swasan! you r my life!! episode -13

Hi guys thz is tanu and here is next episode of my ff


While she take blessings from them

Guys u already know tat they r MM members

Sujatha:(tears)kya…kya…hai…thara ..naam
Swara:swara sanskar maheswari
Sujtha:(tears)ji ji…..
Ap:haan sujatha yeh…

Just then laksh comes

Laksh:(see’s swara and suprised)swara …..and ragini u both here
Ragini:(smiles)arey laksh wat will we do in shopping mall haan ofcourse we came for shopping hnnn

Sujath:laksh thare ko yeh chori patha hai kya
Laksh:haan chachi she is my best friend and sanskar bhai’s wife
Swara:(confused) chachi
Laksh:ooo swara they r our family members
(Actually swara don’t know tat they r mm family)

Swara:(happy and suprised tone)omg omg.omg u all r my family i can’t belive thz i thought u all r may be my ma’s any (excitedly hugs everyone) stupid realatives oh god
Sumi glares at her
swara:oops solly ma
Sujtha:(caresses her face in tears) jiji yeh mare chore ki bhindni aur hamari bhu hai
Swara:(smiles)yes and u.hmmm sujatha mom right (to ap) and u r badima and u r adarsh bhai and u r pari bhai and u r my sanskar sweet lil sis uttara right

Everyone was in tears
Laksh:(suprised) but swara how u know everyone……..
Swara:actually laksh sanskar told me today morning only
Uttara:swara bhabhi how is my bhai now(in tears)
Swars:(smiles) he is fine but incomplete without all of u
Ap:(caresses her hairs in tears) sorry beta we r helpless we can’t do anything…..
Swara:arrye badima don’t be sorry it was nither urs fault and nor sanskar’s baas halat hi kuch aise thai..
Laksh:(anger) no swara i won’t agree with u they should have trusted my bhai but no they dnt instead they belived tat cheap girl be’coz of my bhai’s promise I’m living with thz house people otherwise i would have also left them when they dnt trust my bhai
But…..now leave ….
Swara:laksh listen
But he left

Sujatha:(sit on chair with thuud in tears) yes beta he is right we dnt trusted my son we dnt I’m a very bad mom
Ap:(tears) sujatha…
Sujatha:no jiji…I’m ….
Swara sit and holds her hand and wipes her tears
Swara:no mom no u r very good mom sanskar told me tat u love him verymuch
And he said tat he love his badima and mom very much so don’t cry k now smiles if u don’t smile then i will not talk to u(pouts)
Ap and sujatha:(smiles)

Swara gets up and hugs uttara
swara:u know uttara when ur bhai was telling about u he was having a bright smile on his face
Uttara:(smiles in tears)

Swara then hugs pari
swara:and bhabhi he told me how u and he used to tease adarsh bhaiya
Swara:and adarsh bhaiya he misses u very much ur anger and all when he used to tease u
Adarsh :(smiles)
Swara:waise uttara and pari bhaibhi were is badepapa and dad i want to see them also
Uttara:acutally bhabhi they have some work so dnt came
Swara:ooooooh waise uttara he also told me tat u always blackmails him to bring something very bad huh!
Uttara:wo ..actually…bhabhi….
Ragini:(laughs) hahaha uttara she’s just kidding yaar leave
Swara:(laughs)hahahaha uttara u got scared of me

All spent some qulity time with eachother by shopping, talking,chichatting

Just then swara’s mobile rings it was in her purse ring ring ring……..

Ragini:(takes it) swara call..
Swara:(she was busy in some work)keep it in spearker na
She ons the spearker all were present including mm family stop there reaspective works when they heard the voice
Voice:(sweetly) Jaaan
Swara: she was completely lost in his voice tat she frgt tat it was in spearker and all were listnening to them

Swara:(smiles) sanskarrrr
(Yes yaar it is my sansku such a sweet voice maan chatha hai kai mai ussi doop jaoon)

All MM :smiles in tears

Mobile conversation
Sanskar:jaan how is ur shopping
Swara:(happy tone) super duper sanskar
Sanskar:(smiles) k then…mmmm…i will come to pick u from their
Swara:(happy tone) wat really
Sanskar:haan my jaan and now bye
Swara:(smile) bye my sansku cutiee
Swara smiles and cuts the call

All MM family was haapy hearing there son’s voice

Swara:oh god ragini sanskar is coming to pick me (happy tone)
ragini:haan we know
swara:(confused) wat but how?
ragini:dumbo it was in speaker
Swara:wat speaker ragu y u kept it in.speaker
Ragini:oh hello madam u only told me k so just shut up(tease) waise jaan ,cutiee and all haaan
ragini:k k k now see there ur hubby came

And see’s back and finds sanskar was standing at the door of mall and was sreaching her

Swara:(smiles) sanskar

And immideatly run’s to him and hugs him
All mm family see’s sanskar and have tears in there eyes

Sanskar:arrey swara it is public place soo…
Swara:(release the hug and blushes)
Sanskar:(smiles) k come let’s go…

