Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 7


Hi guys. This is the fifth part of my ff. Thanks for tha comments and sorry for late update.

Recap:swaragini came home. Sumi shocked to know about the incident. Sumi cries hearing gajar ka halwa. Swara left for sanlak’s house.

Swaragini were stuck in the traffic jam. Sanskaar calls swara and asks when she is going to reach. She says I’m coming. We r stuck in the traffic jam. He says ok come fast. She thinks why here is so traffic. What happened here. Then the police said u all can go. Everyone went.

Swaragini reached sanlak’s house. They saw that salila karam Rahul sona has already reached. Sanskaar says one u r coming. He’s says ok come inside. Swara says ya. They went inside the room. Sanlak asked to swaragini that have u brought the things. They said yes. Everybody started making the things. Swara and sanskaar made a boy and girl on the pot. It was looking very beautiful. Swara said ah at last we made. Sanskaar said yes.he says but something is missing. Swara said what? He said it’s not looking like a love story. Swara says so what should we do? He says we should make a heart in between. Then it will look good. Swara says mmmmm………ok . They made heart and swara said now it’s finished.

Raglan was makin with clay. Laksh made a boy. But ragini was not able to make the girl. Then at last she made. He said but what is this? He starts laughing. Ragini pinches him and asked why r u laughing? He sai it’s looking like a chudail. Is this a girl. Hahahahah…………ragini said so u only make it. He made it for her. Ragini said wow it very nice. U r a genius laksh. He said of course I am.

Salila and karan were making a puppet show. Salila was unable to attach the thread. Karna shows her how to do. While he was showing the didn’t realise that there were so close to each other. He said see like this we have to make. But salila didn’t respond as she was looking at him. Then karna said salila loudly. She said yes. Karan said u understood hoe to attach it it. She said yes I understood . Give it to me. She attached the thread and showed it to karam. Karam said yaa now it’s correct. They smiled seeing it.

Sonam and Rahul were making raja rani. They cited the cardboard and coloured it. It was looking very beautiful. Sonam said pointing rani see this me and pointing to raja this is u. He said yaa of course as our love atory is the best story.

Everyone showed this to each other . Salila Sonam Karan Rahul said it’s very late we should go now.. Sanlak and swaragini waved bye to them. Swaragini said now we should also go. Sanlak said we will drop u. They said ok. They were in the car when they saw a man running and some goons were after. They stopped the car and saved the man from the goons. Swara asked him who r u and why they were chasing u. He said I’m Arjun and I have came here to find my family. I don’t have money. I saw a 5 rupee note and thought to take it. Then the goons started chasing me. Swara said we should take him to home. He z looking very tired. Sanlak said we will take him to our home. Swara said no he will come to our home. They took them to swaragin’s home. Sanlak dropped swaragini to their home and went.

Swaragini entered the home with the man. Sumi sees someone with them. She asked who z he. Swara told her everything. Sumi said sure. He will stay in our house. Sumi feels a strange bond with him. Swaragini took him inside.

Precap:Sumi tells about her past to swara. Swara was shocked to listen it.

Credit to: Sahima

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  3. Good…Wen r they gonna realize their feelings????waiting for that moment…

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