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Swara and Sanskaar first meeting.

Swara stared at the man as he looked around for Duke. She observed his stance, his clothes and his shoes.
Swara (thinking) : This man is surely rich. Or at the very least well to do. What is he doing here though? I want to see his face….
She stopped. Why did she want to see his face? He was a stranger. Who she didn’t even like.
Well, that was untrue. Though he had been exasperating, Swara had found him funny and a bit weird. Just like her….
She looked up once again.
Swara (thinking) : Bhagwan Ji! Who is this man?
Man : Why do you keep looking up?
Swara looked down startled. The man wasn’t looking at her. He still appeared to be looking for Duke.
Swara : No reason. Is your name really Duke?
Duke : One of them Yes!
Swara : How many names do you have?

Duke : Do you always ask so many questions?
Swara : Only to strangers who think I’m suicidal.
Duke let out a deep chuckle which thrilled Swara… She liked the way he laughed and his voice… God, his voice made her feel warm all over.
Duke : I’m not a stranger. This is my property.
Swara shook her head, though he couldn’t see.
Swara : Uh-uh…. This land and lake belongs to the Maheshwari Family. The current generations’ ancestors opened it to the public years ago… It’s officially public property, I guess.
Duke : Nope! It may be opened to the public, But officially, it still belongs to me.
Swara : NO! It belongs to the Maheshwaris, not you.

Duke (calmly) : Who said it didn’t belong to them?
Swara stared at him for a moment, then understanding dawned.
Swara : Are you saying that you’re a Maheshwari? But that’s not possible. Mr Maheshwari is over 50, at the very least. I’ve heard of him, You know?
Duke : I agree…. But there is another Maheshwari in the family. His son : Me!
Swara’s eyes bulged out. This Duke was a Maheshwari? But they were one of the richest companies in India…. Super wealthy and super important in the business world. And here, The man walked calmly like he had all the time in the world.
Unbidden, The image of Bingley and Jane rose in her mind. Their happy faces, the romantic gestures, everything!
Swara (thinking) : Stop it Swara! How could you be so cheap? As soon as he mentioned fortune, You started thinking of marriage? This is not you. Anyways, For all you know, He may have a very bad personality.

But she was doubtful about that. He was still searching for Duke, Now wading a bit in the lake, to see if the boy was there somewhere.
Swara : Excuse me, MR Duke!
He turned away from the lake and looked at her expectantly.
Swara : It is ok, Mr Duke… I’m sure the irritating guy is somewhere here. He will soon come to me, hungry.
Duke : Are you really sure?
Swara : Yes, I am!
Duke : Very well! Why don’t you also come down then?
Swara hesitated, then moved and hesitated again.
Duke (pleasantly) : Is something wrong?
Swara : NO…… ummm yes.
Duke : What is it? I would be glad to help.
Swara : I can’t get down from this tree. I’m too far high!
Duke (surprised) : You can’t ? But… I was watching you. You’re an expert tree climber.
Swara : I am! I have been climbing this tree from childhood. But I have never come this high. I usually stop with the second rung… And jump down. I don’t know how to climb down a tree.
Duke chuckled.
Swara : You’re LAUGHING at my plight?
Duke (quickly) : No no… I will help you. Just jump.
Swara : JUMP? From the 5th rung? Are you crazy? I am not suicidal, contrary to what you think.
Duke : Swara….

Swara stopped talking surprised by the gentleness in his voice.
Duke : Swara! Close your eyes and jump. It will all be alright.
Swara heard his voice, reassuring and calm, and trusted him. She didn’t know how, but she knew that everything would be alright. So she nodded.
Swara : Alright! One… Two… Three… AAAAAH
Swara jumped down from the branch and fell mid air, finally stopping as she was nestled in someone’s arms.
Swara slowly opened her eyes and saw his face clearly for the first time. His eyes, a clear hazel twinkled with excitement but at the same time extruded a powerful reassuring appearance. Swara found herself melting just looking at those eyes.
And then his smile. God… It seemed to shine like a million light bulbs. Swara forgot herself. At that moment, She could have stayed in his arms for eternity.
Slowly, Duke spoke up, removing a loose strand of hair from her face.
Duke (softly) : Swara!
Thw way he said her name made her shiver… With what? Desire.. Anticipation. She had no idea… The long drawn S almost like a hissss…

Duke : Are you ok?
Swara was jolted back into reality and she shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts.
Duke (concern in his voice) : You’re not ok?
Swara : No… I mean… Yes… I mean… No.. Oh God! I mean I am ok, Thank you very much.
Swara (thinking) : Great! Now he must think she’s an idiot!
Duke (amused) : Happy to meet you properly, Miss Swara…
Swara : Miss Swara Gadodia! My father is Dr Shekar Gadodia. You might have heard of him?
Duke : Dr Shekar Gadodia? Umm… Sorry. I’ve only been here three days now. Have just come from London.
Swara : So you’re really a Maheshwari?
He nodded.
Swara (doubtfully) : Duke Maheshwari? Doesn’t sound very nice if you ask me..
Duke (laughing) : Not Duke Maheshwari.. Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari at your service.
Swara (thoughtfully) : Sanskaar…. Well that certainly sounds better than Duke Maheshwari!
Sanskaar laughed, only then did they both realise that Sanskaar was still lifting Swara! Awkwardly, He set her down.
Sanskaar : Are you sure you’re ok?
Swara : I am! But Dilip certainly isn’t going to be when I catch hold of him.
Sanskaar laughed yet again and Swara found herself also smiling. It was really infectious, his laugh!
Swara (without even realising what she was saying) : Have you read Pride and PRejudice?
She clamped her mouth shut. What the hell had she just said? A friendly stranger for sure, But he WAS still a stranger.
Sanskaar might have been weirded out by the question, but to his credit, He said nothing. Instead he just looked amused.

Sanskaar : I have… Why?
Swara : You have?(not able to hide the surprise in her tone) Wow…. I didn’t ask for any specific reason. Just aise hi…
But she blushed as she said it and Sanskaar caught it at once.
Sanskaar : Liar! I have to know the reason for that beautiful blush now.
Swara (blushing even harder) : I just asked because I wanted to know if you like Jane-Bingley or Elizabeth-Darcy more.
Sanskaar : Well… ( leaning forward conspiratorially) To tell the truth, I love Jane-Bingley more. Their love story was simpler… Was easier and was so true.
Swara’s eyes lit up! This man had read Pride and Prejudice, Was really nice and loved Jane-Bingley… JUST LIKE HER! And he was soooo handsome. He was like the trifecta of men.
Sanskaar : You want to know another truth? I didn’t really think you were suicidal. I just…. I just wanted an excuse to talk to you.

Swara’s eyes widened.
Swara : Were you trying to flirt with me, Sir?
Sanskaar (nodding sheepishly) But failed miserably.
Swara (moving closer to him and whispering in his year) : Not that much of a failure as you think.
She smiled slyly at him and he beamed back. He pointed somewhere behind Swara!
Sanskaar : Is that your Dilip?

Swara turned around then shouted.
Swara : Oh Shit! Stupid boy.. Did he seriously forget about me? I have to go now… Otherwise I won’t get paid today.
Sanskaar (kissing her knuckles) : I wouldn’t want you not to get paid…
She blushed, then ran, picked up the picnic basket, her book and went after Duke the junior!
Sanskaar (calling out after her) : Swara! Will you go out with me someday?
Swara (shouting back) : If you find me, YES!
She ran back smiling all the way, realising one thing.
PRECAP : First date

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