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I finally figured out the name for my story… It may not suit the story at first… But it will make sense later on!
So…. We will begin with a short intro about the characters and then move on to chapter 1….
Hope you all like this as much as Mr Maheshwari and I… And yeah… I would like feedback from all of you for this…. I am starting this on my own… So not really sure…
Well.. Let’s go on with the intro and story…… Again… I hope you like it… Beginnings always make me nervous
Swara Gadodia – 20 years old! An extemely beautiful, cute, bubbly girl who is a hardcore romantic at heart! She always hopes to find her ONE… And she has… Until that day when everything goes wrong…..
Ragini Gadodia – 18 years old! An extremely beautiful girl who is practical at heart. She cannot understand how her sister can fantasize about her ONE…
Shekar Gadodia – Their father. A military doctor! A stern widower who loves his daughters but doesn’t know how to show it. Loved his wife Sharmishta a lot.
Sanskaar Maheshwari – 22 years old! A hottie!! A sweet guy who is heir to a rich business empire. Works with his father at Maheshwari Industries Pvt Ltd… Is a very relaxed and a happy go lucky guy.
Durgaprasad Maheshwari – Sanskaar’s bade papa! But became Sanskaar’s father ever since Sanskaar’s parents died when he was 5. Is a widower. His wife Annapurna died when Sanskaar was 19. Is a strict person who thinks only of his duty.
Laksh Rathore – Sanskaar’s best friend and owner of RATHORE HOTEL ENTERPRISES… Plays a sort of major role… Will decide soon…
They all live in a town PARNA which is about 3 hours from Kolkata. The Maheshwaris commute everyday to office.
ONE LAST THING… In my prologues, It started with 8 years later… But my story starts from 8 years ago.. I didn’t want to show a flashback….
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.
How many times had she read this sentence? How many times had she read that book, for that matter. 300, 400, more than that? She didn’t know.
Swara set the book down on her lap and leaned back against the tree trunk under which she was sitting. She stared fondly at the book, PRIDE and PREJUDICE, which was almost falling apart due to the excessive usage.
Swara : Jane Austen Ji! Elizabeth got her Mr Darcy… Jane got her Mr Bingley. When am I going to get my ONE? Vaise… I don’t want a Mr Darcy. It will complicate my life too much. I will be happy with a simple Mr Bingley. Who fell in love with a simple town girl Jane. (her eyes glaze dreamily) My Mr Bingley… Yes.. One who will fall in love with right on the spot. One who will twirl me around and around until I’m no longer able to breathe. One who will comfort me when I’m sad….. Haaye… Mujhe kab milega mera voh?
She stared at the book again. Her father had gifted it to her when she was 12. It was her first romance novel. This was the novel that made her fantasize about her future life. Her future husband. She smiled and began wondering…
Swara (thinking) : Where will he be? What does he do? Does he have a fortune like Mr Bingley? Does he need a wife? Will I ever find him? Bhagwan Ji… Give me one clue na? You know that I’ve wanted to be a young blushing bride ever since I was 6. Ever since I went to Mitali aunty’s wedding. And when I got this book, My wish grew a thousandfold. Everyone gets their happy ending na? When will I get mine? I’m already 20 Bhagwan Ji! Do you want me to wrinkle before I meet my soulmate? At least give me a clue as to what he does.. I’m going mad picturing so many faces all these years. Will he match my dreams? Will he be my Mr Bingley? Will he be my Romeo? Without the problems ofcourse…
Her eyes widened and she looked up at the sky.
Swara : Bhagwan Ji! I won’t face any problems with him na? I just want a simple loving marriage. With work, quarrels, dances, parties, poojas…. Haan but one condition! I should always win the quarrels. Whether it’s shopping or who gets to watch the television, Swara Gadodia will only win. Is that ok? I will not let him watch football and tennis when my Jon Snow is there… When I sit and watch Masterchef Australia.. When I watch my hindi movies. You know what… Even better.. Let him be the type of man who will come and watch my sappy sappy favourite movies… Kuch kuch hota hai, Kabhi khushi kabhi gham… We both will cuddle and watch together. Manzoor?
She finally stopped talking and then realized she was rambling to herself. She sighed. Ragini was always telling her to be more sensible and practical, that love was not for everyone and that she should stop living in the clouds and come back to the Earth.
She could practically hear Ragini’s voice in her head
*Swara! Again? How many times have you thought about your so called one? Everyday you are sure that today is the day you will meet him but he doesn’t. Seriously… How do you look at life this way? Swara! Swara! Sunn rahi ho? Are yaar! Kya karoon iss ladki ke saath. *
Swara laughed. Ragini was her angel. Her voice of reason. And somewhere Swara felt she was right. That love was not for everyone. But she couldn’t help it.
Everytime she read her books or watched her TV shows…. Be it Nicholas Sparks, Julia Quinn, Georgette Heyer, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Modern family or her favourite author, Jane Austen, Her knees turned to jelly. She immediately began to think about her future. Will she be as loved as Elizabeth? Will she get a husband like Ross Geller? Without the divorces Of course…
Wait… Why was she thinking of Ross now?
Swara (rolling her eyes) : You have got to learn to focus Swara! Papa is right, you know! At the rate you keep rambling on and on.. Switching from one topic to another, You will lose your own head some day. Speaking of Papa, It is already 5…. He will be expecting you soon. But not right now… So Chalo, I will read for some more time. At least half an hour.
She arranged herself comfortably and began to read. After about ten minutes however, She dropped the book, got up to her feet and looked around her. She then went around the tree three times, before looking frantically on all sides. She even went near the lake and searched as far as she could.
