Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 8


Hi guys. So sorry for late update.let’s start with a recap.

Recap : swasan and raglak takes arjun to swaragini’s home. Sumi feels a strong bond with arjun.

Swaragini took arjun to guest room and says “this us ur room. Now until ir family will not be found u will stay here. Ok”. Arjun says “thank u so much. I will be grateful to u”. Swaragini went to their room.

Swara is thinking about sanskaar from starting to end. She thinks in her mind. “I never shared such nice moments with laksh even though we r together from childhood. But then also I’m always thinking about sanskaar. Why I feel so nice when I’m with sanskaar. Do I love him. No no no…….I don’t love him. I should ask to maa”. She heads towards sumi’s room.

Sumi is in her room. She z crying in her room vigorously and looking at arjun’s photo. She says”z he the same arjun”. Just then swara knocks the door. Sumi wipes her tears and opens the door. Swara says “maa I want to ask something”. Sumi says”first come inside”. She enters the room. Swara sees marks of tears in sumi’s face. She asks her “maa . We’re u crying. But why u r crying”. Sumi says”nothing. Just like this” . Swara says”no maa something is there. Plz tell me. Plz. U can share with me everything. I’m ur daughter”. Sumi says “Ok. I will tell u”. She makes swara sit. Sumi starts narrating the story. Sumi says”she has a brother named arjun. When u brought that arjun. I felled like he is my brother. But how can I forget that arjun was died in an accident. And today I’m missing him a lot. But I don’t want u to know about ur brother”. Swara says”we had a brother and maa u didn’t told me about it”. Sumi says”what would I tell u. Wat u would have gained knowing that ur mother’s brother died. U and ragini were so small at that time”. Swara starts crying and says I will not tell this to anyone”. Swara and Sumi hugs. Ragini is listening this from outside. She also starts crying and went to her room.

Sumi tells swara to go and sleep and asks her not to tell about this to anyone. Swara went from there. Sumi is looking at her brother’s photo. Swara enters the room. She sees ragini sleeping. She also sleeps.

Precap: swaragini to find whether arjun is ther mama or not. The winner of the art competition is declared.

Credit to: Sahima

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