Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 6


Hi guys. Thanks for the comments and support u gave me. U have encouraged me to write a better story.
This is the sixth part of my ff. Hope u will like the episode. First let’s take a quick recap.

Recap:swasan and raglak decide to make something for the art competition. All four couple decide to make at sanlak’s house.swaragini teased by some goons. Sanlak’s came for their rescue.

Swara hugs sanskaar and ragini hugs laksh tightly. They want the moment to freeze. Saiyyara ve saiyyara (ek tha tiger) plays in bg.they break the hug. Swaragini says thank u to laksh. Swara sees blood on sanskaar and says come to my house. I will do first aid. But he refused and said no need. Laksh says to swaragini come we will drop u to ur house. Ragini said we will go by auto. Laksh says it can be dangerous for u to be alone.

He says after so much happened then also u r telling like this. He says I don’t want to hear anything. Sanskaar sees Swara’s top z teared a little. He gives him his shirt. Swaragini says thanks to him. All four sit in the car.sanlak dropped swaragini at their house. Ragini said to them won’t u come inside. They said ok we will come. All four entered the house. Sumi asks swaragini what happened. Why r u wearing sanskaar shirt. Swaragini says nothing. Sum I says u r hiding something from me Shona . Plz tell me what happened. She z quiet. Sumi says ur silence is killing. Then sanskaar narrates the whole incident. Sumi z shocked to hear it. Sanlak went to their house.

Sum I says swara I’m so happy that sanlak will be my son in law. She went from there.

Sami comes and says swaragini to come and have dinner.they sat at the dining table.meverybody ate the food and left . Sum I sees they swara didn’t ate anything. She asks her ur food is kept like this only. Why u didn’t ate anything. Swara tells maa I do t feel like eating. She left from there. Sumi thinks something is fishy. Swaragini slept.

It’s morning

Today is Sunday. Swaragini wakes up and they saw the time. It’s 10:00. Swara sys to ragini we have to go to sanlak’s house. Get ready fast. Swara went to washroom to get ready.

Sumi is cooking food. Dads comes and says to make breakfast for my lado and Shona. She tells her to prepare gajar ka halwa. She went from there. Sumi burst into tears.

Swaragini r ready to go. Swara z wearing a gown of light pink shade and sky blue. Ragini z wearing an arak ali suit in red and white. Both r looking fab.they comes down. Sumi asks them r u going somewhere. They tells yes . We r gng to sanlak’s house. Sumi asks now. Swara tells everything. Sumi tells ok u may go. But first have breakfast. They had their breakfast and left from there.

They were in the car.sanskaar called swara and asked her how much time u will take. Swara tells wait we r coming. We r at the signal.

They reached at sanlak’s house.

Precap: swasan raglak salila and karna so am and Rahul to share some cute moments.

Credit to: Sahima

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