Swara (wiping the sweat from her brow) : OH SHIT! I’ve lost him.
Sanskaar Maheshwari, Heir to the humongous Maheshwari business empire was usually not a person given to fancies but now, he was sure he was in love.
Ever since he had laid eyes upon her he couldn’t seem to move. The girl by the lake. It wasn’t her beauty. Oops, that came out wrong. He just couldn’t see her that well from where he was.
He was completely sure that the girl was gorgeous. Her hair was silky black and straight. Her shoulders was angled and she wore a simple shirt with palazzos that seemed to be made for her. Yes, He was sure she was beautiful. But he had seen many beautiful ladies in his life.
It wasn’t her intelligence. Well, He didn’t mean to insult her but she had just walked around the tree THREE times for no reason. And earlier she had appeared to be talking to herself. Or maybe it was God… She was looking up quite often.
Yes… This girl was not like anyone else like he had met but she didn’t seem to be that weird either. Anyways, Sanskaar was sure that the girl had bewitched him and now he was in love with her. Or atleast halfway in love with her.
His eyes suddenly narrowed. What was she doing?
She was climbing the damn tree. He stared doubtfully at her bare feet and then at the huge banyan tree. Could she do it? She looked very small compared to the tree. Was she trying to kill herself?
This alarming thought brought him to his feet and he came out of his hiding place in the adjacent woods. He certainly couldn’t allow her to kill herself.
Sanskaar (thinking) : Why does this poor girl want to kill herself? And if she did, Why choose the tree? Wouldn’t the lake be a better choice?
He thought of her dying and the thought made his heart wrench with pain. Surprised, his pace slowed. She was a stranger. How had he gone and fallen in love with her?
Sanskaar : You’re one mad fellow. If Laksh ever found out… You’re screwed man! First things first though! Stop that girl from committing suicide.
His eyes grew wide. He was impressed. She was quite skilled at climbing the tree. She had already reached the first branch.
Sanskaar : She is a beautiful, talking to herself, crazy, climbing trees person. And you had to fall in love with her. Great, Sanskaar Maheswari. Just great!
Suddenly the girl shouted.
Sanskaar stopped. He was surprised again. Was this girl calling HIM? But then how did she know that he was called duke? Who was this woman? Well, he had better go answer her call!
Girl (again) : DUKE!
Sanskaar stood below her and smiled amiably.
Sanskaar : Hello!
She stared at him like he was some alien creature and then went back to shouting Duke again.
Sanskaar : I’m right here.
Girl : I can see that. Unfortunately, I have better work to do. I have to find Duke.
Sanskaar (Astonished) : But… I’m Duke.
Girl (focusing him for the first time) : I’m really sorry Mister, But you’re not.
Sanskaar (indignantly) : I Am DUKE!
Girl : Oh, I don’t disagree with that. I’m sure you are Duke. You’re just not my Duke.
Red hot jealousy tore through Sanskaar’s veins. Was this girl in love with someone else? Was she not for him?
Sanskaar (a bit curtly) : How do you know I’m not the Duke you seek?
Girl ( Without looking at him as he waited for the answer with bated breath) : Well.. Because my Duke is 8 and you’re well, significantly older than him.
Sanskaar (his heart lightening once again) : 8? You’re looking for an 8 year old boy named Duke?
Girl ( with weary patience) : Yes! Dilip Arora, Known to people as Duke. Now, will you let me complete my task?
Sanskaar : Oh sure! But, Why are you trying to commit suicide? Wouldn’t it be easier to just find him?
What the hell was he telling? Suicide? Why did he bring that up? She was clearly not trying to kill herself. And he knew that.
Sanskaar (thinking) : You wanted to converse with her and this is the topic you chose? (sarcastically) A job well done, Duke!
The girl was now looking at him like he was an insane person. She had climbed even higher, on the third branch or something.
Girl : Suicide?
Sanskaar (playing along) : Yes! What are you doing up there? You can find your Duke right here. Are you scared his parents will scold you?
Girl (exasperated) : I am not commiting suicide. Swara Gadodia isn’t a weak person. I climbed up here so that I can scour the area and maybe spot him. I am a rational human being. But you most certainly are an irrational alien.
Sanskaar snorted. He probably deserved that. So Swara was her name… Nice. Seemed to suit her. Too bad these leaves kept blocking her face.
Sanskaar : Nice to meet you Swara!
Swara : Listen… Are you going to be here a while, just chit-chatting?
Sanskaar (taken aback at her directness) : Probably, why?
Swara : Then you can help me search for him… Just start shouting Duke.
Sanskaar (skeptically) : You want me to shout Duke?
Swara (impatiently) : YES! That’s what I said. Help me find the boy. (muttering softly) The monster
Sanskaar grinned. She wasn’t so silent.
Sanskaar : I heard that.
Swara : I really couldn’t care less. He’s keeping me away from my book. I will call him whatever I wish. NOW GO AND SEARCH FOR THE MONKEY.
Sanskaar (gallantly) : Ofcourse Madam! Anything you say…. I am yours to command.
And he started searching for his namesake.
PRECAP : no idea
So, yeah…. Here is the first chapter. I have tried my best… As we go further I will give longer updates.
I hope you guys will comment. Am a bit nervous about this…. Starting problems you know.. 😛 😛
MISS ME??? Will post MMAI next chapter on 2nd or 3rd June… 🙂 🙂 Till then I won’t see you… Well.. commenting ofcourse.. but nothing else….
Love you all…. hope this too will be a fantastic journey…

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