Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 9


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Recap : Sumi revealed the truth to swara. Ragini heard it. Swaragini cried bitterly.

Swaragini went to sleep. Swara think that the arjun whom we brought is their mama. But they can be so many people of one name. And maa gas said that he died. But maybe he did not die. It’s so confusing. She slept.

The next day. Sumi wakes up swaragini. Swara
says remembers today is the d declaration of art competition. She asks ragini to wake up. And goes and freshen up. Swaragini eats their breakfast. Swara asks where is arjun uncle. Sumi says he z sleeping. They sit in the car and headed towards the college.

In th car. Ragini says to swara maybe arjun uncle can be our mama. Don’t u think. Swara says yaa I think so. Not sure.ragini says then we must find out. Swara says yaa. Swaragini r determined to find out about arjun.they reached
the college.

They went to their classes. The class ends. The principal says now I will announce the 4 winners. Ok. So the first winner is……….. Swasan Raglak salila and Karan sonam and Rahul prays to god to make them the first
winner. The principal tells everyone to guess. And at last he said the first winner is swara and sanskaar. Swara jumped out of happiness and hugs sanskaar tightly . She said to sanskaar we
won we won. Raglak r also happy. The principal announced the second winner raglak and the third winner salila and Karan the four winner sonam and Rahul. The four couples r happy and hugged each other. The principal announces u will be given tickets to go to shimla. Swara says so we should start shopping. Everyone says yaa. They went to their homes.

Swaragini reached home and tells this to their parents. Even sanlak also reached home and tells this to their parents. Both side the families r happy. Swaragini went for shopping.

Precap: swara found a locket in arjun’s room.

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Credit to: Sahima

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  1. short episode yar!! plz make it lengthy, give importance to raglak

  2. Yaa I will make it lengthy and I will give importance to raglak too.

  3. Nice bt it vry short plz make it biger

  4. Nice dear but when will they understand their love… I mean till now they think ragsan n swalak love each other na!!!!!

  5. nice y short epi plz bring swasan scene more I want

  6. Awesome

  7. don’t be sad about comments…
    its really nice dear. ..
    pls if u can then make it lengthy. .

  8. Superb but make it lengthy

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone. And they will soon realise their love for each other. Maybe in episode 12 or 13. And I will try to make it lengthy. I’m only in 7th standard. And I’m using my mother’s mobile. So plz understand my situation.

  10. plzzzzzz make it longer and update soon

  11. It’s awesome dr..make it little lengthy ?

  12. It’s ok…we understand ur problem…

    Ur ff is very interesting..

  13. Awsm episode! :* bt plz make it a bit lenghty 🙂 BTW its awsm 🙂

  14. Thanks for the comments.

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