Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 4

Hey guys this z d 4th part of my ff. An thank u all for such nice. I hope u understood my story. Let’s take a quick recap.

Recap : swaragini came to sanlak’s house. Sanlak mesmerised seeing swaragini. They r confused about their feeling towards them.

Swara says I don’t wanna marry shocking every1. Then she says she means after their studies r over then we can think about this. Every1 z relieved. Dp says only 6 months z left for ur studies.so we will decide the date before that. He tell d pandit 2 match d horoscopes.

The pandit says Swalak and ragsan can’t marry. If they will marry then there will be a disaster in their life.

Every1 z shocked after listening this.dp says to pandit…..

Dp:But how can it be possible??

Pandit: this z destiny. We can’t change it. Swasan and raglak have 2 marry or else there will never have a happy life. In swasan and raglak marriage, in d beginning there will be some problems in their life but later they will lead a happy life.

Dp: this can’t be possible. I will get Swalak and ragsan married at any cost.

Pandit: But what destiny has in store for them that will only happen.

After saying this the pandit left. Every1 z tensed as what will happen.

Ap: I don’t believe in these all things. I will get Swalak and ragsan. They love each other l. How can we separate them.

Swalak and ragsan look at each other feeling awkward that they have 2 marry. As their heart z telling that they don’t want 2 marry.

Ap tells u 4 go upstairs and talk. They tells ok maa and leaves from there. They went upstairs.

Swasan and raglak r sitting face 2 face each other. Agar tum saath ho plays in bg.

It have been 1 hour and they have not even said a word as they r lost in each other thoughts . Not knowing what z happening to them. Just then the silent breaks when parineeta knocks d door.

Swara opens d door. Parineeta tells to come and have lunch.swara says u parineeta di y go u will come. Parineeta tells now u should call me bhabhi. Swara tells ok bhabhi u go we r cmng.

Parineeta leaves. Swasan and raglak looks at each other. They have an eye lock.

Swasan went downstairs. Raglak are cmng back of them. Ragini was so lost in laksh’s thoughts that she didn’t swa the stairs and she slips when laks holds her. They have an eye lock. Teri galliyan plays in bg. The song ends. Ragini tells laksh u r holding me. Laksh helps her to get up. He sas sorry. Ragini tells it okay. And thank u for saving me. He said its my duty to save my sallih saheba. He leaves from there. Ragini feels jealous. She thinks why z she feeling jealous

Everybody come t the dining table. They sat in d
chair. Swasan and raglak r looking at each other. Ap makes Swalak and ragsan sit with each other. Swara z sitting beside laksh and sanskaar z sitting beside swara . Ragini z sitting beside sanskaar. Raglak r sitting face 2 face wd each other. Ap tells 2 Sumi what happened 2 swara. Why she z so quiet today. Sumi thinks swara z hiding smthng as Swalak r not missing an opportunity to talk. And today they r not saying anything 2 each other. She thinks 2 ask swara after going home.

Everyone starts eating. The food stucks in swara’s throat. She starts coughing. Sanskaar pats her back and gives her water. She says thanks 2 sanskaar. She feels as some1 close 2 her had cared for her. As sanskaar z only her frnd. The screen shows her confused and tensed face.

After d lunch swaragini starts le sing for their house. They wave bye to sanlak. They reached their house. It shows night. Swara z roaming here and there in d room with a tensed face. Ragini asks her what happened “why r u roaming here and there”? Swara tells nothing. They wore a night suit . Swara wearing a pink kurti and ragini a yellow kurti.

They lay down 2 sleep . Swara z think in about sanskaar. Ragini z thinking about laksh. Every time they close their eyes the r seeing sanlak’s face . They r not able 2 sleep. They r thinking about and then they slept. Swara dress about sanskaar proposing her and she says yes for marriage. Dream ends . She gets up shouting “NO”. Ragini wakes up asks her what happened.
She tells she saw a bad dream. Then she slept.

Sanlak also saw thinking about swaragini. They think that how can they think of a girl when they love som1 else(laksh thinking of ragini and sanskaar thinking of swara). They don’t when they slept.

Precap: The principal announced that there z a an art competition in which u have to show a love story. Some goons teases swaragini. Sanlak came for their rescue.

Sorry for the mistakes. I hope this z little bigger than previous one. Hope u like d episode . I know I’m going very slowly.

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  6. Thanks for d comments devi ,sindhuja and fransi. And akkaw it’s swasan.

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