swasan-pyaar hai ya saaza (episode-3)

Hello guys thank u so much for ur comments .i’m really happy .you know what I’m really lazy to write.now I really got to know to how tough is to write .Saturday and Sunday is to enjoy with my family.but many of asked to post soon.so this part is dedicated to all of u .tomorrow is off .now I’ll stop my bakbak
Let’s begin
Sanskar’s pov
I know swara you are really hurt .i really wanted to console you and take you in my arms but something is stopping me from doing this I really don’t know what is that may be some fear or pain or angry or I can say it my ego too .everything has a limit swara you have crossed it a long time ago.I came to say that I need some Time to think but i was really forced to take my decision after hearing ragini and laksh conversation that time a proverb hit my head that was ” MAN PROPOSES GOD DISPOSES “
Everyone are sitting and talking that time laksh and ragini were talking outside the house
Ragini: I may sound selfish laksh but if swara is not coming then I cannot come laksh.because she did everthing to me but in return I did nothing to her.she has everything for me
Laksh:thank god ragini I was really thinking about that only .bhai did so many things for me.but I didn’t even trust him .
Ragini:this time we will make them together .as the mistake was mine .so we’ll sort it
Laksh:no ragini you are wrong mistake was our’s .if I had said to all of you about my problem then these things would have never happened .so this is our time to make them together
These were heard by sanskar who come to say his decision but after listening to them he changed his decision.
Flashback ends
I was really hurt by your words swara the words which you said is still lingering in my heart and my mind .you broke my trust swara .you’ll say every relation needs trust but our relation lacks it swara .i really don’t know whether I’ll be able to trust you or not . keeping his thoughts aside he closed his eyes
Sanskar pov over
Both of them are trying to sleep but sleep was far away from their eyes .
One was longing to seek forgiveness and the other was immersed in his own pain not able to see other’s pain not others his wife ,his love’s pain.

Every dark night has to come to end by the hope that sun will set only to rise again
the room was welcomed by bright sunlight bringing a new hope that the light is never going to fade away in swara’s life .let’s see this hope of her is going to put her in light or pushing her to be in haunted darkness of life.
swara opened her eyes and saw sanskar who was sleeping in the bed oops their bed .sensing some moments in sanskar swara closed her eyes and pretend to sleep to know what sanskar is going to do.sanskar opened his eyes and saw toward swara .he got up from bed and moved towards their couch
swara(in mind):I know sanskar you are pretending to be angry on me but you are not .i’ll make you accept me again
but sanskar came near her and sat at his knees and what did he do ………………………………………………

to be continued
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thank u once again
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