SwaSan! You r my Life!! episode -1


Hi guys thz is tanu and here it is 1st episode of my ff hope u all like it


A palace like manshion is shown it is a huge manshion with silence it is like no one leaves there and there a huge room is shown and a huge size bed in which a man is sleeping but not peacefully something is bothering him even in.the sleep .just his phone rings

Ring….! Ring…..! Ring…..!

Man:(irritiated and searching his mobile) whoz thz yar disturbing my sleep

(Got his mobile and saw the caller id and was suprised and happy seeing tat immedeatly got up)

Mobile conversation
Man:(happy) hello lucky boy how r u ha
Lucky:i’m fine sanskar bhai (dull voice)

Yes guys the man is sanskar

Sankar:(smiles) hmmm wat’s bothering to my bro ha
Lucky:wo..wo bhai nothing leave tat
Sanskar:don’t lie k I’m ur bro
Lucky:k baba i will say bhai i said u about my project na it is runied bhai someone had misplaced my project bhai
Sanskar:lucky is thz the same project for which u worked hard
Lucky:yes bhai (dull voice)
Sanskar:hmmmm don’t worry k and be my lucky boy i don’t want to hear thz dull voice of urs k
Lucky:(smiles) k bhai bye i will come to ur office k
Sanskar:hmmm good k bye
(Call disconnected)

Sanskar was lost in thoughts just then he remmbered something and called JOHAN his p.a

Mobile conversation
Sanskar:(bossy tone) hello johan
Johan: good morning sir any problem
Sanskar:haa actually (tells something and smirks)
Johan:sure sir ur work will be done and he will not dare to do it again with anyone(assures)
sanskar:good k bye (smirks evily)
Johan:(smiles) bye sir
(Call disconnects)

Sanskar:(shouts) suresh suresh suresh
Suresh:(a servent middle age man came running) yes sir here is ur tea
Sanskar:(takes the tea cup) (takes a sip of tea and bossy tone say’s) say dolly to arrange breakfast i will come in 5min’s
Suresh:(nod his head) k sir can i go now
Sanskar:(bossy tone) k go

Soon he got fresh up and was dressed in white shirt, black blazer,and black pant and was,looking stunning,handsome and hot soon he came down and was having his breakfast there was a pin drop silence which was broken by dolly a servant above the age of 45

Dolly:sanskar baba thank u for saving my son yesterday if u would have not given me the money then…then my son would have been died (tears)
Sanskar:(clam tone) don’t be thank u i just paid for ur work k and waise how is ur son
dolly:(smiles) he is fine baba
Sanskar:(clam tone) good so i will leave now

And left from there

Suresh :dolly aunt sanskar sir is nice person na
Dolly:haan suresh he is very good person he paid me salary 1st only but yesterday he helped me by giving me money tat was not any salary but he helped me
Suresh:but y he show’s tat he is a rude person to everyone
Dolly:it is a long story suresh he was not like thz he was a very lovely boy who cares for everyone but destiny played with him and all colors of his life vanished now he is colourless(sad tone)
Suresh:i wish ki someone come to his life and colour his life again
Dolly:(smiles) i wish tooo

Screen shift to a girl bedroom

A girl is sleeping peacefully she is like sleeping beauty and another girl is trying to wake her

Girl:swaraaaaa get up fast

Yes the girl who is sleeping is swara our heroine

Swara:(sleepy tone) rag’s plz let me sleep yar

The other girl is ragini
Ragini:swara don’t irritiate me get up sat see sahil and astha also came
Swara:(sleepy tone) then u go and talk to them na y u r disturbing me
Ragini:swara did u forget tat sahil and astha is leaving for delhi 2morrow they told us tat today they want to enjoy with us na
Swara:(sleepy tone) ohh haan k wait i will get ready k
Ragini:(simles) k

Soon she got ready and both the sister’s to the hall

Sahi and astha:good morning swara and ragini
Swaragini:(smiles) good morning
Sahil:so come let’s leave
Swaragini and astha:k

They went to a coffe shop

Swara:(taking a sip of coffee) hmmm waise rag’s 2mro u r going for a interview na
Ragini:yes swara and u know tat.ki…..
Swara:haan haan i know ki thz job is ur life time opportunity and u sacrified everything for it
Rag:and thz is my life also
sahil:waise swara u too can join a job na how many day’s will u teach for the orphange children’s yar
Swara:sahil teaching them gives me happiness and very much happy with wat is there with me
Astha:no one can argue with u leave it
Swara:(smiles) yes

Swaragini and astha was invovled in talks laughing and all. Sahil was just staring swara


Sanskar enters surrounded with bodygaurds as soon as he entered everyone got up and wish him

Employees:good morning sir
Sanskar:(bossy tone) morning

And left to his cabin
He was doing something just then there was knock

Knock knock knock

Sanskar:(bossy tone) yes johan come in
johan:good morning sir
Sanskar:(bossy tone) wat’s going on
Johan:everything is going as per u ordered me sir everyone r waiting for u in meeting conferance
Sanskar:(smirks evily) good come let’s go and watch movie
johan:(smiles) yes sir

