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Swara falls in love with Sanskaar

Swara was running back home after dropping Duke back home.
Swara : Iss Dilip ko toh mai… Who asked him to go running after frogs? Doesn’t he have any sense? God.. Thankfully Sarita Didi didn’t tell anything about her son’s disheveled appearance. Now, Swara, Run fast before Papa begins to worry. I just hope he isn’t home yet and Ragini has started preparing dinner…
She sighed. Her father was a very difficult man. She knew that he loved his daughters, but he didn’t show it. Maybe it was because of his military training, but Swara didn’t understand him at times. Ragini could understand him better and was more patient. She on the other hand, grew really impatient with him and couldn’t wait to leave that house.
Swara : I am going to marry soon…. My prince will come soon… My Sanskaar!
She smiled happily. She had fallen in love. There was no doubt about that. Now all she had to do was make sure he fell in love with her, get the parents to give their consent and then she would become Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari!
Swara (dreamily) : Just like Jane and Bingley. My life is going to be just like Jane and Bingley!
Just then her phone rang and she came to the real world. Crossly, she picked up the call.
Swara (curtly) : Hello?
Ragini ( from phone) : Swara! Di, Where are you? You know na, Papa will be here any minute! Jaldi aao, Swara!
Swara : Haan… I’m almost there Rags! Stupid Dilip… You know what he did?
Ragini (interrupting) : Swara! Not now… Come home, then we’ll talk.
Swara : Yeah, Fine!
She put the phone inside her bag then ran faster. She reached her house before her father, thankfully.
Swara : Thank God I reached before the grizzly bear came.
Ragini (looking disapprovingly) : Swara Di! You know Papa is not a grizzly bear. Poor guy!
Swara : Papa ki chamchi! He is a grizzly bear. Can’t you see it? ALways so stiff and alert like the world is going to tumble down. And the over-protective nature.. GOD!
Ragini (gently) : Swara! Papa loves us….
Swara (surprised that Ragini would even have to clarify that) : I know Rags! I love Papa too. I just wish he showed it more and trusted us. It’s so hard to talk to him.
Ragini (sighing) : If only Ma was still here…..

Their eyes immediately went to the wall where a portrait of a lovely lady in a blue saree tied in the Bengali way was present. Swara’s eyes glistened with unshed tears. Their Ma had passed away two years ago after battling a violent cancer.
Swara : And after she left, Papa grew hard and stern…. I just wish we could get back our happy father again.
Ragini : Yeah! Me too… But at least, I have you.
Swara smiled and hugged her sister.
Swara : I love you, Ragini! You know that na, Papa ki chamchi?
Ragini (laughing) : Of Course, Pyaar ki chamchi!
Swara (surprised) : Pyaar ki chamchi?
Ragini : Haan! You’re so infatuated by the idea of love… I can’t believe you want it. All it does is hurt you.
Swara : Do you believe in love, Ragini?
Ragini : I do Swara! But how do you trust some stranger with your life? How are you so sure that he will be yours and yours alone?
Swara : When you love someone, you will know…. By the way, That reminds me, Do you know what happened today?
Ragini : What happened?
Swara (excitedly) : Ragini… I have fallen….
shekar’s voice burst in from the doorway.
shekar : Ragini! Has Swara come back yet?
The sisters went to the corridor from the kitchen and smiled at their Papa.
Swara : Ji Papa! I’m back. How was your day?
shekar (smiling slightly) : It was fine beta! I’ll go freshen up. Are there any snacks here?
Ragini : I’ll quickly fry up some pakoras for you.
shekar (frowning) : Pakoras? How many times have I told you? No oil, no sweets… It’s like you two don’t want to listen to me. Make some poha or something. Otherwise leave it… I’ll rather go hungry.
He left muttering something about disobedient girls. Swara grew angry while Ragini grew worried. The tension in the household was growing day by day.
Swara : Look at him Ragini! We used to be his princesses. His Swaragini. But now, It’s like he never loved us. He only acted like he loved us because of Ma.
Ragini : Swara! Be practical. You know he loves you. You just told that you know that. He is just heart-broken.
Swara : I know. But he doesn’t seem to understand that we too have a heart. Whatever Rags! If I am lucky, I can escape this household with the man of my dreams.
Ragini (teasing) : Kaun? Bingley?
