Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 12


Hi guys. I came back. I know from 5 days I didn’t update. So so so soooooooooo sorry for the late update.

Recap : the both families r shocked to see Swasan and raglak together. Swaragini will realised their love.

Ragini says don’t know what is written in our fate? Swara and ragini looks at each other. Swara says ragini u woke up. Ragini asks how she came here. Swara says laksh brought her in her arms. Ragini feels very happy but doesn’t express.

Sanskaar sees swara’s foto in his mobile. He says don’t know why but I love u swara. I love u very much. But by loving I’m deceiving ragini. I love u a lot swara. I don’t whether I will be able to marry u or not. Sanskaar went from. Laksh is listening to ragini’s songs. He opens the cupboard and takes a shirt from the locker. It written ragini on it. Laksh says I don’t when it happened ragini but I love u only. I don’t love. But how will swara feel knowing about this. He takes the shirt in arms. He keeps it inside.

Everybody gets ready to go. Swasan and raglak waves bye to twinj and abhigya and hugs them.

Everybody comes back to Mumbai. Swara says finally we reached our home. Ragini says yaa. They both hug in happiness.

Swara and ragini r checking the pics of shimla. SwarA says see ragini . I’m more beautiful than u. Ragini says no I’m more beautiful. U r looking like a donkey. Swara chased ragini. Sumi tells them to stop.they stop the fight and went to their rooms.

Its night. Swara thinks she should tell. She goes to ragini and tells ragini. I wanna tell u something. Ragini says yaa tell. Swara in one breath tells by closing her eyes ragini. I love sanskaar. I love him a lot. Even I want to marry him. I know this will hurt u. But plz forgive. But I can’t control my feeling. I here never hid anything from u. That’s why I’m telling u. She opens her eyes. Ragini says really. Do u love sanskaar and u don’t love laksh. Swara says yaa. I thought u will be hurt to hear this. Ragini says I don’t love sanskaar. I love laksh. Swara says really!! Ragini tells yes. But I was afraid to tell u. I thought u will get hurt by hearing this. But now I’m happy. They both hugs each other. Swaragini plays.

Precap : arjun’s truth to be revealed.

Guys. I know I updated it so late. And it’s very short. I don’t think u r liking my ff. Bcoz so many ff r better than me and maybe mine is very bad.

But then also plzzzzzzzzz comment. Hope u guys like tbe episode.

Credit to: Sahima

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