swasan! you r my life!! episode -14



It was a beautifull morning the birds were chirping and the cool breezes is blowing and our lovebirds r sleeping in eachother embrace
Just then the sunrays falls on our beautiful and gorgeous swara which disturbed her sleep and she opened her eyes and saw her cute baby hubby is sleeping peacfully beside her holding her tightly by waist
She smiles

Swara:(smiles) good morning cutiee

(Saying thz she kisses his cheeks and free herself from his grip and goes to washroom wrapping herself with bedsheet

After sometime she comes out of the washroom and finds sanskar is still sleeping and tries awake him

Swara:thz sanskar na still now he his sleeping hmmmm let me awake him but how can i awake him he is looking soo cute in sleep hmmmm but u should awake him swara u know na wat is today

And sits on the bed to wake hin up

Swara:(shakes him) sanskar utooo
Sanskar:hmmmmmm(in sleepy tone)
Swara:sanskar getup na
Sanskar:hmmmhhhhhaaa(sleepy tone)
Swara:(near his ears) sanskarrrrrrrrrrr utooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

He immideatly got up
Sanskar:haan hmmm haan ….wat..
swara:(laughs) hahahahahaha sansku cutiee (pulls his cheeks)
Sanskar:(irritiated tone) swara y r u disturbing me haa let me sleep

He was about to sleep but swara pulled him

Sanskar:swaraaaaa wat….
swara:oh hello stop stop k and getup soon and get ready we have to go ..jaldi….
Sanskar:(confused) we have to go but where?
Swara:oh u frgt haan arreyy today is ragini and laksh’s engagement we have to go there..got it….
Sanskar:oh god i totally frgt about it (thought something) but swara I’m not coming u go with driver k
swara:wat?!!! U r not coming
Sanskar:hmmm yes
Swara:then even i will not go (sad face) everyones hubby will be present there but not my hubby if they ask me about u….moreover i want to go with u soooo…
Sanskar:but swara try to understand yaar even i want to come but….(tear drop falls)
Swara:(understood) so u r not coming becoz MM family will also be present there
Sanskar:.(sad) hmmmm yes
Swara:sanskar leave about tat see it is ur bro luckys enagement tat lucky’s who always be with u in any problem never leave or feel u alone atleast think about him….
Sanskar:hmmm k i will go but not only for my bro but for my sali also(smiles)
Swara:(exicited and happy tone) omg really u r coming (hugs him) i love u veryyyyy muchhhhh
Sanskar:(hugs back) I love u tooo

He goes to washroom later they eat breakfast together after tat…

Swasan room
Sanskar is doing some work in his laptop
Swara was checking the dresses to wear in engagement but she got tiered of doing tat she was confused which to wear which not to wear (girls most important problem hehehehehehehehe)

Sanskar:(without taking his eyes from the laptop) hmmmm
Sanskar:(takes his eyes off) wat swara
Swara:sanskar I’m so confused about which dress i should wear and which shouldn’t plz help naa
Sanskar:swara wear anything waise bhi u look beautifull in all dress (again eyes on laptop)
Swara:(angery) wat wear anything haan …… always stick with tat sautan i think u love my sautan more than me
Sanskar:(confused) sauthan? Hey swara i don’t have anygirl except u in my life then wat is thz sauthan and all?
Swara:(anger) thz ur idiot stupid laptop is not less than a girl i just hate it instead of helping me in choosing dress u r sticking with thz ….
Sanskar:(laughs) hahahahahaha swara u r jealous of my laptop haahaaha lol
Swara:(makes angery face)
sanskar:k baba k i wil help u don’t be angery

And closes the laptop and goes towards her

Sanskar:hmmm wait wear thz k (hand over a dress)
Swara:.(anger) noooooo
Sanskar:(smiles seeing her anger and hugs her from back)
Sanskar:sooo my Jaan is angery with me haan
Swara.:(anger and no response)
Sanskar:sooo my Jaan will not talk to me also hmmmm k thenn y should i have to come with u right
Swara:(hearing thz immideatly turns)

Swara:no sanskar I’m not angry see and even i will wear thz dress only k
Sanskar:hmmmm k then i will come with u
Swara:k then get ready naaaa
Sanskar:(tease and naughty smile) ooooh come i will make u ready i think u r tierd na

Saying thz he removes the button of her top staring at her lovingly

Swara:(blushes and stop) sanskarrr plzzz

He kisses her neck and bites it and sucks to soote her pain and slowly removes another button of her top

Swara:(blushes) sanskarrrr leave naaa

But he ignores her and was about to remove another button but swara pushes him and runs to washroom

Sanskar:(smiles and scratches his head)

Later swasan both gets ready sanskar was waiting for her in hall just then she comes with a bright smile on her face she was looking like an angel sanskar was awestruck to see her in pink and golden lehenga and choli with a golden duptata she was just awesome

Here swara was not able to take her eyes off from her hansome +cute hubby he was looking dashing,cute,handsome in pink kurta and golden pant with folded sleeves ,there is no word in any dictionery to decribe him yaar my sansku….

