Swasan (Pyar ki shuruat) Part 2

Hello friends and I am back hope u all liked the previous episode
Swara leves baadi
Sharmishta asks her where did she stay but she told her mom tat she stayed in her friends home
Swara and sanskar talk to each other in phone
Swara :Voh main batana chahti hunk i kal ragini ka Birthday hai toh hum kuch plan kare?
Sanskar : Of course swara
Swara : So what will we do
Sanskar : U take ragini and come to my home at the night and we will have a party
Swara : Wow that’s a great idea
Then all are waiting for the night
All the members come to maheshwari mansion
Sanskar announces that there is a double celebration tomorrow
Everyone are eagerly waiting for the surprise but sanskar says that he will say that tomorrow morning only
Then they start the party

Swara and sanskar dance on a song
Then the full family starts dancing
Swara takes sanskar to him room and asks him to say what is the surprise
Swara : Tell me na what is the surprise
Sanskar : Yah come here and the surprise is…..
Ragini comes and knocks the door and says swara that they have to leave now
Sanskar whispers in swara’s ears that she has to come with her family tomorrow
Swara thinks that sanskar has planned another surprise for ragini
And he gives her a green and blue dress and asks her to wear it the next morning
Then at the next morning swara comes with the full family to maheshwari mansion
Swara : Batao na? What is the surprise
Sanskar : Patience swara
Then a pandit enters the house
Annapurna : Yeh kya hai sanskar?
Sanskar : Maa I wanted to fix mine and swara’s marriage date
Annapurna : Itni jaldi hai tume u did not even say it to me

Then the pandit says that After 3 days there is a good date for their marriage
Sujata : 3 days??? But how can we prepare for everything
Sanskar : I will make the preparations
Sharmishta gets a call from shekhar and says them that we will final that date for marriage and says that they have to leave now
Sanskar holds swara’s hand and says that he loves her soooo much
Swara says that she loves him too and says that maa is waiting and she has to leave now
Sanskar says swara to be ready at the evening as he has to take her somewhere.

Precap : Sanskar gifts swara a lehenga and tells her to wear at their marriage

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