Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 15


Hi guys. I’m back after so many days. I know u all were waiting for my ff. But I’m so sorry for such a late update. I hope u all don’t mind it and will forgive me for this.

Recap : vikram’s truth. Dp throws party. Swaragini happy to see their gifts.

Swaragini family comes to do house. Swaragini took the blessing of dp and Annapurna.

Shekhar says it’s good u throwed a party. I will introduce u to arjun. Dp and Ap confusedly asks who is arjun? Shekhar tells he is arjun. He is mishti’s bro. It’s a very long story. I will tell u someday. Dp says oh.ok. He hugs arjun and
welcomes him to his party.

Sanlak comes and sees arjun and says arjun uncle. Namaste. How r u. Arjun says I’m fine my son.

Swara tells sanskaar everything about arjun. Ragini tells laksh everything about arjun. Sanskaar says it’s good that the culprit is caught. Swara thinks how to say him. Sanskaar also thinks the same.

Swara : sanskaar
Sanskaar: yes.
Swara: I want to tell u something.
Sanskaar: ya.tell me
Swara in a breath by closing her eyes says: sanskaar I love u. I love u a lot. I know that u love ragini but I told u as I don’t want to have any misunderstanding.

Sanskaar is shocked as well as happy. He says swara r u sure. U know how much happy I’m listen this. I can’t believe my ears. I also love u a lot swara. I don’t want to marry ragini. Swara says really. Sanskaar nods his head. They both hug each other. Raglak sees this. Ragini says it’s good that they confessed each other. Laksh says it means u don’t love sanskaar and u don’t have any problem with their relationship. Ragini says no I don’t love sanskaar. I love…….and she stops. Laksh says whom u love. Ragini says no one and she wents from there. Laksh thinks if she doesn’t love sanskaar then whom she love.
He thinks I have to confess my feeling to her as soon as possible. Oh god. Plz help me.

Swasan broke the hug. Sanskaar kisses swara on her forehead and says tomorrow we will to our parents about this. Swara says why tomorrow. Only one month is left for our college to end. After that we can tell. Sanskaar says ok.

Sumi sees them together and thinks swara whatever ur decision will be we will accept it.

Ragini thinks about laksh and blushes. She feels laksh kissing her forehead but then she realize that there is nobody. She says how I will confess my feelings to him.

Dp calls everyone and says only some minutes r left for the new year to start.

Should we start the countdown. 10….9…..8…..7…..6…..5…..4…..3….2….1.

Everyone shouts HAPPY NEW YEAR. Everyone congrats each other. Swara says this new year has brought so many happiness for us.

Swaragini family went to their homes.

Ragini says so what r u going to do for him. Swara asks for whom. Ragini says for ur love.swara says why I should do for him. He should do for me. I have first confessed my feelings to him. Then he confessed. Ok. Tell ragini. What about u. Did u laksh about it. Ragini tells no. I could not tellm swara says u should tell him. Because now he don’t love me. Ragini tells yaa. I will try. Whenever I see him I’m so nervous.

Laksh thinks he should plan something for ragini and gets an idea and calls ragini. Ragini picks up the call and says hi laksh. Why u called so late at night. Laksh says come tomorrow to Milan restaurant. Ragini says but why. Laksh says just come there at 6 pm sharp. Ok. Ragini says ok. Ragini thinks why is he calling me there. She wents to sleep.

Precap : laksh surprises ragini and confess his feelings for her.

I hope u like the episode. And I want to add a person so please suggest some names for a girl. Plz comment also. Don’t forget to suggest names. Because I’m a Muslim and I don’t know that much Hindu names. So plz give some unique names

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. waiting for raglak confession

  2. nice..u can choose sanjana .. sanju will be pet name…

  3. For what but it wud be gud if u kept even Muslim names.but my suggestions are Nisha/Kushi/Nivi

  4. navya or for pet (navi)

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