swasan! you r my life!! episode -12

Hi guys thz is tanu and here is next epi:-)


IT was a beautiful morning the birds were chirping the cool breeze was dacing to a rythm of union of two love birds who were sleeping peacfully in eachother embrace cuddling and holding eachother tightly such tat sanskar was top of swara sleeping on here holding here tightly like she is a most percious diamond for him no no more than tat

Just then the sunrays on swara disturbing her sleeping she opened her eyes and saw the most important person her love her life sleeping on her peacfully she smiles seeing his cute angelic face and blushes remembering last night

Swara: (blushes and smiles)awwe my cute hubby u r looking chooo cheewt muhwaa

(caresses his hairs and kisses on his head and on his both cheeks showing her love )
And places his head on pillow slowly yet softly to not disturb his sleep and was about to go but a strong hand pulled her she was shocked but later realized IT was her cute hubby

Swara: oooh sanskar u r awake haa -_-♥♥
Sanskar: yes when u was staring like anything tat time only i waked up 😉
Swara: i was staring u be’coz u were looking chooo cute(pulls his cheeks );-) my sansku cutiee
Sanskar:(irritiated) Swara plz stop calling me cute im not cute k
Swara.:no no i will call sansku cutieeonly:-)
Sanskar:then even i will keep u a name

Sanskar:yes YOU R MY LIFE na then i will hmmmm eeee haaan jaan(caresses her cheeks by his nose) JAAN
Swara:blushes :sanskarrrr plz leave me na
Sanskar:hmmm nnnnnn(still caressing)
Sanskar:hmm k but u should give me a kiss
Swara:(smiles) k
Swara:i said i will kiss my hubby only na then y r u shocked ha

Sanskar:no i thought girls will shy sooo
Swara:i guess there hubby’s r not cute but my hubby ish cutee (pulls his cheeks again) then y i should shy to kiss u my cutiee(winks)

Saying she lean towards his place and placed her soft and rosy lips on his rough lips he smiles the kiss they were showing there love passion to eachother throught tat kiss he bites her upper lips and sucked it tasting her lips she opened her mouth to give him more access they were kissing eachother wildly his hands were caressing her bare back all over the kiss was turning more wild so she digged her nails on his bare chest and was cltuching his hairs pushing him more on her deepening the kiss soon they patted away due to lack of oxygen and was staring eachother lovingly

Swara:(hugs him) i love u sanskar

Sanskar:(hugs too) i love u too swara(teases) waise swara i asked u only to kiss me but dnt said u to kiss me on lips u could have kissed me on cheeks also na
Swara:(teases) wat to do sanskar i couldn’t control myself seeing ur delicious lips(blushes)

Saying thz she pushed him and immideatly ran to the washroom leaving him shocked by her reply

Sanskar:(shocked) ohhh god impossible girl (smiles and scratches his head)

Soon swara came out of wasroom seeing her with wet hairs he was just spellbounded she was looking awesome in golden anrakali suit with red duppta
He stood up and walked towards her with a naughty smile staring her she felt his gaze on her and was blushing like a red tamato soon she composed herself and turn towards him

Swara:sanskar go to washroom
Sanskar:(naughty smile)no today i don’t have mood to go washroom
Sanskar:(naughty smiles)yes(winks)

Swara understood his intension and pushed him inside the washroom

Swara:(pushes him) no no no u have to gooooooooo
Sanskar:heyyy arreyyy swaraaa listennn….

Before he could say she closed the door with THUDDDD!!!

Swara:(giggels) hehehehehehehe
Sanskar:(from inside) i will not leave u
Swara:watevere huh!

Saying thz she beagan to dry her hairs soon aftersometime sanskar came out of the washroom tieing towel around his waist his wet bare body was sooooooooo hot swara was awestruck to see his hot wet bare body she was lost in him staring him from the mirrion
Sanskar noticed it and went towards her with a naughty smile hugged from back placing his chin on her shoulder and his hand on her belly he was caressing her shoulder with his lips the water drops from his head was falling on her lips then on her neck she was blushing more and more she cluted her anarkali tightly feeing his touch she was controlling herself

Sanskar:(husky tone.) Swaraaaa y was u staring at me
Swara:blushing and was looking down

Sanskar turned her towards him and made her to look into his eyes tat is was for swara she couldn’t control herself

Swara:sanskar u r looking sooooo hot in wet bare body I’m sooo happy becoz my hubby is hotieeeeee (kiss on his collor bone)
Sanskar:( his mouth was opened with shock):swara u r really a impossible girl
Swara:tat i know(winks) now u go get ready
sanskar just noded

Now sanskar was ready he was dressed in white t-shirt and pink coat he was looking cute yaaar hey girls don’t keep bad eye on him he is ur jiju yaar hehehehehehe or may be bhai also hehehehe but not mine

Swara:(suprised) sanskar thzzz…..
Sanskar:yes u bought na for me
Swara:but u don’t like thz colour
Sanskar:(cups his face) but u like it na tats enough for me (kisses her forehead lovingly)swara hugs him

Swara:(release the hug) waise i told u na tat u look cuteeeee in pink seee u r looking cho cuteee (pulls his cheeks again pata nahi life mai kitne baar uske cheeks ko pull karegi bechara sansku)
Sanskar:(smiles) acha u come sit here

