Swasan (Pyar ki shuruat) Part 1

Hey friends hope u all will read this and u will luv reading this
This is the story after swasan start loving eachother

Sanskar calls swara and asks her to come to a hotel
Swara comes there.She is surprised to see all the decorations
Swara : Wow sanskar yeh sab tumne kiya kya?
Sanskar : Yes
Swara : I wanna tell you something
Sanskar : Kya??
After a dinner he drops swara at baadi
Swara goes in and Sanskar leaves
After sanskar leaves she sees him and goes to maheswari house
Sanskar is in his room thinking about swara and swara tries to come in using window
But sanskar goes out somewhere
When she keeps her leg in she slips and falls down but sanskar catches her
Then he says swara to go back but she doesn’t goes
Sanskar : Its late u sleep here today and go home at morning
Swara : k where will I sleep
Sanskar : Bed pe
Swara : Where will u sleep?
Sanskar : Couch mein
Swara : Nahi sanskar tum us taraf so jao aur mein is taraf
Sanskar : Ok
Swara keeps many pillows between they and they start sleeping but Sanskar kicks out all the pillow and hugs swara
Swara : Wat r u doin??Leave me
Sanskar : Kyaa mein toh apne honewali beewi ko gale laga raha hun
Swara : Dekho yeh sab shaadi ke baad karna
Sanskar : Good Night
The next day Annapurna comes to sanskar’s room to give him some coffee
She sees swasan sleeping together in the same bed
And she wakes up swara and tells her to go to baadi fast before everyone sees her
Swara gets up and goes but sanskar catches her hand
Swara : Leave me sanskar I have to go
Sanskar : Toh tum mujhe bye bhi nahi kahoge
Swara : Acha byee sanskar

Precap : Swasan go out for a party and dance together

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