Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 17 ( romance)

Hi guys . I’m back with my ff. And thanks for the comments everyone.

Recap : raglak romantic dance and confession.

Swara is happy for her sister. Swara tells ragini that we should spend some time together. Ragini tells yaa. Swaragini calls sanlak and tells them that they should go somewhere. Sanlak agrees.

Swaragini asks there parents and they agreed. Sanlak also asked there parents and agreed.

They decided to go to Paris.

They got leave for 3 days from college. Both swaragini and sanlak reached airport. Waved adieu to their parents. Emotional drama.

They reached Paris. Took a taxi and headed to the hotel. They both have separate rooms.

Swasan enters and is happy to see such a beautiful decoration.

Swara : it’s so beautiful.
Sanskaar: yaa. I’m happy that we r together.
Swara: yes.

She hugs him.

Raglak r also very happy seeing the decoration. Ragini hugs laksh in excitement.

Ragini: wow. Laksh it’s so beautiful. Never thought like this.
Laksh: yeah. Now we should go inside.

San kar says we have come here to spend time together and u r sittingfrom half an hour. Swara says what do u mean. Sanskaar sits near to her and come closer to her. Swara closes her eyes. They both kiss passionately. San kar kisses him on eyes ears cheeks and then lips. Swara blushes.

Raglak also romances. Laksh locks the door. He comes closer to ragini. Ragini steps back. Laksh comes closer. Ragini moves backwards and reaches the end. She could not move. Laksh comes more closer. Ragini heartbeat increased. She closes her eyes. Laksh kissed her neck. Ragini holds him. Laksh also hugs her and still kissing her. Then he kisses on her eyes ears and cheeks. He was about to kiss lips when ragini wents from there. She starts blushing.

It’s night.

Swara opens her bag and they r only short clothes. Swara shouts. Sanskaar asked what happened. Swara says see this.sank aa smiles and takes a dress and says her to wear this. Swara refuses but on insisting she agrees.

Laksh gives ragini a dress. Ragini says I will change and come. She was going what laksh stopes her. Ragini asks what happened. Laksh holds and pulls her closer. Ragini says laksh plz. Laksh says ragini here no one is there to see us and he kisses her on lips for 5 min. Ragini blushes and runs towards the washroom.

Swara wears the dress and comes out. She is wearing a blue top above her belly with a short black pant. Sanskaar mesmerised seeing her lije this and pulls her closer. They both fall on bed. Mann chala teri ore plays. They both kissed each other. They had a romantic moment. Sanskaar kissed her and kissed her. Swara was only blushing. They both slept on each other.

Ragini comes out wearing a short frock in pink.
Laksh is mesmerised and makes her lie on bed. He comes on her and kisses her on neck cheeks ears eyes and at last lips. They slept while kissing. Ragini lips were on laksh lips. They both hands and legs were on each other. They had a romantic night.

Precap : swasan and raglak preparing for exams.

I hope u line the episode. If u r not liking my ff then plz tell. I know this episode is very shameless type and I should not write it. But everyone is writing so I also wrote it. If u don’t like then plz tell.

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