Made her sit on the chair infront of mirrior
And took mangalsutar made her wear and filled her hairline with sindoor a lone drop escaped from her eyes
He made her stand and turned towards him and kissed her forehead yet lovingly
While she was just staring him with loads of love .he again turned her and back hugged placing his chin on her shoulder

Sanskar:(whisphere) perfect
Swara blushes and smiles

Just then they heared a knock on the door

Suresh: sanskar sir tea
Sanskar:(bossy tone) come in and keep it over there
Suresh noded and keeps the tea and left

Swara:soo come let’s have tea
Sanskar:(smiles)k jaan

Sanskar sits on the couch while swara serves him tea and was about to sit on couch but sanskar pulls her made her sit on his lap

Sanskar:(raised his eye brows omg kya look de raha hai) wat!!!
Swara:(smiles)nothing hmmm wwwww eeeee waiseee sanskar say about OUR family means how many members r there in it and all
sanskar:i and u haan lucky also
Swara:tats it haan

Sanskar:ya haan u me, lucky,ragini and ur family also my family only na
Swara:(fears) tats it
Sanskar:haan…hmmmm (teases) oooooh so u want another member haan if u want come let’s do it (winks)
Swara:(blushes)sanskarrrrrr stop it k (fears) I’m mmmm asking about mmm maheswari family

Hearing thz he got angry and immideatly made swara stand from his lap and he too stood and was about to go but swara held his wrist

Sanskar:(angry tone)swara i don’t want to talk about it
Swara:(pouts)so u won’t tell me haa go even i will not talk to u(turns)
Sanskar:(melts) impossible girl (made her turn) k don’t be angry i will tell u
Swara:(excitedly hugs him) sachiiiiii
Sanskar:(smiles)hmmmmm come sit
swara:(glares at him angryly)

Sanskar:now wat
Swara:u r too baddddd
Sanskar:arrey now wat did i do haa
swara:u dnt make me sit in ur lap na(turns)
sanskar:(smiles)ooh is it so then come meri jaan

He pulled her again made her sit on his lap

Swara:(hugs him) u r soo sweet i love u
Sanskar:i love u tooo
Swara:(smiles) k k now tell
Sanskar:hmmmmmm (smiles) there r many members 1sty my big bro adarsh bhai and his wife pari bhai (smiles widely) and my cute lil sis uttara anddddd badima,mom,dad,badepapa (in tears)

Swara see’s thz and feels bad and hugged him tightly he buried his face into her neck hugged back tightly

Just then they hears a voice from down

swasan:(looks at eachother) ragini
Ragini:swara jijuuuu

They immideatly went downstair while going
Swara:(murmuring) thz ragini always she comes to disturb my romance oh god yeh meri sis hai ya dushman
sanskar:(hears thz and smiles)

In hall

Sanskar:hi ragini
ragini:(smiles) hi jiju (to swara) and swara stop cursing me k
Swara:(shocked)how do u know
Ragini:(attitude) i know everything and haan i dnt came to disturb ur romance k but i came here to take u with me
Swara:again but y?
Ragini:(sad) swara u forget tat ur sis engagement is after t 2days haan have to.do shopping and all and u know very well i can’t do it without u so i came here
Swara:oooh I’m solly k.wait i will come
(Keeps her hand on head) offooo sanskar i forget to tell u tat ragini’s engagement is….
Sanskar:(interupted)yaya i know lucky told me (to ragini) congratuation ragini
Ragini:(smiles)thank u jiju

Just the suresh comes

Suresh:swara mam breakfast
Swara:ya we will come suresh
Sanskar:suresh come here.
Suresh shocked and goes to him
Suresh:yes sanskar sir
Sanskar:suresh u don’t need to call swara as swara mam u can call her swara bhabhi
Suresh:(happy and tears) k and for u sanskar bhai can i call again u as bhai
Sanskar:(glares at him)
He just noded and leaves

Swara:(sees thz) wat happen sanskar
Sanskar:nothing jaan come let’s have breakfast ragin u also come
Ragini:k jiju

Soon they completed breakfast

Sanskar:u both r going for shooping na come i will drop

Soon they reached to the mall

Swaragini:bye jiju /sanskar
Sanskar:(smiles) bye ragini (kiss swara’s forehead) bye jaan (oooh getting I’m jealous yaar)

Sanskar left from their
Swaragini headed inside the mall

Swara:offo ragini u go i will come
Ragini:wat happen swaruuuu
Swara:i have to make a call sooooo
Ragini:(teases) to tell jiju i love u and all haan
Ragini:k baba I’m going
She left from their

Ragini went inside and saw sumi sitting with some ladies

Ragini:(happy) ma, chachi bhabhi app sab yahan
Sumi:ragini beta even they wanted to do shopping so they came in thz mall coincidently
Ragini:(happy tone) oh god I’m soo happy we will do shopping together yeppee

Just then swara come

Swara:(smiles)hi ma (hugs her)
Sumi:hi shona
all looks at her confusedly
Sumi:oh i forget to introduce her (to all) she is only my another daughter sw…
Swara:swara sanskar maheswari
All:super duper shock
While she take blessings from them

So guys how was thz episode hope u all liked it plzplzplzzzzz do comments guys

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