She knew about Swara’s dreams and fantasies. She didn’t understand that at all… But if her sister was happy, Who was she to put a stop it?
Swara (turning excited) : Ragini! YES! I was telling you something na? This is it… Ragini Maheshwari.. I have fallen in love.
Ragini (skeptical) : Excuse me? Fallen in love? You went for baby-sitting duty. Unless you’re a cougar, I think you’ve lost your brains.
Swara : Cougar? Really? You really think I fell in love with an 8 year old.. And that too, a monster like Dilip?
Ragini (surprised) : Dilip? Since when do you call the guy Dilip? He’s been Duke for as long as I know.
Swara (impatiently) : RAGINI! Will you please let me finish? Just listen to the whole story, will you?
Ragini put up a great show of being silent and allowing Swara to talk. Swara then told her the entire story of how Sanskaar and she met, their interactions and finally his desire to take her out on a date.

Swara (going back to the kitchen with Ragini, excited) : Ragini! I have found him. I have found my Bingley.
Ragini (dubiously) : You spent an hour with this man and you have fallen in love with him? Swara… This is merely infatuation, not love.
Swara (holding Ragini’s hands) : My practical sister! This is love. You will not understand my love nor will I understand yours. But you’ll know when you’re in love. It just feels so perfect!
Ragini (sarcastically) : Birds chirping, bees singing and all that?
Swara (laughing) : Nahi baba! No biblical nonsense for me… But it is true, you know.
Ragini : Accha… Let us agree that it is love. But how can you fall in love with someone you don’t even know. What if he is not a good man? What if he hurt you?
Swara (defiantly) : Ragini Gadodia! I know Sanskaar Maheshwari is a good man ok? And he is going to be my husband… At least I hope.. If he loves me back… Ragini! You can’t be petrified of love. It doesn’t work like that. It’s not a job with steps for promotion. Love is love… That’s it! Think about what I’ve told ok? Now come fast… Papa will be downstairs soon. Have you finished with the salad?
Ragini : Haan chal! And you made the porridge right?
Swara (making a disgusted face) : Haan. Seriously, This bland food will kill me. The Grizzly bear is so annoying now.
Ragini (a warning tone) : SWARA!
Swara (smiling) : Sorry behna! Anyways, My Sanskaar will soon come and take me far far away!
Smiling dreamily, She took the bowl of porridge and went to keep it on the table.
Ragini (her gaze following Swara, loving and worried) : Pyaar karna toh accha hai… But what if you get hurt? What if he is not the man you think he is? Pyaar ka dard seh paogi, di?
shekar (sitting at the head of the table, smiling slightly) : Did you have a good day, girls? Swara beta! You went to babysit na? How was it?
Swara (politely) : It was good Papa! Dilip was a naughty boy today but I managed.
shekar (satisfied) : That’s good! Ragini, How was your day?
Ragini : Nice Papa! The teacher said I have improved my tenor a lot… That my voice is seriously good now.
shekar (proud) : I know! That’s why I wanted you to learn the nuances of singing.
Ragini (hesitating) : Papa! Could I please have 500Rs?
shekar (surprised) : Why beta? Didn’t I already give you 2000Rs day before yesterday? I told you to put it in the bank in your account na? Why do you need more then?
Ragini : Voh actually… This new management book….
shekar (angry) : Ragini Gadodia! I have already told you… No more study books in this house. You have completed your degree…. That’s enough. And management? Seriously? What’s so great about commerce and business and all that? You have a BSc degree.. Use that or else sit at home. Samajh aaya?
Swara (angry on behalf of her sister) : Papa! Please, Why are you scolding her? She didn’t even want to do Science in the first place. Why did you ask her to pursue it? You allowed me to pursue arts… Why not Ragini?
shekar : Swara! I wanted you to do science as well. But your Ma convincedme not to force you. But Ragini… Tabh Mishti was too sick to tell anything, so she did science.
Swara : Ma told you.. You listened! What about our wishes Papa? What about our dreams? Do you even love us?
shekar (furious) : Badtameez! How can you talk like that with me? You know you both are my princesses. But I have to make sure my princesses don’t get hurt or abused by anyone. So I have to correct you both. Do you understand?
