Swasan (the purest love that is felt by heart) episode 1

Hey guys this is my first ff of swasan. Hope u lyk it. So here we go with our ff.

Four kids are playing in garden. A girl said”ouch!,I got hurt”. Then a boy comes and help her get up. He is sanskar. Then a girl and a boy comes and shouts “ragini”.they are swara and ragini. Swara tells “r u ok ragini”. Ragini tells”yes”. Then sanskar lakh and swara help her to get. And they all start playing again. Swara and laksh are best frnds and ragini and sanskar r best frnds. Then a voice is heard saying “swara laksh ragini sanskar. Come and have food”. They all went inside running as they were very tired and wanted food. After eating food the four kids went to sleep. After dinner the parents of d kids are discussing about their children.

Dp:laksh and swara are very close to each other and rags and sanskar also r very close to each other. If u don’t then when they will be big we will get them married. What do u say?do u agree with this?

Sumi:why not they r so mingled with each other so we will surely get them married.

Every1 agreed with their decision except shekhar Bcoz he has concern for her daughter. But after seeing everybody z happy for the marriage. He agrees wd them.

Dp:but u should promise me that u will get them married.

They promised and congratulates each other. They are very happy with their decision.

Swara heard everything and gets glad that she will be married with laksh. She tells this to lucky rags and sanskar. They also gets glad although they r kids.

Precap:the family calls priest and match the horoscopes of the children. The children gets shocked after hearing smthng.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. What marriage oh bhi aise

  2. nice start dear””

  3. Nyc waiting for next episode do upload i guess this will be better than that original swaragini coz nw dey just dragging the story

  4. nice start… swasan horoscope match with each other and the same for raglak… try to give a long update… all the best…

  5. nice dear..

  6. hahahaha .nice …

  7. good strt .. make it longer…

  8. Tnk u so much for ur comments. I had not expected such gd comments. As ur comments are my inspiration. Now I will definitely continue this. I hope u will like my story. Bcoz I m not big enough to write smthng lyk this . But then also I wrote. I know after sometime u will not lyk my story. But again tnk u for ur comments.

  9. nice start

  10. Thanks alk and sur bhi.

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