Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 5


HI my dear frnds. This is d 5th part of my ff. And thanks again for the comments.

Recap: swasan and raglak shared cute moment. Swara dreamed of sanskaar.


Swaragini woke up and gets ready for the college.swar wearing sky blue full sleeved gown. Pencil heels in blue colour with her hair open. Ragini z wearing a long top in black with her hair open with a curled in the bottom. She z high heels. Both r looking very beautiful.

They take blessing from their parents and leaves for the college.

They reached college. Both went to their respective classes. Swara enters the class. She sees sanskaar sitting and goes and sits beside him. He says hi to swara. She also says hi to him. The professor came and he taught for 2 hours and the bell rings. Everybody went out of the class. Sanskaar says come we can go to rags and lucky. Swara suddenly says no I want to be with u. Sanskaar says what. She says no nothing. Come we can goffer to meet them. They met ragini. Ragini says u r here and I’m searching u here and there. But they all can’t find laksh. They r searching him here and there. The ragini sees laksh and told see swara ur would be husband is flirting with the girls. Ragini says today I will teach him a lesson. Ragini holds laksh ears from behind and says so u r here. Flirting with girls. Hah. U r not going to mend ur.

Laksh says salih saheba. It’s hurting. Plz leave my ears. I’m not a child. Ragini says ok ok I’m leaving. But u have to promise me that u will never ever flirt with girls. Laksh says ok salih saheba promise. He says but plz leave my ear. Ragini leaves his ear. Sanskaar swara r laughing seeing. Then the principal announced ladies and gentlemen plz come forward. Everybody went. He announced that ano art competition is held in our college. U have to make a love story. U can make anything related to art. He tells that four winners will be selected from aur college. The people will come to see it from far away places. He left after saying this. Swasan decides to make a love story on pot. Raglak decides to make it from clay. Salila and Karan decides to make a puppet show. Sonam and Rahul decides to make raja rani story.

The four couples meet each other and tells what they have decided to make. Then sanskaar says we will do one why don’t u all come to our house and we can prepare it their itself. Swara said great idea. We can prepare it in one place itself. Salila says ok. Every1 agrees with it. Everybody left the college.

Swara calls her driver. But the driver told that some problem has come in the car and he won’t be able to take them. Swara tells this to ragini . Ragini says now we have to look for auto. They starts looking but didn’t find. Then some goons come there and starts teasing them. Swara tells them to go away or the worst will happen to you. But they tried to kiss her. Just then sanskaar came in between and starts fighting. One goon was taking ragini with her and laksh came for her rescue. They both fight with the goons. The goons ran away. Swara hugs sanskaar and ragini hugs laksh tightly. The just wants the world to freeze.

Precap: Sumi cooking food. Dadi tells to prepare gajar ka hal wa . Sumi starts crying. The four couple comes to sanlak’s house and they shared some cute romantic moments.

Sorry guys I updated it so late. Tell me whether the episode was nice or not. And sorry for the mistakes.

Credit to: Sahima

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