Swara (muttering) : Correct nahi! Control…
shekar : I was present in the Kashmir War…. I treated many wounded soldiers and heard all their stories. Plus the stories from the villagers. I will not allow anything but perfection for you both. Perfect life, children, husband… But for them to be perfect, You need to be perfect. So, Instead of arguing with me, Learn! Learn…
Seeing Swara about to open her mouth, Ragini spoke hastily.
Ragini : Fine Papa! We understand (Swara shot her a glare) I don’t need the 500rs. It’ll be okay.
shekar (satisfied) : Thank you beta! And for this porridge and salad as well. I don’t want any food in the night. If you both want, you eat!
Swara (sullenly) : Ji! (suddenly looking wide-eyed) By the way Papa, Did you know that the Maheshwari boy has come to town?
shekar (lips pursed disapprovingly) : You mean the old guy’s son? Yes, I knew. Someone told me.. What’s his name again.. Umm… Sanket no… sanjay… no… umm…
Swara : Sanskaar Papa!
Shekar : Haan Sanskaar! Right… (looking at Swara suspiciously) How did you know his name?
Swara : Well actually…
Shekar : However you know it, Forget it. The Maheshwaris are not a family we want to associate with. They have too much money and too much power. We will never be their equal. So forget having any sort of friendship or anything with them. You understand?
Swara : But….
Shekar : That is my final word Swara!
Swara (thinking defiantly) : But it is NOT my final decision. I love him Papa and you will see that he is a good man.
Shekar said good night and left the dining room leaving behind a seething Swara.
Swara : Ragini, Did you hear Grizzly bear? How dare he refuse to give you money? How dare he ask me to forget Sanskaar?
Ragini : Do you think he’s right about the Maheshwaris?
Swara (vehemently) : OF COURSE NOT! I can feel it in my heart…. Sanskaar is not that type of person.
Ragini : Calm down Swara!
Swara : How do you expect me to calm down? My father has become so uncaring. So stiff… I miss the old Shekar Gadodia!
Ragini : Maybe if he falls in love again…. But that will never happen. Leave it na Swara!
Swara : But your books?
Ragini (looking away) : It’s fine Swara di! I never expected him to say yes anyways.
Swara (determinedly) : After I marry, I’ll make sure you never suffer again. You can live with me and everything.
Ragini : Jab behen aisa ho toh suffering kaisa?
They smiled at each other and washed and cleaned everything up.
Swara knocked Ragini’s door slowly. As soon as it opened, She entered and quickly closed it again before her father could see her.
Ragini (surprised) : Swara?
Swara : Shhh. Papa should not know about this Ragini! You understand?
Ragini (confused) : Huh? About what?
Swara took out her purse and counted a bundle of notes.
Swara : Here you go Ragini, Rs2500.
Ragini was astounded.
Ragini : Di ? How… When…. I mean… What….
Swara (smiling warmly) : Ragini! I am a dreamer.. I cannot watch other people’s dreams go flat… I have lots of money in my account. I just ran quickly to the atm and took the money out.
Ragini : Ran?
Swara : Haan! I couldn’t take out the scooter or car because of Papa! So I ran…
Ragini : But… I had asked only for 500rs.. Why did you take out 2500rs?
Swara : Papa told that he had put 2000rs already in your account. And you’re not a person to simply ask for money from your father. I know you wanted to use that 2000rs for the extra books… But now you don’t have to. This money will take care of your books and the money in your account..Do whatever you want with it. I know you have quite a lot there too.
Ragini : So you know I have a lot of money in my account but I’m still asking Papa for money. Why are you not doubtful.
Swara : Because you’re my sister silly! And I love you… Ma has taught us both the same things. So how can I think you will do something that I can never imagine doing? Ragini, I trust you. Do what you want with the money.
Ragini (tears glistening up in her eyes) : Di!
Swara : Ragini, IF you cry, This will be typical soap opera types.. Practical Ragini brought to tears by over imaginative Swara… And the serial could be called Swaragini.. What do you say?
Ragini (chuckling) : And who will be the hero?
Swara : Well for me, Sanskaar of course! As for you, You have time still, My child.
Ragini (laughing) : Swara! You’re impossible. I love you behna!
Swara : I love you too Rags!
They hugged each other and Swara went to her own room and got into bed.
Swara : Will Sanskaar love me? Will he ever be mine? How will he contact me? Where will he take me? Bhagwan ji! All is in your hands now. You know my feelings… Will you please help me attain my happily ever after?
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