini:hey swara holdon holdon yaar and (to laksh) and laksh wat u saw was just a tailor swara is much more than tat so if u want to see tat side of swara thennnn….
Lucky:hey hey i don’t want to see any side her kk(fears)
Swara smirks
Ragini:waise swara where is jiju
Swara:ragini……plz don’t talk about tat idiot….
Lucky:ooooh shut up k don’t dare to call my bhai idiot
Swara:(smirking)just now u only called(mocking) My bhai idiot huh!
Ragini:swara how can u……
Swara:u jiju ki chamchi shut up
Laksh:swara see……..

Just then they heard a voice of song and turns towards the direction and was shocked and suprised to see the person

Swaraglak:sanskar/jiju/bhai (‘o’ expression)

Sanskar smiles

He was playing a guitar which he held in his hand

Sanskar: (smiles and sings)

Hua hai aaj pehli baar
Jo aise muskuraya hoon
tumhe dekha tho jaana ye
Ke kyun duniya main aaya hoon(×2)

(Singing above lines he comes forward and points his finger to her all guest and maheswari was amazed to see sanskar singing a song they just can’t belive tat the great SM who is well know for his anger can sing a song while raglak smiles and swara blushes)

Ye jaan lekar ke jaa meri
Tumhe jeene mien aaya hoon
Main tumse ishq karne ki
Ijaazat rab se laaya hoon

(He come towards her and holds her wrist and pulls her by waist and caress her cheeks romantically)

Zameen se aasmaan tak hum
Dhoondh aaye jahaan sara
Banaa paaya nahi aab tak
Khuda tumse koi pyaar

He twrils her and back hugs her and again turns her towards him and kissea her cheeks without anyones notice while she was blushing hard

Swara:baaton mein teri hain badmashiyan
Sab bewajah ki hain taarifiyaan

She looks upwards to him and smiles and messes his hairs and was about to go
But he holds her wrist

Main likh doon aasmaan par ye
Ke padh lega jahaan sara
Huwaa na hoga ab koi
Yahaan hum do sa dobara

And pulls her towards him and keeps his hand around her neck and stairs her

Main duniya bhar ki taarifein
Tere sajde main laaya hoon
main tumse ishq karne ki
Ijaazat rab se laaya hoon

He leaves her and comes little back and sit on his knees in SRK style

Rabse layaa hoon…rabse laya hoon

Tuhai rubara mere
Bada mehfooz rehta hoon
tere milne ka shukrana
kuda se roz karta hoon

Seeing his love which he was expressing in the song for her swara was in tears and made him stand …he huged him and kisses her forehead lovingly

Swara:humko pata hai yeh nadaniyan hain
Awara dil ki hai awariyan

She smiles and swings her finger on his heart side and slightly pushes him

Yeh dil pagal bana baitha
Issey ab tu hi samjha de
Dikhe tujhme meri duniya
Meri duniya tu banja re

He again pulls her and says the above lines

Hoon khushkimat jo kismat se
Tumhe aise main paaya hoon
Main tumse ishq karne ki
Ijaazat rab se laaya hoon

Saying the above lines he hugs her they were lost in eachother just then they heard claps sound …….and came back to sense

Swara was blushing and goes from their
Sanakar smiles and follows her

Sanskar helds her wrist she was breathing heavily he come towards her swara’s back was facing him

Sanskar:(whisphere in her ears) hmmm so..I’m idiot…stupid…haan

His hot breath was touching her face she was blushing hard

Sanskar:(whisphere in husky tone) swara.

This gave shiver to her spine she immideatly turned and hugged him

Sanskar:(smiles) soooo I’m idiot haan and stupid also…right
swara:(blushing and nodes in NO)
Sanskar:if not idiot and stupid then who I’m haan
Swara:(smiles and pulls his cheeks) u r my sansku cutieeeeee
Sanskar:uffo swara not again plz
Swara:(smiles)no no noonooo no no
Swara:(smiles and blinks her eyes)

Just then he feels a hand on his shoulder and turns was shocked to see whole MM family standing with teary eyes
His eyes was also getting wet but he,,composes himself and holded swara’s wrist and was about to go but stopped
By a voice

Ap and sujatha:(tears) sanskar beta

He stops but doesn’t turns but again he got angry and was began to go


Sanskar again stops tears was rolling from his eyes swara was thz and was also in tears but he doesn’t turns

Just then he again felt a hand on his shoulder
And thz time it was taklu dp(hehehehe guys solly for disrespecting elder person but i really like Dp character in serial)

Dp:(tears) sanskar beta baat nahi karoge kya i know we have done a big mistake by not……not……..humse sab galthi hogai plz maaf kardo plz

Sanskar was suprised be’coz he very well know tat dp was not a person who bends his head infront of anyone but at the same time he also know tat how much he used to love him in past but but…….

His thoughts was disturbed by swara

Swara:(tears and shakes him) sanskarrr

Sanskar looks at her in?
She points towards something
sanskar turns towards the direction and was shocked to see dp was on his knees and was crying bitterly and was pleading for forgiveness

Dp:(tears)……plz…plz…maaf ….kardo..beta

His heart pained to seeing his badepapa like thz though he did wrong with him he can’t see his bade papa in thz condition his heart melted he immdealty made him stand and hugged him

Dp:(releas the hug) do u forgave me
Sanskar:(smiles in tears) how can i be angry with u all haan

All was having happy wala tears in there eyes

He hugged everyone

Raglak and gadodia family who was also watching the whole scenerio was in tears

Laksh:(wipes his tears and smiles) chalo chalo now enough of tears or else my engagement hall will become swimming pool by ur tears ….


Dp:laksh beta I’m sorry for wat i did with ur bhai…
Laksh:if bhai forgave then u don’t need to ask sorry from me papa


So guys how was the episode sorry for late update

Credit to: tanu

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