They were lost in eachother but soon composes themselfs

Swara:(smiles) sanskuuu u r looking sooooo handsome my cutieee(pulls his cheeks)
Sanskar:(pulls her by waist) waise u too looking beautifull my Jaan
Swara:(blushes) sansku we r getting
Sanskar:hmmm k lets go

Later they reached it was a huge party hall as it was the engagement of maheswari’s son so bin bulaye mehman media were also present but outside

The media were talking about the engagement and all (u know na media ki bakwas)

Just then they saw a huge car came and stopped and bodyguards was surounded to it the media was just staring without blinking there eyes and wanted to see the person in the car just then a body gaurd opened the car door and the person steped out all media was shocked to see the person

All media :MR SM

(Heeheee guys it was my sansku)

And was mutiple shock to see a girl with him to whom he extend his hand to step out from the car (obvio swara yaar)

Sanskar:hmmm well we reached (smiles)
Swara:(smiles) come let’s go in

Saying thz she holded his hand and both headed towards the entry but stopped by media

Man 1:MR SM u here anyreason as we know tat u doesn’t attain any party even if it is a business party then how come here
Girl 1: do u have any relationship with maheswari’s

Swara was getting nervous and holded his hand tightly

Man 2: and who is the girl with u
Man 1:we listned tat u have a girlfriend
Girl 2:and we also listened tat u have a girl at ur house and wat is ur relation with maheswari tat u r here .and who is thz girl

Now swara was getting more and more nervouse and was slowly loosing her grip from his hand but sanskar saw thz and pulls her by waist and gives a death glare to the media (u known na all fears with SM
)seeing thz media became quite and was about to go but sanskar stops one of the man of the media

Sanskar:(signal johan to stop the man
Johan :nodes and goes towards the man

Johan:hey man
Johan:yeha u only SM SIR told u to come
Man 2:wat? (Fears) but …i..m sorry…but
Johan:don’t fear man he won’t do anything come
Man2:nodes and goes and other media people also follows them johan turns
Johan:did SM sir told u all to come
Media:no but…
Johan:just stay here got it

Soon both media man and johan came sanskar

Man2:sir I’m …
Sanskar:so u want answer right let me say (grips swara’s waist) she is not anygirl got it she is my wife SWARA SM sooo ooo….
Man2:(suprised) I’m sorry sir

Saying thz he leaves while swara see’s sanskar lovingly

Sanskar:(tease) so now u don’t want to go inside haan ifnot then come let’s go back to home there u stair me how much u want
Swara:(realizes and blushes) sanskarrrr
Sanskar:haan haan i know come let’s go

Soon both headed inside and sanskar see’s maheswari family standing and he gets teary eyes but composes himself and avoids them and goes to sumi and shekar

Here maheswari family also gets teary eyes even dp and ram ..Ap already told them about the mall incident and all
They just wanted to hug there son but they couldn’t but they r happy to see him but not showing ……..

Sanskar:hi ma papa (takes blessing)
Sumishekar:(smiles) hi beta how r u
Sanskar:I’m fine
Swara:very bad ma papa u dnt talk to me haan
Shekar:awwe my shona
Swara:(smiles and hugs him) hi papa
sumi:only for papa haan
Swara:(smiles and hugs) hi ma
Sumi:hi beta and waise sanskar beta do she troubles u hmm
Sanskar:haan ma and becoz her only we r late oh god ho…
Swara:hey wait wait ma u r very bad haan and (to sanskar) u wat u r saying haan i troubled u and be’coz of me only we r late haan do u have memory loss problem don’t remember u was….
Sanskar:(smiles) haan haan wat say na
Swara:(blushes) ma leave thz and say very is ragu
Sumi:she is in room but u don’t go she come k stay here
Swara:hmmm k
Shekar:k sumi come let’s recive the guest
Sumi:hmm k (to swasan) i will be back
Swasan:(smiles) okay

Sumi leaves from there

Just then laksh comes

Laksh:hey hi bro
Sanskar:(turns) oh hi lucky boy (hugs)
Swara:hi laksh jijuuuu
laksh:oh swara moti stop k
swara:hehehe I’m not moti now so just shut up
laksh:bhai ur wife na ………
sanskar:lucky stop k don’t tell about my wife anything
Swara:(smiles with proud)
Laksh:make faces
Sanskar:i know her mind is lil crack
Both sanlak gives hi-fi and laughs while swara beats sanskar bh hands
Swara:wat my mind is crack haan
Sanskar:hey arrey swara…leave…
Just then laksh phone ring
Laksh:bhai carryon with ur mad wife i have to attain a call so bye(smiles)
Sanskar:arrey lucky yaarrrr

