Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 11 (realization of love)

Hi guys. Sorry for the late update.

Recap : swasan and raglak met twinj and abhigya. Everyone reached shimla.

Everyone comes to hotel. Swaragini enters their room. Sanlak too enters their room. They unpacked their bags.

Dp call shekhar asks him to come outside. E can light bonfire. Shekhar says that’s a gd idea. Everyone goes outside. They see the snow falling. Swara says wow. It’s so nice. I have never saw snow fall. Ragini said but today we r seeing. Oh! It’s so beautiful. Ap says come we can light the bonfire. They lighted the bonfire. Everyone sit near it.

Swara says we can play one game. Sumi says again truth and dare. Oh god! Swara says maa. Not truth and dare. We can play an tak sharing. Sumi says ok. Ragini says ok. First we have to make 2 teams.

Swara’s team

Swara sanskaar ragini laksh parineeta adarsh and uttara.

Sumi’s team

Sumi shekhar dada dadi dida dp Ap ram and sujata.

They started the game. Everyone sings.

Heavy snow fall started. Everybody went to a shed.

Swara is sitting near the bonfire. Sanskaar comes and sits beside her. sanskaar asks everyone is there. Then why r u sitting here. Swara sys I like to sit. Sanskaar sees her shivering. He said now I understood why u r sitting here? Swara said what u understood? Sanskaar gives her his shirt and puts her hand on her shoulder and hugs her. Swara feels warmth and she stops shivering. The both families r shocked to see them like this. Ap was about to go but dp stops her and said we will asks them later.

Laksh and ragini r sitting together but they r not talking to each other. Laksh says so do u like this place. Ragini says yaa of course. It’s very nice. Ragini yawns. Laksh asks r u feeling sleepy(in a smiling way)? Ragini says do u think as a joke. After sometime she slept on laksh’s shoulder. The both families see this and Sumi said maybe we thought wrong about them.

It’s night. Everybody went to their room.swara thinks about sanskaar and said do I love him? Yes . I love him. I don’t love laksh. I love sanskaar. Only sanskaar. But what about ragini. She loves sanskaar. We both love one person. What if ragini does not love him? I love sanskaar. She slept.

Ragini wakes up and sees she is in bed. She thinks how she cam here. She remenicses the moments with with laksh. She see laksh’s foto and said laksh why do I always think about u only. Do I love u? She closes her eyes and sees laksh. She sees swara sleeping and said I love u laksh. But by loving u I’m cheating my sister. Don’t know what is written in our fate? She starts crying and slept.

Precap : sanlak realize their love. Everybody can back to Mumbai.

So guys. How was the episode. I know I didn’t gave in detail but plz accept it. Maybe it’s very short. I will try to make next one longer. Plz comment guys.

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