They went a huge room where a huge table was there surrounded with above 10 people’s r seated and there was a chair left in the middle of the table as soon as sanskar entered all stand and greeted him

Person: hello MR SM we r glad to meet u
Sanskar:(clam tone) thanks and all plz be seated
Person:so MR SM whoz project wanna u see 1st
Johan:mr mehra’s
Mehra:omg I’m very glad tat u choosed my project MR SM
Sanskar and johan:(smirks evily)

He connected his pendrive to the projector but instead of any business project it was
A movie

sanskar:smirks evily

Sanskar:(serious tone) wat is thz mr mehra

Listening to him everyone kept quite

Mehra:MR SM seriously i have no idea about it
Sanskar:wat how careless u r ha see guys thz man have no idea about his own project then how can anyone handle there responsibity to him huh

All became serious

Person.:mr mehra i want to take my sharet which gave to u i don’t want to risk my company becoz of
Mehra:but listen.. if thz happen then i will suffer huge loss
Person:we don’t care plz give back our share to us
All persons says the same and gave back there share

Sanskar:(was seeing thz and was smirking evily) guys i think u all should leave now the meeting will be conducted 2mrow k
All:as ur wish MR SM and execuse us

All left from there only sanskar,johan and mehra who is in verg of crying was left

Sanskar towards him

Sanskar:(smirks evily) mr mehra right u know thz all is done by me
Mehra:(confused) u but y

Just then lucky enters

Lucky:bhai..wo…(see mehra ) Mr Mehra u(confused)
Sanskar:lucky i will be waiting for u in cabin come fast
Lucky:but bhai…
He left without listening to him
Mehra:Mr Laksh r u brother of MR SM
Laksh:yes but u here
Mehra:I’m sorry Mr Laksh
Laksh:sorry but y (to johan)wat is thz johan
Johan:wo lasksh sir he is the one who had stolen ur project pendrive so SM sir played a game tat by which he lost his all projects
Laksh:oh god thz bhai na (to mehra) and u…
mehra:sorry Mr Laksh i mean laksh sir
Laksh:oh man sorry now i can’t help my bro loves me very much so he was not.able to see me sad on morning so tat only he did all thz and i can’t argue with him

He left to sanskar’s cabin

Lucky:hi mere bhai
Sanskar:hi lucky
lucky:bhai y u did tat to mehra
Sanskar:he stoled ur project and moreover u was sad becoz of him how…
Lucky:oohoo k bhai leave tat no one can argue with u

They were having good time together

New employee:hey i dnt saw any one going to SM sir cabin except tat johan yar but today did u saw a handsome boy entered to sir’s cabin staright away without any knock
Employee:hey he is sir’s bro and he loves him very much
New employee:waise SM sir is very hot and dashing yaar every girls would like to have a bf like him na
Employee:yes u right but u know one thing he doesn’t like girls actually he hate them from the corer of his heart
New employee:wat!! But y
Employee:who knowz yar now stop ur questions if he sees us chitchating then we will be fiered
New employee:hmmm k

At night

Ragini and astha left becoz they were having some work

Swara and sahil were walking on the road talking to.eachother

Just then a car came towards them in speed swara saw thz and shouted

Swara:(shouts) sahil!!!
(Sahil saw the car and backed off but the car hitted his leg and his leg got fracture

Swara:u stupid can’t u see and drive

But no responses the car left

Swara saw a symbol on tat car
Swara:SM thz i saw somewhere but. Where
Sahil:aaaha swara plz help me yar
Swara:haan haan

Both went to hospital and dressed sahil’s wound and swara left to her house

Swaragini room

Swara roaming from here there
Ragini:(confused) swara wat happen yar
Swara:ragini u know wat today i and sahil was walking on the road then a car came in speed and dashed sahil
Ragini:wat!!! Wat happen to him
Swara:his leg got factured yar u know wat ragini i just hate thz rich persons he dnt care to take him hospital atleast he should ask him sorry na not even tat. Thz rich person ‘s think’s tat all world belongs to them
Ragini:offo swara enough plz sleep and also leave me to sleep

(Pulled the blanket and slept)

Swara:(thinking) who is thz SM i heard thz name somewhere
Just then her eyes fall on newspaper in which SM is written she immedealty took it and read

Swara:SM the bigest business tycoon

Swara went towards the window and was seeing the moon

Swara:if he is business tycoon means wat ha how can he drive like tat today sahil got accident 2mro it will be any other no will talk to him how can he be so heartless i just hate thz rich person they don’t care anyone i will thz SM 2mrow samajtha kya hai apne app ko

Here in sanskar room

Sanskar was sleeping on the bed actually he was not sleeping his eyes r open and he was lost intoughts

Sanskar:(takes a photo frame from under the pillow and crasses it) i love u all I’m feeling very lonely here no one r here to care me no one(a drop of tear came from his eyes and he hugged tat frame) but u all dnt trused me u all belevied her i want to die but i can’t I’m very lonely

Soon both dozed offf

Precap:swasan face to face and swara slaps sanskar

Credit to: tanu

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