Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 14


Hi everyone. I’m so so sorry for the late update.

Recap: arjun’s truth revealed. He accused shekhar.

A voice comes from behind saying that I did. Everyone turns towards him. shekhar is shocked to see him and says vikram.

A fb is shown.

Shekhar and vikram were business partner and good friends. But vikram deceived shekhar by stealing money from the company. Shekhar caught him red handed and said why did u cheated me. We were so good friends. If u want money then I could have given u, what was the need to steal. Vikram says u have more money than me that’s why I stealed money and put the blame on u so that u rot in jail. Shekhar calls police and the police takes him to jail. Shekhar feels bad.

Fb ends.

Vikram says u must be thinking how I came back. When the police took me to jail my friend has released me from and then I plot a conspiracy to kill arjun’s. I was the person who was sitting in the car but it was shekhar car. He laughs. Shekhar says but u told us all the truth and this is ur foolishness. Vikram says if u have got to know the truth also u won’t be able to do anything because u don’t have any proof. Shekhar calls police. Vikram says call police. Without proof u can’t do anything. Shekhar smiles and says we will get to know in sometime.

The police comes. Shekhar narrates everything. Inspector says but we need proof. Shekhar shows the recording. Vikram is shocked or hear it. Shekhar says when u came I have understood that u must have done something that’s why I took my mobile and recorded everything. Inspector says u have done a crime before also. Now rot in jail. The police takes him. Vikram shouts.

Arjun’s says I was so mistaken. Swara says no mama u should be thankful to God that u we came to know the truth at the right time. Everyone hugs.ragini says ok now stop being emotional. Come mama I have made gajar ka halwa for u. U like it very much. Arjun’s says he’s. Everyone had food and slept.

The next day. The phone rings. Everyone is having breakfast. Sumi picks the call and says hello. Do says I have thrower a party for new year. U should all come and I will not listen any excuses. Sumi says yaa sure. Swara asks maa who has called. Sumi says do hi had called. He had invited us for a party. It’s a new year party. Ragini says oh no maa, we had totally forgotten that today is 31st. Swara says yaa ragini. Swara says maa where is our gift. Ragini says yaa where is our gift. Sumi says have patience. She looks towards the room. Swaragini runs towards the room and shouts. Shekhar says they will never change. Sumi says yaa.

Swara says oh wow!!!! This dress is so beautiful. Ragini says my door is so cute and my sandals r so pretty. Both appreciate their gifts.ragini asks swara r u happy that we r going to sanskaar house. Swara says yaa today my happiness is doubled. Ragini says ohh ho!!!!!! Swara blushes. Ragini says hmmmm…………someone is blushing. Swara says ragini. They both hug.

Precap: swasan confession. Raglan thinks how to confess.

I hope u like the episode. Again sorry for the late update. Plzzzzz comment.

Suggest some names also. Plz suggest any name for both boys and girls.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. Awesome n y do u want names?? I mean fr enemies or babies.
    Well Saransh n avantika

  2. Amazing

  3. its nice

  4. Thanks foe the comments

  5. See the story is beautiful.. But y are u updating it so late.. In tht way.. Ppl will lose interest.. If u want ua to like it.. Then u hv to update it daily r on alternate days.. No offense.. Bt its high time..! Sorry if u felt bad.. Update regularly.. And ul c the magic of swasan and raglak come to life..!

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