swasan-pyaar hai ya saaza (episode-2)(truth revealed)

Hello guys thank u so much for the comments really I’m so happy .i just did this because I have some time that’s why and if the suspense was not up to your level I’m really sorry
Let’s begin
Sanskar:it’s because of laksh and ragini.did you heard it swara.i seriously hate you ,I hate you from the bottom of my heart .because you don’t have any feelings you are very selfish.
Swara(got angry by his words):stop it sanskar. Why did you do this for laksh ?may I know?
Sanskar :because he is my brother dam you got it
Swara(in a sarcastic tone):the same brother who you tried to kill it right .where this love and care went when you were going to hit him with a stone .when this love come suddenly sanskar ?or this is a fake
Sanskar(interrupted swara):swara stop it (in very loud voice)
Swara:truth is always bitter sanskar .leave it you won’t understand it .because for you always anger and ego comes first
Sanskar:you right take it whatever you want I don’t care .and haan don’t think you will live here peacefully because you are going to face the hell .in one or the other way it is good that I accepted you because I could give you the punishments .ready to face the hell Mrs.Swara Sanskar Maheswari .till now you have seen the loving and caring husband but now be ready to face the real hell.
We are husband and wife outside this room but inside the room you are just a roomate noy even that saying this he went to change his dress
swara(tears are continuously flowing from her eyes):why god this much punishments for me .i don’t know what sin I have done .swara don’t cry you should be strong and face him and make him to accept you and realize his mistakes .swara be brave
after some time sanskar came and saw swara is going to sleep in the bed before she could settle
sanskar:what are doing swara?
Swara:I’m going to sleep sanskar.can’t you see ?
Sanskar:I know that but what are you doing in the bed .don’t tell me that you are going to sleep in the bed .because I’m not allowing you to sleep here
Swara:why so ?
Sanskar:I don’t want to share my bed with any stranger
Swara:where will I sleep ?i’ll sleep on the bed only I have the right
Sanskar:sleep wherever you want to sleep .you can go to GM to sleep also where you slept for the past six months and don’t talk about the right you have lost it
Saying this he slept in the bed .swara’s eyes are brimmed with tears .
is this the same sanskar who said to sleep on the bed when they were faking their marriage
is this the same sanskar who cannot bear her single tear in her eyes
the answer of her is no .he changed .
but who made to change him.this is the question running in her mind
she kept her thoughts aside and went to sleep in the couch
While sanskar was seeing her with the corner of his eyes .
This is the couch where swara had fallen on him and this brought them little close together .but not that much big .
Both of them remembered their flash back . a small smile crept on swara’s face same happened with sanskar too but when she turned to see his face he kept an emotion less face .a tear drop fell from both of their eyes

Precap:sanskar’s pov

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  1. Mars

    It was amazing. Loved swasan tashan.
    Feeling bad for Swara but I know everything will be fine.
    Continue soon…..waiting.
    Take care.

    1. Reethu

      thank u so much dear and yes everything will be alright

  2. Rachna

    Awsm Dr

    1. Reethu

      thank u dear

  3. AbrahamEzra

    It was so sentimental. Both are suffering. And y sanskar change may be because he fear that she will again family over him and leave him once more. Pls post the next part soon

    1. Reethu

      thank u dear. ya will post soon dear

  4. Tamil

    Awesome dear

    1. Reethu

      thank u dear

  5. Samaira_khan

    Thanks a lot dear but I think swara deserved it I dont have any hard feeling for her but still see dont trust sanskaar in any ways IAM sorry for being harsh I know my pov isnt correct but I want swara to suffer sorry

    1. Shani22

      I agree with you what a stupid thinking who changed him. It was always her who took him for granted. Always trying to be selfless to the people who don’t deserved it like seriously. Many fanfic show swara punishment and at the end sanskaar apologizes instead of swara and happily ever after. I just hope swara apologizes and realizes that she is ruining her life and hurting sanskaar without any thing

      1. Samaira_khan

        Thanks a lot for agreeing and Ian very Happy that someone is here to support me?

    2. Reethu

      thank u dear for telling your pov .no need to be sorry dear .yes swara did the mistake but sanskar too did .so everything will be equal dear .keep reading you will know it dear

  6. Awesome..tc..

    1. Reethu

      thank u kumu

  7. It awesome Yarr I loved this track in serial but they ended up and u r showing as realistic in serial just go on writing thankyou

    1. Reethu

      i’m very glad that you liked it dear .no need to say thank u dear.i am the one to say thank u .thank u so much

  8. AnuAnn


    1. Reethu

      thank u dear

  9. awesome update next part soon

    1. Reethu

      thank u dear .will update soon

  10. Adishu

    I want the next part soon please..

    1. Reethu

      thank u dear.will post soon

  11. Soujanya


    1. Reethu

      thank u dear.

  12. Awesome update

    1. Reethu

      thank u dear

  13. Neptune

    this track is always so good to read. i agree it was swara’s mistake as she sacrificed for a sister who never did something for her. but it wasn’t ONLY swara’s fault it was sanskaar’s fault too. and imagine guys if you never had a family wouldn’t you do anything for their happiness once you get them….

    that’s clearly my pov…. am waiting for the next part eagerly

    1. Reethu

      first of all thank u so much dear to say ur pov .i agree with you and i’ll show justice to both of the character to the best of mine.will post soon

  14. Nice……

    1. Reethu

      thank u so much dear

  15. Shiksha

    Amazing ..continue…

    1. Reethu

      thank u dear

  16. Simi

    Good one dear..
    In my opinion both Swara n sanskar was at fault..n swara denied to apply vermillion n wear mangalsutra,, married woman always have these two..
    Swara left sanskar for Ragini who once tried to kill her but failed.. Atleast sanskar didn’t hit laksh..
    I have no hard feelings for Swara.. I love Swara..n Swasan

  17. Vyshu10


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