Just then lucky comes

Lucky:hey hi bro wat a suprise the great SM in shopping mall (hugs him).
Sanskar:(hugs back) hmmm luckyyyy
Lucky:haan haan i know sangam ka asar
Swara:oooh joker shut up k
They talk for sometime

Sanskar:swara i think we should go now
swara:hmm k wait i will in a minute

She goes inside takes blessings from everyone and bids bye

Swara:haan sanskar chale
sanskar:haan chalo (to lucky) bye lucky
Swara:hmm bye laksh
Lucky:(smiles) haan bye mad couples
And they leaves from there

Next day
As usuall swasan got up ,freshen up ,had there break fast ,and sanskar left to office

Here swara was feeling bore so she went to kitchen(haahaa y everyone goes to kitchen if they feel bore? )

Swara:dolly aunty wat u r making for lunch
Dolly:u beti paneer gravy, roti,and rice
Swara:hmmmm (thoughts something) suresh plz pack thz thing in a box
Suresh:but for whom swara bhabhi
Swara:wo suresh i was thinking to go sanskar’s office to give the lunch(smiles)
Dolly:(smiles) yes swara beti u go get ready he will pack and keep k
swara:(smiles) thank uuuu

Saying thz she goes to swasan’s room to get ready
After sometime she comes and takes the lunch box and leaves to sanskar’s office with dirver in car

Later she reached there

In office
Johan was passing just then he heard a girl and watchman fighting and came to.check

Girl:i said i should go inside so leave me
Watchman:no mam 1st show ur card
Girl:card which card….

Johan:(hears thz) whoz thz yaar let’s go and check

He comes out and was shocked to see the girl….

Johan:(shocked) swara mam!!! Oh my god thz watchman marwa kai chodega mujhe
Comes their

Johan:watchman leave (to swara) hello swara mam and sorry for thz
Swara:oooh its k johan
Johan:come in mam

Swara nodes and headed to inside followed by johan

Before going
Johan:arrey watchman she is SM sir’s wife if SM came to know tat u behave rudely to.swara mam then u r gone sacchi mai
Watchman:(fears) oh god johan plz sorry
Johan:kk but here after be careful if i would have not come in mean time then u would have get nicely from swara mam only u don’t know her
Watchman nodes

Johan:ya mam I’m coming

Soo they inside the office
johan signaled to employees to get up and wish swara 1st they was confused but later they wished

Employees:hello mam
Swara:johan were is………

Just then sanskar come and was fully.mesmerized to see swara in white and pink top with whit jeans
Swara see’s him and gets happy runs to him and hugs leaving all staff shocked

Swara:(happy tone) sanskar (runs and hugs him) all staff:shock

Sanskar:”JAAN” u here
All staff:multiple shock

Swara:(release) i thought to bring lunch for u so i came
Sanskar:oooh k (to ragini) ragini take her to my cabin
Ragini:k sir
Swara:but sanskar u
Sanskar:i will come jaan u go
Swara:k (to ragini) chal yes sir ki bachi
Ragini glares at her

Ragini takes swara to sanskar’s cabin
All employess :mouth open in “o”
Sanskar:(bossy tone) shut ur mouth and do ur works
All employees immideatly shuts there mouth and sit quitely

Sanskar:(bossy tone) Johan
Johan:yes sir i will do it
Sanskar:(bossy tone) hmm good

Saying thz he goes to his cabin and enters the cabin and finds
Swara was sitting alone

Sanskar:swara where is ragini
Swara:she left be’coz of some office work
Sanskar:(comes sits beside her) hmmm
Waise swara u r looking gorgeous haan
Swara:(blushes) sanskarrrrr
Sanskar:ya i know my name don’t need to remind me k
swara:sanaku cutiee all ur employees r afarid u na
Sanskar:yes and not only they all should be
Swara:me also
Sanskar:(naughty smile) yes u also

Saying thz he leans towards her lips but she was moving back atlast she falls on couch and he come upon her

Sanskar:really u r looking beautiful(huskly)

And caresses her face with his lips and kisses near her lips she was loosing her patience he was just caressing his lips near her lips finally she loses her patience and pulled him and placed her rosy lips on his rough lips and kissed it he too responded to it with equal passion and love soon they patted away due to lack of oxygen
And was staring eachother romantically

Swara:(keeps her hands around his neck) sansku cutiee get up and eat ur lunch
Sanskar:(teases) ooooh swara thz is office k so control urself but dont worry tat we can do in our room
swara:(blushes) sanskuuuu plz get up u always sleep on me like thz (pouts)
Sanskar:(teases) so u want a kiss again so tat only u r keeping thz expression na

Again was leaning towards her lips
But swara pushes him and make him sit and sits beside

Swara:shut up eat ur lunch
Sanskar:hmmm well k

They eat there lunch together and leaves to SM MANSHION with a smile

Screen freezes on there smiling faces

I know guys u all dnt liked na but kya kare i was not in mood so wrote something plz do comments guys be’coz thz is 3rd last part

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