Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 10


Hi everyone. This is the 10 part.

Recap : Sumi reveals the truth. Swaragini cried bitterly.

Swaragini went for shopping. Sanlak also came their. Swara selects 10 dresses and decide to buy 5. Ragini selects 6 dresses and decide to buy 4. Sanlak sees swaragini and laksh says hi to ragini. Sanskaar also says hi to swara. Swara asks what r u doing here? Sanskaar says why vwe r coming here? To do shopping. Swara says no I thought u r following us. Laksh says why we will follow u. He asks why r u holding so many dresses. U r gng to buy these all dresses. Swara says no only 5. Swar says but I can’t understand what to buy. All r nice. Sanskaar says I will help u. Come. Swara says ok.

Swara goes to changing room. Sanskaar follows her swara comes outside and asks how is this. Sanskaar says ummm mm. …….its not too good. Swara tries so many dresses but sanskaar says not good. Swara says I tried a ll
the dresses and u r saying not good to all. She wents from there. Ragini and laksh came. Ragini says what happened swara?why r u so angry. Sanskaar comes there. Swara says asks to sanskaar. He don’t know which dress will look good on me. For all the dresses he is telling not good. Ragini tells come I will help um swara tells ya . Only u can choose dress for me.

Ragini chooses dress for swara. Swara says my sis is the best. Swaragini selects dress for sanlak and they went to home.

Swaragini came home. Swara says to Sumi maa baba u all can also come with us to shimla.
Sumi says but……Shekhar says ok. We will also come with u. Sumi says ok. Shekhar went o buy the tickets.

Sanlak also asked their parents to come with them. They agrees. Dp asks ram to buy the tickets.

Swaragini called sanlak and tells them that maa baba dada dadi and dida is also coming with them. Sanlak says their family is also going to come with them.

Everyone had dinner. Sumi says to swara to give the food to arjun. Swara says ok. She wents to arjun’s room. But he was not there. She kept the food there. She was about to go but then she saw a locket on hanging in the table. Swara picks it up an sees Sumi and arjun’s photo in it. She is shocked to see it. She says it means arjun uncle is their mama. But why is he hiding the truth from us. She thinks to search the room. She founds dome photos of arjun Sumi and shekhar. She says this will be the proof. She turns and sees arjun standing there. Arjun asks her what r u dng here? Swara says I brought food for u. Arjun says ok. U can go. Arjun suspects swara.

Everyone is ready to got to shimla. They reached the railway station. Everyone is happy to know that they r gng together . Swara thinks I have to tell the truth at the earliest. Sanskaar sees swara tensed and asks her why r u tensed? Swara says nothing.

Arjun is at home. He sees the his locket is missing. He remembers swara coming in his room. He says if swara gers to know the truth. She will tell it to everyone. Until my revenge is not fulfilled. I can’t tell about my identity to anyone.

Precap : everyone had fun in the train. Tring and abhigya meets swasan and raglak.

Plzzzzzzzzzz comment guys. Hope u like the episode.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. Revenge srry I dnt gt u i mssd lst epi

  2. Sahima ( fan of swasan and abhigya)

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. Who is tring…

    1. Sahima ( fan of swasan and abhigya)

      It’s twinj.

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