Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 16

Hi everyone.

Recap : swasan confession.

Ragini reaches the restaurant. She sees the lights r switched off. She says I should go from here. Maybe it’s the wrong place. She turns. Just then somebody says no ragini u r at the right place. Ragini couldn’t see his face. Laksh takes her inside hu at then the lights get switched. Ragini is suprise to see the decoration. She hugs laksh tightly. Laksh hugs her back. Ragini says laksh have u done this. Laksh says this is only the beginning. He opens a door and takes her inside. Ragini gets very happy seeing I love u written on the wall with full of decoration. She says I love u too laksh.laksh takes her in arms and they comes I the middle. The song Yeh mooh mooh ke dhaage plays in bg. They both dance on the song. At the end of the dance laksh kisses ragini on her neck then cheeks and then lips. They kissed passionately for 2 min. Ragini blushes and tries to go but laksh holds her and tells we have come to restaurant. At least eat something.

Laksh orders ragini’s favorite food pav bhaji. They both feed each other.

Laksh tells ragini that he will drop her. They sit in the car. Laksh again kisses ragini on her lips. Ragini blushes. Laksh drops ragini. He smiles.

Ragini tells swara everything. Swara says ohh. U r blushing so much. Ragini says swara. Please. She wents from there.

Precap : swasan and raglak went to Paris for spending quality time.

It’s very short. But I hope u like it. Plz do comment.

Credit to: Sahima


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