Swasan Pyar to hona hi Tha Episode 4

Hello Guys…I am back with the Fourth Episode of Swasan Pyar to hona hi tha…
Important note: – Guys I have made a leap of 10 years…So Today’s episode is after 10 years…Guys Please read the important note after reading full chapter.

I will not speak more…Lets start the fourth chapter………..
A girl is seen writing a dairy…Her face is not visible….

Dear Sammy,
How are you? Oops Sorry How will you answer me? It has been 10 years since I am talking with you but still I am not able to change my habit…You know what tomorrow I am going back to India…I am living in London from past three years…I have came here to heal my wound…But how can this place will heal my wound…It may be have healed my external pain but what about my internal pain….After one week there is My Sanky’s wedding…Oops Sorry, I can’t say him mine…He is going to become someone others…I loved him since my childhood…Oh ho again Sorry, I don’t loved him…I love him and I will always love him…He is my life…I am alive because he is alive…But my fate, He don’t love me…He love my besti cum my soul mate Aradhya…I can’t force him to love me…May be in this life, He will not be mine…When I got to know that he don’t love me, I thought to do suicide…But how can I do suicide…Someone is smiling because I am smiling…They are my loving parents…If I will do suicide, I will be free from all pains…But my parents will live a painful life…How can I let them to live a painful life…The person who sacrifices his everything just for my smiling face so How can I make them sad just because of my love…He may be my love, my life but my soul is my parents…And Someone great said that Love is not living with that person, It is about living for that person… I am living in this world just because of him…His smiling face make me to forget my all pain… I love him like so much…My love is like stars…It cannot be counted…So enough of my blabbering dear…
Ok Bye and Love you…

The girl closes her diary…Her face is revealed to be Swara…Yes She is our Swara…She is crying…Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes…It seems that from many years she didn’t cried and today she is crying her heart out…
It is raining heavily…Rain!!!….Rain was her favourite season since her childhood…She always feels that god is showering his love in the form of rain…

She goes to the terrace and sit like a thud on the floor and starts crying loudly…
Jab jab tere paas main aaya, Ik sukoon mila
Jise main tha bhoolta aaya, Wo wajood mila
Jab aaye mausam gham ke, Tujhe yaad kiya
Jab sehme tanhapan se, Tujhe yaad kiya
Hmm..dil… Sambhal ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu
Dil yahin ruk jaa zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu
Aisa kyun kar hua janu naa
Main janu naa o..o..
Dil sambhal ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu
Dil yahin ruk ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu

Jis raah pe, hai ghar tera
Aksar wahan se, haan main hoon guzra
shayad yahin dil mein raha
Tu mujh ko mil jaye, Kya pata…

Kya hai yeh silsala
Janu naa, Main janu naa
Dil sambhal ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu
Dil yahin ruk ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu

Kuch bhi nahi Jab darmayaan
Phir kyun hai dil, tere hi khwaab bunta
Chaha ki de, tujhko bhula
Par yeh bhi mumkin ho na sakaa…
Kya hai yeh maamla, Janu naa
Main janu naa

Dil sambhal ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu
Dil yahin ruk ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu
Dil sambhal ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu
She remembered each and every moment which she have spent with Sanskar…A smile appeared on her face…but reality hits her…She stood up and wipe her tears…

Swara POV
No Swara you can’t be weak…From past five years a single drop of tear not fell from your eyes and today this much of tears…No Swara No…I have to be ready for tomorrow…You have to be happy for your parents and for your love…He is my best friend first…He will feel guilty for hurting me and I don’t want that…
She starts packing her things…She open the cupboard to take out her things but suddenly her gaze fell on three diaries…She take out the those diaries…She opened a beautiful pink colour diary and saw the first page…The page was decorated very beautifully and in the center it was written My Love Story with a beautiful font…It looked like it took her a whole day to complete this…She turns the page and in next page it was written about love…She has written almost 3 pages about love…She starts turning pages…Each Page has Sanskar’s pictures…In the last page it was written that SANSKAR IN MY LIFE YOU ARE MY DREAM BUT IN MY DREAM YOU ARE MY LIFE..
(Sanskar meri Zindagi me tum sirf ek sapna ho par mere sapne main tum meri Zindagi ho…) I LOVE U SO MUCH…She starts crying…She kisses on Sanskar’s photo and told to picture that Keep Smiling like this….


Scene 2 – In India (Sanskar’s Room)
Sanskar was crying holding the picture of Swara…He said to picture that Why you left me Swara…I love u so much…Please come back to me…I know you also love me…I have seen love in your eyes for me many times…Then Why the hell you left me…Why you left me??Why Swara Why…He starts crying loudly…


Both tried to sleep but sleep was very far from their eyes…They both think that their love is one sided but in real it is not…They both are made for each other…They are heavenly couple…But both unaware with the fact that their love story is not simple…They have to give test many times of their love And every time they will be succeed..


SO guys done with fourth chapter…I know many of you will be confused…Guys thoda sa suspense to banta hai…
Important Note: – Guys In this story I have given you a message that don’t hurt your parents…Sometimes Many problems comes in our life…WE feel so lonely…That we take a drastic step suicide…But Guys think hundred times before doing this…Think about your parents…What they will feel…I know sometimes our parents force us to do Particular thing Mainly in occupation or marriage…But Guys if you don’t want to go in particular field…Don’t go…Listen your heart because our heart never shows us wrong path…Try to make your parents understand that I don’t want to become this…You all have seen 3 Idiots Movie…In that Movie Farhan’ s Parents were forcing him to become an engineer…But he didn’t want…So by the guidance of Rancho he confronts his father and Later his father agrees…You guys also try to make your parents understand…I know they will surely understand you…OMG this much long bhasadh…So sorry for that…Actually in my neighborhood one girl has done suicide because her parents were forcing her to become Doctor but she want to be Journalist…So I thought to share this with u all…If you have felt bad then Sorry for that…

TO UNKNOWN AND SDJHOIUTSX:- Thank you soo much u both for your feedback…I have read all the episodes of my fan fictions at least 2 times and I realized my mistakes…But from next time don’t use abusive words…I really felt bad…

AND TO ALL MY READERS AND SILENT READERS:- Thank so much for your love and support…I have tried to improve…So you all tell me How much I have improved and how much I need to improve through your comments…Guys This song is not romantic song…Because of lyrics only I have added this song…I cannot say that I will be regular…I will post my ff on weekends…Till then Bye all of u and love u all so much…Don’t forget to comment….

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