Swasan- Pillow Story (chapter 3)

Some one asked for the link of previous chapters.. so i am giving it here..


Chapter 3

Pillow’s Pov.

‘Ayi ayi oo..’ i fell down when suddenly bus stops with a jerk.

My back achess..??..

This Sanky hanky make me fall down.

What he think of himself??.. just because he is human he will do anything he want to do with such a innocent soul like me..

I felt someone picking me, I opened my eyes and saw ANGEL, My Swara.. ☺☺.. picking me up and cleaning me with her soft soft hands..

“Sanskar. Huhh.. you should have been careful na.. see my pilloa must be hurt…” she scolded him and saw me with teary eyes.

Awww… she is so cute❤❤…
I love her and she fight for me, I am happy..

Dil yeh mera dance mare???..

“Sorry Swara ke pilloa.. i didnt do that intentionally, I also slept you were in my lap.. you should have held me properly na.” He said putting all blame on me.

‘I will kill you, you monkey???…’ huhhhh… i fell down because of him and he is saying all this.

My whole cotton is burning again but my Swara glared him.

“Sanskar he is pillow.”

“Yes. Thats what I am saying, he is pillow he wont get hurt.” He said making me feel bad.??.

I am pillow means I have no emotions. I always listen to what you people say and absorb your tears without telling to anyone but these people.??????????.

“Sanskar you know what dont talk to me. If you want say me anything but not to my pilloa. I am very possesive about him.” She said gritting her teeth..

(I am also very possesive about my pillow??❤).

She then without letting him speak, picked up all her things and moved away and came down while Sanskar was trying to stop her and was calling her. Look sanky hankey I am more important????…

“Pilloa.. is it paining so much?? I am sorry. You know he is so cute and nice, i dont know why but whenever I talk about you he behaves this way. Stupid Creature.” She consolled me and scolded him.

Dil yeh mera again dance mare..?????..

I can understand Sanskar. What you must be feeling? Seeing you bestie taking some other man in her arms and that man also so smart, handsome, cute, sweet… he is jal kukkad (chicken) afterall he looks nothing in front of me..

Uff..!! I am shying???..

But still he is good, Swara told me all the time he saved her from bullying and make her laughs, his jokes?..
But still he is my competitor??..

Swara was walking and cursing Sanskar but was also saying that he is not bad.. she is also becoming mad..

Suddenly her leg trips and she was about to fall but Sanskar came and held her from waist.. and I was in her arms..

She opened her closed eyes and look in Sanskar’s.. the worries on Sanskar face also were gone seeing her safe..

And both were lost in each other’s eyes…

I want pop-corn.. what a great movie scene is going???…

They look like a perfect couple…❤❤

My cotton is singing

‘Ankhon ki gustakhia maaf hoon???’


Pilloaa how can you think like this?????….

No no no.. they dont look good huhhh. I closed my eyes but still opened my one eye and saw them both lost…

If they will stand like this na then for sure her back will ache.. i need to do something to make them come back to senses… but what can i do??

Bichara bhola bhala bebas pillow????…

After which look like eternity they came back to senses when teacher called them..

Love you teacher????? … ayi ayi o.. main apni swara se hi sacha pyaar krta hoon.. yeh toh respect wala pyaar hai teacher ko???..
Tum log bhi na.. samjhte hi nhi????.

They moved and now they we all have to stay in camps…

Swara and Sanskar’s camp is next to each other.

Forgot to say.. Swara forgave Sanskar as he asked sorry from me and me being a pillow of great cotton forgave him???…

I am so good na..??
I know I know.. thanks??..

They played games, sang songs, danced around the bon fire.. while I was placed on the bedding in the camp feeling excited but I cant do anything..???..

I was about to drift in sleep when Sanskar came inside the camp dragging Swara with him..

‘What the helll??????.. what is he going to do with her..?? Why is he dragging himm…?’ I dont know from where my heart started to beat loudly.. it must be my cotton trying to move but still…

They both stood just in front of me..

Swara looked confused while Sanskar nervous.

He closed his eyes and take a deep breathe and came forward and held her from shoulder.

“I love you, Swara. Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked her.

Making both her and me shocked…

Before I can react, she jumped in his arms and hugged him tightly.

“I love you too Sanskar.. i will be your girlfriend.” She said happily.

‘Tadap tadap ke iss dil se aah nikalti rhi, mujhko saza di pyaar ki
Aisa kya gunah kiya…
Ki lut gye haan lut gye hum teri mohabat mein..’.

Sung my heart and i felt sad, super sad but seeing her smiled, i too smiled..
I then closed my eyss..

If she is happy with him, then I am also happy.. very happy..

I smiled and saw her.??

When I opened my eyes suddenly… i closed them back instantly..

Ayi ayi ooom…???.

Here ‘bheege honth tere, pyasa dil mera’ is going on.

I closed my eyes and ears tightly not wanting to see or hear anything.

They should have known i am also here.. so innocent person but in logon ne mera bhi dharam brasth kr diya.. now i have to take bath in ganga jal..

Sighing i slept slowly.

….to be continued…

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