Swara was still beating now it was out of control he grabed her both hands and pined it back and kisses her cheeks tightly

Swara:(blushes) sanskarrr this is public place
Sanskar:oooh hooo mera dialouge mujh par he haan (tease) waise so u want me do all thz in the room then come let’s go (winks)
swara:(blushes) sanskar leave me (frees herslef from his grip)

The maheswari family was seeing all thz and was happy to see there son being happy but sad too be’coz he was ignoring them

Here sanskar was teasing swara both were enjoying just then a girl enters and sanskar becomes hyper seeing her

Sanskar:(angry tone) swara I’m leaving
Swara:wat sanskar wat happen suddenly
Sanskar:(angry tone) swara u stay here I’m leaving k got it

And was about to go but swara holds his wrist

Swara:(tears) but sanskar y r leaving plz don’t go na plz I’m sorry if have……….
Sanskar:(clam tone) swara u have not done anything so dont be sorry k ….I’m not feeling to be here so I’m leaving
Swara: sanskar plz don’t go na k if ur not feeling to be here then go the room but plz be here only
Sanskar:hmmmm k

He leaves to the room
Just then laksh comes back

Laksh:swara were is bhai
Swara:(worry) laksh he is in room
Laksh:wat happen is anything wrong
Swara:(worry) i don’t know laksh but he suddenly got hyper and….

Just then laksh see’s the same girl and he too get angry and understood y sanskar got hyper

Laksh:(anger) ooh thz is the matter
Swara:(confused) wat?
Laksh:swara see tat (pointing towards the girl) she is only KAVITHA
Swara:(angry) is she tat blo*dy cheap girl who is reason for my sanskar sadness
Laksh:(anger) yes swara hmmm swara i will go to bhai
Swara:even i will come
Laksh:no u be here only k
swara:hmmm k

Laksh leaves from there

Now swara was standing alone just then kavitha comes to her

Kavitha:(smiles) hi myself kavitha malhotra(haan haan i know tera naam cavity hai who spoils life instead of teeth)
Swara:(anger) hmm I’m swara sanskar maheswari
Kavitha:(acts as if she is shock) wat u r sanskar’s wife (fake sad) I’m sorry to say but he is a very cheap man u know he tried to molest me (fake crying)
Swara:wat really (turns)
Kavitha:yes(smiles evily) he …he…

Swara turns and gives a tight slap to her all who were present including MM family was totally shocked

Swara:(anger) wat u said my sanskar is cheap haan

She gave another slap all were just watching them with shock faces while swara keeps on giving her slaps
(Mar swara mar uss chudail ko aur haan aise ekk slap sahil ko bhi dena serial mai k for seeing u in his dreams also mere sanskar ko rod se mara uss kameney nai aur gaata hai Galiyaan Galiyaan teri tu mai …..hehehehehe guys solly for taking my frustration here solly but kya kare yeh dil hai ki mantha nahi)

Swara was continuesly slapping her the whole scenerio was also see by sanlak they were also equally shocked seeing thz avtar of swara

Laksh:(fears) bhai she is swara only na I’m getting afraid of her seeing her’s thz avtar
Sanskar:ya me too
Laksh:bhai go and stop only u can do tat orelse she will kill tat kavitha see how she is slapping her saying(mocking) how dare u to say my sanskar cheap
Sanskar:(smiles) tat’s y i love her
Lucky:bhai now stop smiling go there
Sanskar:k k k

Sanskar goes to swara she was still slapping her madly

Sanskar:(holds her hand) swara leave her
Swara:no i won’t how can she say u as cheap
Sanskar:(cups her face) Jaan i said leave her i don’t care wat she says r not becoz u r with me

Maheswari family were in tears listening to thz

Swara:noooo i willl not leave (slaps again)
Kavitha:swara …i..m ….sorry…plz….
Swara:nono how could u say like tat
Sanskar:(angry tone) swara i said leave don’t u get me

Swara jerks and leaves from there angryly

Sanskar:(turns towards kavitha) (smiles proudly) she is my wife SWARA SANSKAR MAHESWARI i choosed her as my wife and my LIFE (see’s towards maheswari’s) so how is my choice (to kavitha) i wanted a girl like her not like u got it

Screen freezes on his smiling face

So guys how was thz episode hope u all liked it and haan guys I’m ending thz ff but don’t worry guys I will write a 3shots and a ss on swasan k and
MEHNAZ sorry for not reply but nandji don’t worry ur bro will not be angry on me becoz I’m writing a 3shot and a ss on swasan na

Swasan mujhe tumse pyaar hai (3 shots)
Swasan ek haq hai baas mera

So plz do comment guys

Credit to: tanu

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