Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 2

Hi, guys this z da 2 episode of my ff. So here we go. But first let’s take a quick recap.

Recap: laksh and swara r bf and ragini and sanskar r bf. The families of d children promised to get them married. Swara heard d conversation and tells her frnds(laksh ragini and sanskaar). All gets glad to hear that.

The families r happy and went 2 der room.

After 15 years.

A girl is shown wearing red top sleeveless and a white colour net jacket on it and a black pant. She z wearing high heels in white and black with her hair open and a twirl in the bottom. She z lkng gorgeous. She calls”rags wake up now it’s 7:00. Ragini is shocked to hear that and wakes up at a sudden.then she went to washroom and gets ready to go to college.

She gets ready wearing a gown in red and white colour and red heels matching jewellery. She z lkng very beautiful. Her hair is fully open.

They left for their college in caras they r be very rich.

Here a house z shown and then the scene shifts to a handsome boy wearing white t-shirt and blue jeans. He z chatting on phone. Then he saw the tym and it’s gn to be 8:00. He wakes up sanskaar. Sanskaar wakes and go to freshen up .

After cmng he is wearing a brown coat with black plant. They took d blessing of his parents and went 2 college.

The 4 reached college at d same tym. They say hi 2 each other and went d party. (As they r having a party in college). They all compliment each other. Swara loves laksh and sanskaar loves ragini. Swalak danced on jalte diye and rags an danced on hamare adhuri kahani.

Then their frnds also came. Swara has a bf in d college salila and ragini has sonam. Laksh and sanskaar also have bf in d college. Karan z laksh bf and Rahul z sanskaar. Karan and salila loves each other and Rahul and son am loves each other. After the party z finished they went 2 they home.

After laksh and sanskaar reached home they r told to get ready as swaragini’s family z cmng.

They gets happy to hear this . They went 2 der room and jumped on bed. They open d al miracle an took all d clothes and spread it on bed as they can’t decide wat 2 wear. Then the wore each other’s clothes.laksh z wearing a blue coat and sanskaar a white coat . Both r lkng very handsome.

Here swaragini reached home. They r told to get ready as they r going to maheshwari house.they gets glad and start searching wat 2 wear. After sum tym swara came out wearing an and kali suit in yellow and red combination. She has made a puff . She z looking amazing in da suit. Then ragini z shown wearing a sarge in red and pink colour. She has her hair open like always.she z also looking like a fairy.

Then they came down and their parents compliment them that they r lkng really beautiful.then they sit in car an left for maheshwari house.

Precap: laksh and sanskaar r mesmerised seeing swaragini. The priest gets shocked after seeing d horoscope.

(I know this was d Precap for today but I didn’t get that much tym. Hope u lyk my story. And sorry for d mistakes)

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  1. nice..

  2. of course super dear continuit…….

  3. Sprb yar i love it swasan

  4. What happend yaat

  5. pls swasan yar

  6. It swasan only. U will see d twist.

  7. Sahima…in title u wrote swasan ..nd now showing swalak…

    Plzz show swasan as I started to read ff by reading title swasan…..
    Swasan r best pair…..plzzz show swasan…

  8. horoscope will be matching swasan raglak

  9. Tnk u all for d comments.

  10. Nikhar it’s swasan only. There z a twist in d story. Just wait and watch.

  11. Superb plz upload next part soon

  12. nice .. is its a ragsan or raglak ??? plz tell me me I m confused

  13. I want to ask everyone why do u love swasan? Bcos sankskar character is very good abd he loves swara truly right?? Bot bcos he looka good na??
    Then why do u all obssess swara with sanksar bcos in ff all face is same characters arw very different and if u remember u like sanskar for his character not looks.so why?
    I know ol of u wil have ans like we love swasan so ita our of loving them but still guys think thoda sa hatke

  14. Cute girl . It z raglak and swasan. But there z some twist in d story.

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