Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 18

Hi guys. I’m very very sorry for the late update. U all must be thinking I’m writing the episode after many days and then telling sorry. But please don’t think so. Ok. Now I will start.

Recap : swasan and raglak romance.

Swara wakes up and sees sanskaar sleeping calmly. She says awwwww!!! My love sleeping so calmly. She thinks of the last night and blushes. She wents to take a bath. Later she comes out and sees sanskaar sleeping and says still sleeping. I should wake him. She says sanskaar. Wake up. Wake up sanskaar. Sanskaar wakes up and sits. He pulls swara towards him. Swara says sanskaar go and freshen up. Sanskaar says yes my sweetheart. He wents to take a bath. Swara smiles seeing him. Raglak comes and swara says ragini laksh u came now. Ragini says yaa. Swara says now only we woke up and u have got ready also. Laksh says she want to see Eiffel tower. Swara says ohh. Wow. Then we will also come. Sanskaar comes out and sees raglak and asks u here? Swara says sanskaar they r going to see Eiffel tower. I also want to go (in a childish manner). San kar says ok. So u get ready. We will go till 11. Swara hugs sanskaar excitedly. Raglak coughs. Swara broke the hug and blushes.

Swara gets ready wearing a white gown with pink and blue embroidery. Her hair is curled from down and straight from up. San kar is mesmerised seeing her. Swara says what happened. Sanskaar says nothing. Ragini laksh r waiting for us. Swara says yaa. Ok.we should go.

Swasan comes down. Swasan Raglak sits in the car.

They reached. Swaragini together widens their eyes and says wow. It’s so beautiful. They went inside. Later they have food at a restaurant and they even had a romantic dance.

They came back to kolkata. Swara says ah ha. We came back. She rings the bell. Sumi opens the door. Swaragini hugs her. All r happy to see them together. Swaragini tells Sumi everything and blushes. Sumi says I’m so happy that u both r happy.

After 10 days.

Swara is seen studying for her exam. She gets a call.

Swara: hello sanskaar.

Sanskaar:hello. Sweetheart. How r u.

Swara: I’m very tensed sanskaar. Our exams have started and u r asking me how am I.

Sanskaar: but swara why r u tensed. U r the topper of the class.

Swara : yaa I’m. But then also without studying I will become the loser.

Sankaar : ok. U study. I will talk to u later. Bye.

Swara : bye. Love u

Sankaar: love u too swara.

The next day

At the college.

Swara comes and sits near Sankaar.

Swara: so how ur preparation went.

Sanskaar: quite good. Just waiting for this exam to end soon. Today is the last paper.

Swara: yaa. I’m very happy as after this u can start my career of singing. Best of luck for the exam.

Sankaar: u too.

The teacher distributes the papers. While writing the exam a boy tried to throw the paper on swara but it falls on vikas(the lose boy of the class). heopens it and sees the answers. The teacher sees him doing like that and shuts stand up vikas. All eyes were on him. Teacher says come with me to the principal. Bikes says sir. But this is not mine somebody else thrown this on me. The boy gets nervous. Swara says we can match handwriting and check. Sanskaar says yaa. Teacher checked the handwriting and it was totally different. He then checked each and every ones handwriting and he caught the boy and says mohan. So u have throwed. Come with me. Mohan says sir plz forgive me. Teacher takes him to the principal.

Vikas says swara di. Today again y saved me. Thank y so much. Swara says no. It was just my duty. But u should be careful from next time.

Everybody submitted the paper.

After few days.

Swasan Raglak went to see their results.

They started jumping to see they they were in the first. Swara and ragini had topped in their classes and laksh and sanskaar were second.
Everyone were happy to see them. Sankaar thinks u will never let this fade away.

Swara says Sankaar I think now we should tell maa baba about our relationship. They r still thinking that I…………………. Sankaar interrupted and says yaa. Ok. We will says today only.

At evening after the dinner. Sankaar says mom dad I want to says something. Ram says yaa beta say. Sankaar says I and swar a want to love each other and we want to marry each other. Everyone r shocked to listen them. Swara says maa. Sankaar is right. I don’t love laksh. Even I was with Sankaar when we went to Paris. Sumi says it’s such a good news. Maybe we cannot understand u. But now everything is clear. Dp says yaa. It’s a bve r y good news. Tomorrow I will call the priest to match the horoscopes. Laksh also tells dp about heir and ragini relationship. Everyone happiness doubles. Sumi says today I’m so happy for u both. A tear roll down her eyes and she kissed swaragini’s forehead.

They went home.

Precap : horoscopes matched. Sangeet ceremony. Swasan and raglak danced and had some romantic moments.

I hope u all like the episode. I want u all to rate my ff put of 10. Just to know that how much u like it. And tell me what should I improve in this.
I know they r many spelling mistakes and plz forgive me for that.

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