Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 21 (LAST EPISODE)

Hi guys. I’m back with my update. I had told u I will update it after 17 March but somehow I hot time and updated it. This is the last episode. I hope u all will like it. I had thought to write more but then I thought I have wrote enough and I don’t want to drag it more so I decided to end it.

Recap : swaragini hal di ceremony. Sanlak makes plan.

Sumi take the cone to pu mehendi but two ladies says stop.

1st lady: how can u start the ceremony without us.

Everyone r confused.

Sumi : who r u?

2nd lady: we r ur far relative. U didn’t even thought to tell us.

1st lady: without us how can u put mehndi.

Sumi(I’m confused state): yaa ok. Come inside.

The both ladies comes.

Swara : why have u hidden ur face?

1st lady: we don’t show our faces. U start the ceremony.

Sumi puts the mehndi happily. Swara smiles and thinks about sanskaar. Everyone pits mehndi .

1st lady: give. Now we will put.

Uttara: but without unveiling ur face how u will put? What if u do some mistake.

1st lady (thinks) why is she telling like that?

1st lady: no….no e will put.

Uttara: no u won’t be able to put. She comes infront of them and unveils them. Everyone r shocked

Sumi: laksh and Sankaar.

Ap: what r u doing here ?

Sujata: oh god what all they r doing nowadays. They become lady to meet swaragini.

Sanlak had closed their eyes. They opened it. Swaragini was laughing loudly. Sanlak were only looking at them. Sankaar in mind my swara is looking so beautiful. Laksh in mind ragini is looking so pretty.

They comes to their senses when Ap tells them to go home. They wents disappointed as there plan failed.

Laksh: our plan failed.

Sankaar: because uttara caught us. But how.

Sumi : uttara how u know that they r sanlak.

Uttara: because I have heard their plan.

A fb is shown.

When everyone was leaving the house. Uttara remember she forgot the sari the room. She wents to take it. While passing through sanlak’s room. She heard their plan.

Fb ends.

Uttara: and u got to know what they r going to do.

Sumi: see they live shone and lado so much that they became ladies.

Swaragini feels embarrassed. As as now we should go. Sumi says ok. Namaste.

At night.

Swara calls sanskaar.

Swara: Sankaar what u did today……Sanskaar interupts

Sanskaar: swara calm down. Ummm ……….I’m sorry

Swara: oho. U didn’t listen and interrupted. I was telling that what u did today was awesome. I can’t believe for meeting me u became ladies ( while laughing).

Sankaar : yaa u also laugh. One day when u will do like these acts I will also laugh. He hehe

Swara : why r u getting angry? If u will do anything like this then of course I will feel like laughing. Not only me everyone was laughing.

Sankaar: ok. Ok. I accept that what I did was wrong.

Swara : hmmmm………that’s like my sanskaar.

Sanskaar : ok. Listen to me. Tomorrow get red at 10.

Swara : why?

Sankaar: for selecting engagement ring.

Swara : ohh. Yaa I almost forgot.

Sankaar : so be ready ok.

Swara : ok. I will be ready. Bye. Meet u tomorrow

Sankaar : ok. Bye.

Next day.

Swara is wearing a red and white gown. She comes down. Had her breakfast and went. Sankaar was waiting for her. She comes and says hi. Sankaar what hi. U took so much time. I’m Letc go.

At the shop.

After discussing a lot swara selects a ring. It was a plain ring with ss written on it. She says this is the best. Sanskaar smiles and later he too selects one ring. He tells the shopkeeper to pack.

Arrangements have made in maheshwari mansion. The wall is decorated written swasan and raglak.

Swasan gets engaged. Raglak too gets engaged. Sankaar promises swara he will always keep her smiling. Swara says I know and she kisses his hand.

The marriage hall. Swara is wearing a lehenga of red orange and white colour. Ragini is wearing a sari of red and white colour. They both were looking gorgeous. Sumi called them saying time is going come fast. It’s their wedding day and they r very happy.

They comes down. Sanlak was mesmerised seeing them . There eyes were only on them. Pandit asks them to sit down. They both sat. They took pheras. Sanskaar makes swara wear mangalsutra and then s indoor. Laksh too did this with ragini. They come te the marriage and took blessings of elders.

At night.

Sankaar enters the room. Swara is standing waiting for him. Her head is down as she is blushing. Sankaar puts her face up and says ohh u r blushing too much. Swara smiles and hugs him. She says Sankaar I always wanted this and today I have got this. I just want to be in ur arms. Agar tum saath ho plays in bg. They broke the hug. Sankaar makes swara sit on bed. He comes closer to her. Swara closed her eyes. Sankaar kisses her on forehead. Swara opens her eyes and says sans…….Sanskaar interupts and says today don’t says anything. Swara was nervous as well as happy. She looked in his eyes and he kissed her on lips passionately for 5 min. They broke the kiss. Swara turns her face. Sankaar takes her jewellery. He makes her lie down. He locks the door. He switched off the lights. They both gets intimate with each other and consummate their marriage. They were covered with blanket. They both hugs and

The episode ends.

I hope like the last episode. Z everyone comment in this because this is the last so I need ur comments.

Thanks to those all who supported me. Thanks surbhi, SMC, mrunal, mishti, swara and those all who supported me as I don’t remember all the names. U know that they r many silent reader. But plz those silent reader plz comment today.

Tha ks to those who read my ff commented o it and liked. Thanks everyone . I will miss u all. Loads of love to u all. Do read my other ff

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I hope u will like my other ff also.


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