Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 3


Hi guys this z da next part of my ff. And my frnd plz plz comment. Bcoz wd out ur comments I can’t continue. Before that we will take a quick break.

Recap:Swalak and ragsan danced in d party.
Their frnds also danced. Swaragini left for sanlak house.

Swaragini left in d car. They reached sanlak’s
house. They ranged d bell .Annapurna opens the door. Every1 enters inside. Swaragini greets them and takes their blessings.

Sanlak came down. Sanskaar z mesmerised seeing swara. Bit then he think 2 hybrid z he looking at swara. He loves ragini . He thinks that he should not think about any other girl. But he can’t take his eyes off from swara. Laksh also mesmerised seeing ragini. He also thinks why z he looking at ragini even though he loves swara . But he can’t take his eyes of from ragini. Swara also thinks about sanskaar. And she also thinks why z she thinking about sanskaar. Same thing happen wd ragini also. They r confused that what z happening to them.

Swasan and raglak r thinking about each other. Hamari adhuri kahani plays in bg. Just then their eye lock breaks when parineeta tells u can see each other later also. They feel embarrassed.

Then the door bell rings. Ap opens the door. It z priest. He tells namaste. Ap tells him to sit. He sat on the sofa.

Swaragini asks why z da pandit here??? Ap tells her u will get 2 know . Just wait.

Then dp asks the pandit to match the horoscopes of Swalak and ragsan. The four r shocked 2 listen. They feel uncomfortable after listening this.then swara tells I don’t want 2 marry shocking everyone. Then she tells she means that after her studies r over then we can think about this. Every1 z relieved .

Precap: ragini z about 2 slip when laksh holds her. They have an eye lock. Swara coughs and sanskaar pats her back and gives her water. They have an eye lock.

Credit to: Sahima

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  3. Seriously? What a tragedy. But nice ff continue ur good work. Thank God no love triangle.thanks sahima.

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  10. Nice story I like it

  11. Niceeee.. bt very short

  12. Superb but make it large

  13. Thank u so much guys for d comments. And from next time I will make it large. I thought to write more but didn’t got time as I had started tere sheher mein and tashan e ishq ff today only. U should read that also. I will surely make it large next onwards. Thanks again for d comments.

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