Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 13


Hi guys. This the 13 episode. And I can’t believe that I reached 13 episode. Well let’s take a recap. I hope u all r liking my ff and not being bored while reading it.

Recap : sanlak realised their love. Swara tells ragini that she loves sanskaar and vice versa.

Swara tells ragini. Does sanskaar loves me? Ragini says I’m sure he also love u. Swara says ragini how u r so sure? Ragini tells Bcoz I have seen love in his eyes and that love is for u.swara feels happy listening to ragini.

Laksh thinks to tells sanskaar about ragini. He says I should tell him. But what if he feel hurt. What should I do? He was heading towards the room when he sees one foto lying on the ground. He picks it up. He is shocked to see and thinks from where it came. He says why swara’s foto is lying here. I never have any this type of foto of swara. He thinks to ask sanskaar he comes to the room and tells bhai. I want to ask u something. Sanskaar says yaa ask. Laksh says bhai this foto u have. Sanskaar sees the foto and is tensed. Laksh asks what happened bhai? Why r u so tensed. Sanskaar says no nothing. 2morrow we have to go to college. Laksh says bhai don’t change the topic. Tell me this foto u have. Sanskaar says yaa I have. Laksh says from where u got? Sanskaar says if I have also what is the problem? Laksh says there is no problem but I think u r hiding something from me. Sanskaar what will I hide. Laksh says bhai look into my eyes and say. Sanskaar says ok I love swara and that is the reason I have this foto. Laksh is shocked to hear this. Sanskaar says I know u r hurt to listen this but I can’t stop loving her even if I want. Laksh says r u telling truth? Sanskaar says yes. This is the truth. Laksh tells bhai I also want to tell u that I don’t love swara. Sanskaar says what? Laksh says yes. I love ragini. Sanskaar is happy to listen this.

It’s morning. Swara calls everyone. She says maa ragini dada dadi dida and arjun uncle. Where r u ? Come fast. Everybody comes. Sumi asks what happened swara? Why r u shouting? Swara says maa. Today I want to unfold one truth. Arjun is tensed to hear this. Swara looking at arjun says today I have called u all here to unfold a big truth that u all don’t know. Shekhar asks which truth? Swara shows the locket and fotos to everyone and says this I got from a Jun uncle room. Everyone is shocked to see that.Sumi gets teary eyed and sat stats crying. Shekhar supports her. Ragini says what is dis swara? Swara says the stranger who is living in our house is not a stranger but our mama ragini. Yes he is our mama. Sumi asks arjun why u hid such a big truth from us. What was the reason? We had considered u dead. We thought u r no more. When u were alive then why u didn’t told me. U were living in this house from so many days and u didn’t told us. Why? Arjun says Bcoz I want to fulfill my revenge. Sumi asks which revenge. Arjun shouts and tells the revenge to put kill shekhar who is living with u and one day ur life will be ruined Bcoz of him. The same will happen to u that happened to me. Sumi says what r u saying arjun? Have u lost it? R u out of ur mind? Arjun says no di. U r thinking wrong. This man is bad.Sumi asks why r u saying like that. Arjun tells I will tell u everything.

A fb is shown

Arjun was walking on the road. A car with high speed was coming towards him. The car crushed him. But he had seen the no. Of the car. And it was sane no. That was on shekhar’s car. Arjun says shekhar has done this.I will not spare him.

Fb ends.

Sumi says u have some misunderstanding. Shekhar will never do anything like that. Shekhar says arjun u r mistaken. I don’t know also what u r talking about? What do u mean? U mean that I have tried to kill u. Arjun u have some misunderstanding. I don’t know why r u telling like that. Arjun says shekhar. I have not mistake. I had clearly seen the no. And it was yours car no. I still remember that no. Tell me why u had tried to kill me.

They started arguing. Arjun says shekhar u had not done the right thing. I will not spare u. Today I will kill. Di how he has tried to kill me. One day he will kill u also. Swara says stop it. How can u accuse my papa. My papa is innocent . He has not done anything. U r mistaken. Arjun says shekhar has done this.

Just then a man from behind says I had done this. Shekhar says vikram. He is shocked to see him here.

Precap : vikram’s truth comes out. Dp throws a lavish party of new year.

So guys. How do u like the episode. I don’t know when I will end this. But I can’t believe that I have reached episode 13.

I need ur comments. Plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz comment.I hope u will comment and suggest some names.

I hope this is little big. I know u all want very very big. But can’t possible guys.

Credit to: Sahima

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